Tesla's a Short Cash Machine!

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In another topic area, they are actually having a good discussion about EVs and the future of oil. It was interesting but so off-base that I decided to start a separate, more realistic discussion. 

Venezuela is not near civil war because the new Gigafactory will be delayed, or may never be built; nor is it at war because there is no market for Venezuelan oil. 

I have lived "bi-coastal" for many years, between mainland China and America. East vs. West.  

China has a dictatorial centrally planned government, economy, and society. By 2025 China intends to rule the world. All this is known, so why is it that simultaneous to the decline in the EV God Tesla, there a discussion about a paradigm shift, wherein EVs will render oil obsolete? 

OIL will continue to prove economic superiority and efficiency. EVs require State Owned Enterprise (SOE) manufacturing for survival. If not for the theft of workers' lives, liberties, and economic freedoms, EVs could NEVER be envisioned as the saviors of Climate Change. 

For those of us are playing the downside each interactive cycle, Tesla's egomaniac dope-smoking CEO signals another future windfall.  

Shortly before the close of business yesterday (within 5 minutes) I shorted 2,000 shares of TSLA at $306.77. I anticipated Musk's subterfuge, willful gullibility, and obfuscation. This morning I covered at $296.30. It was too easy. I keep making the point that this sham will not end well, but then again...Buah-hahahahahahaha! 

Tesla shares drop sharply after Musk announces CFO Deepak Ahuja is leaving the company — for the second time

UPDATE 8-Tesla CFO leaves as automaker promises profits and cheaper cars

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