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Too much if's and supposition for this article to be called NEWS.  Trying to get that price point up Nick? Your asking an investment bank, a large one, for an honest opinion? This isn't news and is propaganda full tilt. Oil could just as easily hit 50 again Mother Russia may quit playing with OPEC. The world is still producing enough oil to offset the Mid East production slowdown. Not impressed with this kind journalism. FakeNews!

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In my opinion, there are no accurate models for Oil & Gas pricing, as there are simply far too many known and unknown variables.

There is little "rational" reasoning underlying O&G pricing, except it seems to be a bizarre combination of a herd of lemmings and a herd of cats.

The "herd of lemmings" crowd consisting mostly of commodities traders just trying to squeeze out profits from oil price changes, and price changes in oil futures contracts.

The "herd of cats" crowd consisting mostly of oil companies and indie service companies trying to squeeze out some profits from gambling Capex and Opex money on projected demand by fickle oil consumers.

Everyone seems to have their own disparate theory as to how much oil will be needed globally in the medium term, and how much it will cost to extract, and how much they can sell their crude oil for, and will Mainstream Media's negative bludgeoning of the Oil & Gas industry affect cash flow from investors, and wars and rumors of wars and GDPs and darn near everything including the refrain to Alice's Restaurant Massacre making up a bubbling, boiling cauldron of uncertainty.

On the bright side, in my exceedingly strong opinion, global demand for Oil & Gas is not going away any time soon.  Maybe in a Century or so.  Maybe.

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