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Oil Price Forum has hit the big time : )

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So I was finally getting around today to doing my normal Google News search for "oil" posted within the last 24 hours.

I have routinely done this exact same Google News search for "oil" pretty much every day for more than 5 years.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that on page 2 of the Google News search results, a post from this Oil Price Forum was listed:



This means that this Oil Price forum is now considered "newsworthy" by Google News.

Why this particular post on the forum was chosen is a headscratcher.  Not exactly signficant, in my opinion.

Note that this is totally different from the news on the main Oil Price News site, which consistently ranks at the Number 1 Top or the Top 3 daily Google News search results for "oil".

This is separate, this is for this forum.

Congrats to the Oil Price forum staff for pulling this off.

Back in the heyday of the old (and now defunct due to legal reasons) Oilpro forum, this used to happen on occasion, where Oilpro forum posts were considered newsworthy.  Oilpro forum was so well meshed with Google Analytics that I would normally use Google to search for my comments on Oilpro (I had 8,000 comments and articles on Oilpro forum, and the Oilpro internal search function left a lot to be desired, Google was far better at it.)

Anyway, this Oil Price forum currently has 27,000+ registered members, and should break 50,000 by Summertime.  (Oilpro had over 1 million registered members, but it was informally considered "the LinkedIn of the international oil & gas community", and no dedicated oil forum has since come close to those activity numbers).

So the Oil Priceforum snowball is in motion, and rolling downhill, and gaining momentum.

Time to continue the  < Happy Dance >  which is happily starting to become routine these days : )






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