US and Taliban buddies again


Everybody know that the Taliban movement was created in the Pakistani refugees zones near the Afghan border. There, the children received a beautifull US jihadist education in the 80's :

Fully grown up one decade later, they were launched against Afghanistan by US ally Pakistan with tacit Washington approval :

The goal ? To conquer all Afghanistan and allow Unocal's pipeline to go through the country. That's the time when US invited the bearded fanatics to visit Texas, including the Nasa center :

But these goddamned Talibans asked for astronomical transit fees and the US administration started to loose patience :

One last effort was made in August 2001 to secure the pipeline deal :

Then, September 11, the US bombing of Afghanistan, the retreat of the Talibans and their come back etc.

Almost 20 years later, unable to stabilize Afghanistan, the US start to talk again to their ex-buddies :

Two possibilities here. First one is to negociate the US withdrawal with the future masters of Afghanistan. Some observers say nonetheless that the goal is to find a common ground in order to attack Iran. A remake of the US-Saudi-Pakistani alliance with their Taliban proxies, this time against Iran :

Only the future will tell us wich one is true...

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