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BBC Reporter Corrects US Media on Venezuela W/Greg Palast

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WHO, What, and WHY's of the assault on Venezuela.

Ali's insight & fee free consultation: : 

Hey Koch Brothers; here is a simple & civilized solution to the problem (if you are indeed heirs to the traditions of renaissance, enlightenment & wisdom of Western culture rather than aspiring to predatory capitalism with  fuck-all top-of the food chain focused beasts mentality with little or no concern for human & material resources that has helped place you where you are now) sell your heavy oil refining facilities in Corpses Christie’s to PDVSA, no doubt Maduro will be accommodating with GS on your side hoarding their cash, saving American jobs and keep US tax Dollar income stream flowing from the refining asset, where all will be be blessed. godless communists & god-bless capitalists alike.

Build a similar facility in Canada to refine Canadian oil sands, discard the KXL pipeline pet project and spare America’s belly bearing the scars and potential risks of oil spill disasters and unnecessary environmental adverse impacts , particularly on land & water resources en-route and necessary high costs to American citizens & tax payers, bless them all. 

Alternatively design and build yourself a new and modern refinery next door to existing facility receiving oil from its immediate proximity oil producing regions TX, GoM & Mexico instead of involving CIA/MIC to design a coup de ta or military invasion to install a dictatorship representing a rich white of Spanish descent minority to rule over a predominately brown (indigenous & of African descent) population, and pissing off a lot of people worldwide burning American flags chanting “death to Great Satan” on the streets, understandably upsetting American citizens unnecessarily for disrespecting their sacred symbol of patriotism and national pride . Here is my humble but historically educated opinion to you Uncle Sam; if you don’t want to inspire young Che & Fidel wan-be's on the streets and in the Jungles of Latin America you need to put aside Dicki & Henry's style politics aside.                                Provision of detailed technical analysis will be invoiced. 

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