Solar Array Required to Match Global Oil Consumption

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On 2/14/2019 at 2:28 AM, pwillis said:

For Texas the battery/storage solution is actually very easy because the state has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Renewable energy can be stored as compressed air, at depth, in pressurized bags offshore. 

The technology already exists.  

Texas is in a great position to become North Americas renewable energy giant.

It's a great place for energy companies to shift investment and transition. 


I have attached a Google Earth KML vector map showing the approximate total areas for Texas to produce ALL the worlds oil energy with solar panels, and if Texas chose to produce only ALL North American oil energy using only solar panels.

It would be trivial for Texas companies to be in charge of this. The pipelines required to transport compressed air already exist as oil and gas pipeline infrastructure.




Could you repost the links as PDF or some other format they don't seem to open properly

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