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U.S. Oil & Gas can go to hell. Kamala Harris Backs Massive Government Expansion Into Energy & Healthcare

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Good evening, everyone, watching the young quarterback against the mighty Brady -

The Ram's, man, they are like muggers!!

Anyway, just wanted to add my own ideas, as I am a retired state worker in Albany, NY.  Many times, I see the huge pensions of very few people displayed, but, in reality most of us came from private - when GE, Knolls Atomic, General Dynamics, etc. the state government became a lifeboat.l  In fact, I worked - as many did - in private, before public.    A lot of the private AT&T brought their expertise to my area and collect double pensions.

Most of us lead quite the modest life -  and - in my opinion - we provide stability to our communities.  My entire neighborhood and the schools and hospitals - all the services - would not exist if the state worker had not stayed.  Not only do we help our old parents, but the younger set's kids as many are working their tails off.  This is because we have stability and can do these things.  Also pay big taxes.

Believe me, most of us are very cognizant of the hatred of being a government worker - it looks like the creampuff job - but let me tell you, all of that has been cut way back.  I worked in IT and all the money goes to big contractors from India, etc. with salaries to match.

I'm asking you, please do not be so hasty regarding "government slackers".  Most people I know worked very hard, and were pretty smart.

Probably my only post here, I really enjoy this information and expertise you provide, I have learned so much!

Sincerely yours,

Anne Cary







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