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Iran Oil and U.S. Logan Act - my speculation

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The article below from Arab News smells like *disinformation* to me.

Really, I find it difficult to believe that the U.S. and Iran would be negotiating this "oil for goods" deal, unless perhaps it is led by John Kerry, who has absolutely *zero authority* to negotiate deals with Iran on behalf of the U.S.  

The Logan Act needs to be enforced robustly against Kerry, Feinstein, and a few other U.S. politicians, in my opinion. 

No idea what I'm talking about?  I have provided 3 easy to understand links above ^

Anyway, on to the apparent disinformation campaign in today's news:

Exclusive: US, Iran plan ‘oil for goods’ deal to ease sanctions

BAGHDAD: Iranian and US officials are in the early stages of negotiating an agreement to allow Tehran to sell limited quantities of oil in exchange for goods, Iraqi sources have told Arab News. 

Iraq will be the transit point for both the oil exports and the import of goods, according to officials in Baghdad familiar with the talks. 

Washington’s stated policy is for sanctions to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero, and US government sources denied to Arab News that there was a deal to permit limited sales. However, a senior Iraqi official familiar with what he described as “ongoing talks” said the deal was “a goodwill gesture offered by the Americans to calm the escalation between the two countries, although it is still in its preliminary stages.” 

Iran arms, equips and controls dozens of armed factions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, whose activities are a serious threat to the US and its allies in the region. One of the aims of US economic sanctions is to prevent Tehran from funding these groups.

“The main goal that the Americans are looking to achieve is preventing the Iranians from obtaining any cash,” a second Iraqi official familiar with the talks told Arab News.

“The deal will allow the Americans to monitor and control everything, the amount of Iranian crude oil exported and the kind of goods imported, and be sure that no cash is paid.

“This will paralyze the Iranians and force them to abandon the armed factions they fund and will keep them busy dealing with the internal Iranian situation.”

The initial deal is thought to have been concluded by Bijan Zanganeh, the Iranian minister of oil, on an unannounced visit to Iraq a month ago.  It is not yet final because details such as the amount of oil to be sold, the main buyer and the kind of goods to be imported are still under discussion.


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I wholeheartedly agree with enforcing the Logan Act and I believe Trump may just be the guy to do it.

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The Green Truth is anything but. It's the line the royals want read. 

The best part is reading the comments. Folks know better than to be critical on something like this, but for what we call low level human interests things, like some crazy man who lets his wife travel abroad without restrictions, the comments go wild.

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7 hours ago, jaksiemasz said:

What a bunch of deluded nutjobs here.

Welcome to the forum, jaksiemasz.

As a deluded nutjob myself, I prefer to be called the more politically correct term of "untightened wingnut".


Here, have an obviously tongue in cheek meme which pokes fun at tin foil:


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I prefer the term 'mentally deficient fruitbat' myself....

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