Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou First trial Hearing is now January 2020

Readers will recall the huge mess started when the Canadian Mounted Police detained Meng Wanzhou pursuant to an arrest and extradition warrant request issued by the USA.  That set off an uproar inside the Communist Party and in retaliation China cut of purchases from Canada and arrested two Canadian businessmen on "espionage" charges and promptly sentenced them both to death.  The businessmen remain locked away under appalling conditions.  Now a trial schedule has been submitted to the Court for a trial stretching out over 16 months, with the first Hearing set for next January (2020).  The defence will argue that no extradition can be had for a crime abroad that is not a crime in Canada.  That part is true enough.  If that argument prevails (and I predict it will) then the case collapses and the detainment is dismissed.  Meanwhile, it is hard to imagine a worse shambles for Canada-China relations.  As for the Canadians on Death Row, who knows what happens there.  It gets ugly. 

Based on the above, I predict that China will not import any WCS - ever.  The Chinese carry grudges and have these long memories.  Forget about bitumen sales there.  Kinda collapses the demand for that second ex-Kinder Morgan pipeline into Vancouver, from what I can make of it.

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