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Infographic: Revenue Of The World's Largest Oil And Gas Companies In 2018

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Amusingly, Saudi Aramco is new to this list.  Because of KSA's "state secret" shenanigans regarding their "state secret" oil revenue and oil reserves. 

And I will mostly continue to disbelieve any new "official" oil revenue financial figures emanating from KSA, unless independently proven to be true.

Infographic: Revenue Of The World's Largest Oil And Gas Companies In 2018


This chart shows the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. Photo: IBT / Statista

China’s Sinopec Group ranks first on the list of the world’s leading oil and gas companies of 2018 with revenues of more than US$420 billion, ahead of Shell and Saudi Aramco. According to company filings, U.S. oil and gas company Exxon Mobil ranked sixth that year, with a total 2018 revenue of some US$279 billion.

Three-digit billions in sales per year are not uncommon in the oil and gas industry. However, revenues are highly dependent on the development of crude oil prices on the world market. Sinopec, for example, has therefore integrated both the energy and chemicals businesses into its operations.

Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco is a newcomer to the list. In April 2019, the company placed bonds worth around twelve billion US dollars on the stock exchange for the first time. The oil company, which continues to be primarily state-controlled, published financial figures for the first time. Previously, Saudi Aramco’s accounts had remained mostly secret since the company was nationalized in the 1970s.

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Interesting but trying to compare a Sinopec to a Royal Dutch Shell, to Aramco is a fools folly. They all deal in oil and gas, but make their monies is completely different ways.

further complicated by the accounting systems in some of them.

When I was at Aramco, I viewed the best sales metrics coming for the government ministry tracking exports, not most Aramco generated info. Simply counting tankers leaving and tossing a price per barrel would also work better than official channels.

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