In my view, Brent needs to stay at or below $70 and WTI needs to stay closer to $50 or else the oil price rollercoaster will start up again. ● $60+ WTI is unsustainable, in my view.  $50-ish seems to be the Goldilocks zone for WTI. ● $75+ Brent is unsustainable, in my view.  $70.00 seems to be the perfect, magical Goldilocks zone for Brent. Moving too much higher or too much lower from these numbers for WTI and Brent will likely throw out of whack the current, wonderful, suitable balance between most oil producers and most oil consumers. Oil Traders and oil producers, please don't get greedy and mess everything up. Remember not long ago, the mantra of oil prices being "lower for longer" and "$40 forever"? Those mantras just a few years ago were the direct result of oil producers and oil traders getting too damn greedy and choking the oily goose for a few years. ● $70 Brent and $50 WTI, please. ● Balanced, suitable, optimum, please.
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