I hear we need a lot of new oil workers.


How about helping them to get out of Venezuela and use them temporarily in our oil fields until Venezuela is free and stable again? ronwagn

Harrowing pictures of emaciated former oil workers in Venezuela capture their plight more than a week after they went on hunger strike over lost wages

  • Former oil workers are into the second week of a hunger strike in Caracas, Venezuela at Plaza de la Moneda
  • The ex-workers are fighting to receive what they say are unpaid wages from 2007 nationalisation of oil fields
  • 8,500 workers were sacked after nationalisation in the Orinoco Oil Belt by the ex-President Hugo Chavez
  • Strikers say that they never saw the severance pay and pensions they were promised by Mr Chavez in 2007

Ex-oil workers are into the second week of a hunger strike at the Plaza de la Moneda in the Venezuelan capital of  Caracas

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