Tying in with my theme yesterday that the world is HUGELY dependent economically on oil (despite endless wailings and brickbats to the contrary by the hyperventilating & panicky "Keep Oil In The Ground Forever" rabid mob) here is a bit of a follow-up, in a related vein. Countries with the most oil and where they're selling it "Recent news has reminded everyone of the importance of oil in modern politics.  Have it be the court's decision to block efforts to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean, speculation that Venezuela's oil industry can solve its problems or U.S. oil production dropping for the first time in six months after a spree that saw record gains in oil prices, there's no denying that oil drives the news and society as a whole. With global oil demand rising by 1.3% in 2018, the demand for oil is higher than it has ever been before.  Besides being used in fuel distillation, crude oil is also an essential manufacturing component used to make plastics, machine lubricants, packing wax, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fabric and industrial chemicals such as sulfuric acid, asphalt and paraffin. ... To understand how much oil the world produces and determine countries with the world's largest reserves, Stacker examined the most recent data on proven crude oil reserves and crude oil production from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. ... Crude oil reserve data for all countries except for the U.S. are accurate as of 2019.  The most recent crude oil reserve data for the U.S. are from 2018. ... Click ahead to find out the controversial nation that came in as No. 1 and their surprising best customer."