More protests and a seemingly loss of momentum for Guaido...

Today, Venezuela is set for another nationwide wave of protests called by interim president Juan Guaido in order to call and demand the allowance of the entrance of humanitarian aid by Maduro's armed forces to the country from Colombia. Even if is still certain that people will attend these protests today, this strategy might exhaust people as it did in recent years when it reached nothing but many deaths and detained by Maduro security forces, while there is a danger that momentum might be lost as Maduro is playing to exhaust this new strategy and demoralize the population while gaining some time in power until crushing entirely Guaido and his team unless any sudden move is taken internationally to break the resistance by the armed forces and remove Maduro from power. All this while gasoline shortage worsens, and the whole situation threatens to become even worse as the oil industry faces its worst time ever and sanctions by the U.S. start to bite. Important days to come for Venezuela.

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