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Tom Kirkman

Texas oil and gas business and related industries generate nearly two million jobs around Texas

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And some screeching lunatics want to shut down all oil and gas production.  The infamous "Keep Oil & Gas in the Ground Forever" crowd.  

< cough  California  cough >

That would be disasterous to the U.S. economy.

Anyway, here's this:

The Texas energy sector and beyond

We estimate that the Texas oil and gas business and related industries generate nearly two million jobs around Texas when multiplier effects are considered (as described in a recent column). The energy sector includes oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, as well as the industries required to produce, transport, transform, and deliver it to markets throughout the world.

Major industry groups in the energy sector include oil and gas extraction, oil and gas well drilling, oilfield services, pipeline construction and development, oil-related durable manufacturing, pipeline operations, refinery operations, and petrochemical operations. Establishments in each of these industries purchase a variety of necessary input goods and services from companies which, in turn, procure needed goods and services from still other firms. Employees are paid wages and salaries throughout this supply chain which they then recirculate.

Benefits thus spread across the economy, flowing not only to companies involved directly or indirectly in supplying the industry, but also to those meeting consumer-oriented needs. We used our impact assessment system to quantify the stimulus the energy sector provides to every nook and cranny of the business complex. This model, the US Multi-Regional Impact Assessment System, was developed by the firm in the 1980s and has been consistently updated, maintained, and refined since that time.

While many of the industries with significant effects are predictable, others are less apparent. The largest include oil and gas extraction (certainly not surprising), but also various categories of retail and wholesale trade, food and beverage stores, general merchandise stores, and restaurants. Moreover, car dealers see a notable impact, as do electric power suppliers, insurance carriers, telecommunications firms, trucking companies, hospitals, air transportation, and engineering services.


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plenty of work.  this is an aerial photo of well pads between Midland and Hobbs...😁😁  people working is good for families and the economy as a whole, those who say otherwise must sit on the couch waiting for the first of the month on a check 


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