Few Rumors Circulating: First one, Maduro moves to Havana, Venezuela Generals and Judges keep their jobs, and Chevron and Rosneft clean up Venezuela oil infrastructure, Guaido rules temp until elections this Fall


This rumor very strong suggest sooner than later.  Guaido is a Socialist. Better than Maduro. 

The second one I heard is US EXXON and China's Sinopec invest Billions ($100 Billion between them) in Iraq for long term deal.

Pompeo made a surprise visit to Iraq today. Canceled a meeting with Angela Merkel and flew to Iraq. Sorry Angie. Iraq supposedly offered to be an intermediary between US and Iran in the future. Exxon, Total and Sinopec are dying to get back in Iran and Iran needs the outside help to modernize (and money)

A third one involves Libya.  Very vague. Something about deal with Haftar, French and Russia. Maybe include BP.  I even heard Conoco might want to get back in Libya with the right situation.  But all very vague. Wouldn't put a lot of faith in this last one.

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