IMPORTANT: U.S. and Chinese Trade Accord BIGGEST AGREEMENT in DECADES and has ramifications for generations. Not about selling more soybeans or LNG to China. Trump can't back down. This Video . . .


This CNBC interview with former Trump advisor Bannon presents the case. 

Speaker Pelosi and  Senator Schumer need to quit the games, get on the program and speak out in support of Trump's efforts.  

Has anyone seen any reporter or journalist ask Democratic leadership or any Democrat for that matter about Trump's China trade negotiation.

Paying off the US farmers small price to pay to protect the future of United States.

Trump is playing s stronger hand than Xi.  (1) Leverage on Huawei and other tech companies . . .  restrict technology transfer to these Chinese companies and (2) These tariffs and trade war is scaring the hell out companies, some have already moved many are considering and others will expand elsewhere or look elsewhere instead of moving operations to China.




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