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Mainstream Media will likely find the EU election results surprising.  Clueless and tone deaf to voter sentiments, as usual.

Also, Canada's Trudeau will likely be toast in October.

Here's a quick rundown so far:

Massive Victory for Conservative Nationalists in European Elections

Polls are all closed.  Election results are beginning to come in fast.  The overall result in the European (EU) Parliamentary Election reflects massive gains for conservative nationalists in Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, U.K. and others…

Over 400 million people can vote in 28 countries, seven of which held ballots between Thursday and Saturday, with the remainder voting today, Sunday.

Source Feeds: Here (BBC) and Here (Reuters) and Here and Here and Here (UK centric)

♦In France Marine Le Pen has defeated the party led by Emmanuel Macron. Exit polls in France indicated that Marine Le Pen’s far-right, anti-immigrant National Rally party came out on top in an astonishing rebuke of French President Emmanuel Macron, who has made EU integration the heart of his presidency (link).

♦In Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is likely to call a snap general election in June, after the opposition party took the lead.

Poland’s ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party is expected to come first in the election with 42.4% of the vote.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, was expected to win 56% of votes, state television reported.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz leading with support for Kurz’s conservative People’s Party, at 34.5%.

♦In Italy Matteo Salvini’s far-right League is now emerging as Italy’s largest party, and the 5-Star Movement has lost a third of its voters over the course of a year.

♦[ In Germany ] Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition, the CDU/CSU, has lost multiple seats now dropping to a projected 28 (out of 96).

♦In the U.K. Nigel Farage Brexit Party is crushing the traditional political classes. With 100 of 373 counts complete, the brand new Brexit Party is in the lead with 31.9%, crushing the two largest parties,Conservatives and Labour, who are down 12-14% each so far.


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There is a nationalist wave but not the expected tsunami. 

On the right the nationalist parties are getting stronger at the expense of the more traditional conservatives.

On the left the greens are gaining at the expense of the socialists.

Weakened by this two trends the christian-democrat PPE group and the socio-democrat group have lost the majority in parliament and will need to add to the coalition a third group. the centrist group where the strongest component are the French from Macron's party.

The real winner may not be the nationalists - still very devided between the Italian Lega and French RN pro russian and the anti russian polish PiS and british Torries. The real winner could be...Macron now in a position to be the kingmaker.

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That might be and is the popular line from the mainstream media. Whether it is true remains to be seen. The long term trend is IMHO toward populism. The Greens will soon show their true colors as a watermelon like group which is green on the outside but red on the inside. 

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