Conrad Black issued Presidential Pardon by Trump

President Donald Trump made a personal phone call to Conrad Black, whom I think is now in Toronto  (and has avoided coming into the USA since his release from Federal Prison in Miami).  Black is in the unique position of having been knighted by the Queen of England, and thus having had to choose between Canadian citizenship and the title of Knight  (he chose being the Knight).  Conrad Black was the director of this huge media empire headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and had a subsidiary operation in Chicago  (a decision he came later to seriously regret).  Black ran afoul of the notoriously abusive, corrupt, and incompetent judiciary and "Justice" machine in Chicago, and ultimately did three years in Federal Prison for ridiculous charges, the sort of stuff that would never have made it past arraignment in any other Jurisdiction. By the time the dust settled, he was out two billion dollars.  That is a lot of coin.  Here is the personal version, as written by Black himself, of the history of the criminal charges and the President's phone call saying he had an official pardon:

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