U.S. Pipeline Boom Could End In Crisis

After 40+ years in the industry I always laugh when I see a headline like this.  It is absolutely 100% correct, players and situations are different in every boom and bust cycle.  The one thing about free enterprise, unregulated commodity is it can be ugly on the start and ugly at the end of the boom cycle.  The O&G always reminded me of raising hogs.  Primarily because hogs can have a lot of piglets in a year, and somehow hogs just seem to compare well to the attitude of some investors and O&G people. If you are firmly set in knowing the market basics and how the cycle chews up those late entering and trying to spend all their money trying to out do the early starters.  Then there are those that have fell in love with the swing up and say this one is different because of this, this and this.  They are right to some extent, every boom has different factors.  Bottom line, most of the really wise operators will do well, some will be ok because they held to conserving.  The other 80% are going to take home some hefty bruises and some aren't going to make it home at all.  Yep, the boom will end in Crisis for a lot of operators.  The reporter got that one right!

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