The Hitchiker's Guide to Gauging the Oil & Gas Recovery (the words 'DON'T PANIC' in large, friendly letters on the cover)

Ok, so I embellished the article's title a bit.  Just having some fun.  I've been amusing myself by carefully lobbing a whole bunch of verbal hand grenades over on LinkedIn about Malaysia Oil & Gas and Oil & Gas producing State's rights, and have been bombarded with comments.  I haven't had anything censored yet, but the week is young, so we shall see.  Thoroughly enjoying myself.  (I have thousands of Malaysian connections on LinkedIn, not so much on Oil Price.  I usually use Oil Price forum for my international O&G comments, and LinkedIn for my Malaysia O&G comments.  Different audiences.)

Anyway, here be the news.  Shockingly, $70 oil [Brent] seems to be a topic of the article....  Yeah I know, the media just seems to be playing catch-up, but good news is good news.  This is a Malaysian-centric article, so the focus is a bit different than Western articles.

Gauging the O&G recovery


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