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Elizabeth May's Greens Want Canada To Break Oil Habit By Banning Foreign Imports

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"As long as we are using fossil fuels we should be using our fossil fuels." This is the new, startling position of Canada's Green Party, now setting forth as official policy what I have stated on these pages for some time: that for Canada to survive, it will have to ban the import of foreign oil and fuels and force everyone in Canada to go to using exclusively oilsands oil from Alberta. Is this likely to happen?  Well, it is starting to get more and more likely.  The Greens policy platform is tantalizingly close to that of Canada's Conservatives, which have swept out the Liberals (and NDP) from various provincial perches.  In a bizarre melding, the far Left and the far Right have come together, adopting Van Eck's policy platform.  Go figure. Politics May 27&utm_campaign=canada_newsletter_Canada Politics May 27



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