Venezuela's Best Path to Democracy? Pay Off the Military

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Venezuela’s Best Path to Democracy? Pay Off the Military

This article has some very interesting arguments about how oil could be the answer to Democracy in Venezuela. But, is there a slippery-slope and application of situational ethics that will boomerang? Oil will certainly bring prosperity back to the country and people. However, the rule of law, civil liberties, and individual freedoms rank at the top of the list for me. A country without a firm foundation and constitution will certainly arise from any immoral and illegal payment to military thugs.

Can Venezuela's military leaders be trusted to empower the new President Guiado, or will pay-offs only lead to further extortion? 

Maybe we should be asking Venezuelan military commanders a different question, "Would you like silver or lead?" 

In California, they ask #meetoo suspects, "silver or steel? Lead is too dangerous :)

I'm not advocating violence. Venezuela's military is corrupt and many at the top should be on trial for crimes against humanity. If found guilty, these leaders should be held accountable according to the standards of a just society. 

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