I'll spare you yet another round of my long-winded comments on my views that $70.00 oil [Brent] is the optimum Goldilocks price, a suitable, sustainable balance between most oil producers and most oil consumers. Here is this wonderful news instead: ‘No signs of global recession in next 12 months’ "There are no signs that the global economy is sliding towards a recession in the next 12 months, BlackRock Inc’s chief executive Larry Fink said in remarks published during the weekend."   Yes, I know, I know...  correlation does not equal causation. But I have been going on and on lately about all of the wonderful, global economic "trickle everywhere" effects that $70.00 Brent seems to be spurring on. The sky is *not* falling. The world is *not* ending in 12 years. Oil & Gas are the economic engines that run the world. And right now, in most countries, the economic engines are overall running pretty darn well thanks to $70 oil [Brent]. Enjoy it : )