No.  Just ... NO.
Stick to $70.00 Brent, please. $70 Brent should keep global oil prices relatively stable. OPEC getting greedy and pushing for $80+ Brent is very bad news, in my opinion, as it will upset the current, suitable, sustainable balance between most global oil producers and most global oil consumers. Even $75 Brent is too high, in my opinion, as it will just push down oil prices again later. Enough already with the $80+ oil price greed roller coaster. ● $70.00 Brent seems optimum to me. ● Clearly, many others will disagree.  I've heard the many arguments for $80+, $90+, $100+, $140+ oil, but I simply do not agree that these higher oil prices are sustainable. Short term greed wrecks havoc on global economies. The Perfect Storm That Could Drive Oil Even Higher After rallying more than 30 percent year to date, oil prices could be set for a further upside in coming weeks as a combination of near-term bullish supply-side factors could push prices higher than current levels. ... Saudi Arabia and several other OPEC producers need oil prices above $80 for budget purposes and are unlikely to be happy with only $70 a barrel Brent, Hansen said, adding: “On that basis, we expect supply to be kept tight over the coming months, thereby supporting a potential extension towards $75/b before it eventually runs out of steam amid renewed concerns about the negative impact to global growth.”