New York State Government Hurting Its Citizens

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It may be noted that, a good number of years ago, the Long Island Power Co. actually built a much-needed nuclear power generating station on the North Shore of Long Island.  The compact site of just a few acres would have generated all the power you could want on Long Island.  The story goes that, just on the cusp of completion, "Lilco" as it is known was Ordered by the government regulators to not fuel the plant; no nuclear material was to be introduced.  So, that plant never started.  The idea was to convert the plant generator to some other heating fuel, and I think it was going to be natural gas  (hey, might have been oil, it was some time ago that this fiasco played out).  

Now, what was left unsaid (for the most part) was the next obvious question: who was going to eat the costs of this conversion at the last second, and who was going to eat the costs of higher power generation?  Well, folks, that would be the people of Long Island. Incidentally, why would a nuke plant, even an older-style pressured water reactor, be so dangerous?  And the answer is: it wouldn't have been.  Long Island is a large mound of highly compressed sand, the terminal moraine left over from the last Ice Age. It is a perfectly stable building foundation material.

The conversion of a nuke plant to another fuel to make the steam inevitably results in a de-rating of the power output of the plant. 

OK, so now what?  Long Island still needs more power.  So the next solution was to go import that power from Canada.  the provider thus built this 17-mile-long undersea cable running from Connecticut over to Long Island, with the Connecticut end running all the way to Quebec, then connected to Hydro-Quebec, the ultimate provider.  And, finally, with all that extra infrastructure, Lilco had its power  (that was then; what it needs now is even more.  No surprise.)  Would it have been more logical to simply toss in those fuel rods and fire up that nice new plant, instead of all this extra stuff, at huge cost?  But of course.   But don't expect whose ideas include the ending of the Earth to be logical in their political decision-making.  That part, well, that does not happen.

And now you know why those people are called "wackos".   Their brains don't work.  

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