Last Week US Military reported the 2 drone attacks on Saudi pipeline came from northeast. Not from the South or the Houthi's in Yemen. . . . . THEN UAE retracted their claim that Iran was responsible for the tanker sabotage. Whatsup !


Something Stinks ?  .  .  .  .  .  

Drones from Northeast ? Iraq ? Inside Saudi Arabia ?  UAE ?



Saudis now understand US will no longer spend Billions fighting their wars. Trump needs Saudi support for Palestinian/Israeli  plan plan.  Not much chance of success current plan put together by Jared. It will be interesting to see how far Trump will go to please Saudis. Saudis will play US, Russia and China against each other.

World is on notice the US is not going to fund defense of Mideast shipping lanes expending a $100 Billion a year because they are nice guys. Trump won't abandon Mideast but will leverage to get others to put some skin in the game.

Last week a U.S.  envoy to Germany asked Angela to fufill her promise to Obama's "Coalition of the Willing" and supply some troops to Syrian effort in support of US 400, not to fight, but to help with training.  Any guess as to what her response will be ?

NATO'S Civilian and Military budget is btw $4 Billion to $6 Billion. US pays a majority of that.  BUT . . . the US budget for the US based in Europe  . . . England, Italy, Germany, etc plus the Operation of the missile defense systems costs US btw $26 Billion to $31 Billion a year. This is not part of NATO'S budget.  

.Trump is moving part of the German base (the biggest) to a new facility being built in Poland. He should get out of Germany altogether.  

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Remember Iran is a huge trading partner for UAE. And the UAE prince plays MBS like a fiddle. UAE is also backing out of Yemen, having effectively met their objectives, leaving KSA with their no-win situation.

Iran is suffering from sanctions, but in a strange way, suffering is what they do best. Don't expect that to cause a regime change. Few suffer more than North Korean citizens, and they build bombs. Making people suffer almost never causes capitulation. 

The Jared plan was always going to be DOA, and KSA offering up half a trillion didn't help though it has strained the Saud's moral high ground, which was already doing the limbo. King Faisal is doing summersaults in his grave. The rest of the Arab world gave it the one-finger salute. Not sure there is a possible peace plan, but to ignore the residents was always unlikely to work.

We don't need to be in Europe to the level we are. We pull back, Russia won't fill the void, and more likely will cut back themselves with a semi-buffer in play. Poland, with their history, of course they want us, and they don't really want German soldiers for obvious reasons.


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