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10 upcoming O&G projects in EU - needing 25k new O&G workers by 2025

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Oil & Gas aren't going away any time soon.  Maybe a reduction by 2100 or so.  Maybe.

Hydrocarbons still offer the biggest energy bang for the buck, and despite naysayers, oil and gas are not going to run out any time soon.  Additional hydrocarbon reserves keep getting found.

The Oil & Gas industry has a "trickle everywhere" effect as far as global economies and global businesses.  The old Reagan term "trickle down" doesn't accurately convey just how much the civilized world depends on oil & gas.

There are simply no so-called "renewable" energy technologies or so-called "green" energy technologies that are able to replace the current and future global requirements of hydrocarbons.

What generates most of the electricity to run EVs?  Hydrocarbons.

You think that just because some Western industrialized nations (EU, U.S., Canada, etc.) boldly and foolishly proclaim their undying devotion to the scaremongering Political Tax & Spend Socialist Religion of The Church Of The Hysterical Climate Change Armageddon , that other large countries (China, India, etc.) will somehow stop using hydrocarbons?

Nope, not from what I can see.  Despite increasing attempts by political leaders to forcibly convert sceptics into becoming unquestioning true believers of the magical benefits of Carbon Taxes getting rammed down the throats of everyone, oil & gas are simply not going away any time soon:


Anyway, back to a positive note, here is some good news for EU economy and EU oil & gas.  Long, good news article, here is an excerpt, see link for the full article:

10 upcoming Oil & Gas projects in Europe

Recent reports have shown that Oil & Gas production in the North Sea has reached a seven year high, and that with a shift in technologies and workforce, the industry will require a further 25,000 new workers by 2025.

With the North Sea remaining the largest source for European Oil & Gas, there are a number of huge projects currently in development throughout the region. Add in the multiple drilling projects, plants and pipelines being constructed around the Eastern Mediterranean, and there’s a wealth of opportunities across Europe.

These are the ten biggest Oil & Gas projects in Europe that you need to know about:

The North Sea Johan Sverdrup Development involves at least 2 phases of development with up to 3.1 billion barrels of oil equivalent expected to be produced
(Image via Equinor)

1. Johan Sverdrup Development
Value: $10.345 billion
Startup year: 2019

The Johan Sverdrup field is one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, with expected resources of 2.1-3.1 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

Located 160km west of Stavanger, the development consists of two major discoveries - Avaldsnes and Aldous Major South that were later discovered to be one single field.

The field is due for development in multiple stages. The first comprises four bridge-linked platforms - a process platform, drilling platform, riser platform and living quarter - along with three subsea water injection templates.  The platforms will have steel jackets that are linked by bridges and each will be designed to facilitate future development.

Phase two is said to include a new standalone processing platform and a new wellhead platform. Later developments could include a further wellhead platform and subsea templates.

On March 22nd 2019, the final installation of Phase 1 was completed, with a record breaking single lift completed by the heavy lift vessel Pioneering Spirit fitting the 26,000 tonne processing platform into place, followed by the 18,000 tonne utility and living quarters topside.

With the field centre complete, the Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 has now entered its final commissioning phase, with startup expected as early as September 2019. This initial phase is expected to recover between 1.4 billion and 2.4 billion barrels. Over the field’s 50 year lifespan, it has an anticipated plateau production of 550,000-650,000 boe/d field capacity.


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