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Corn Ethanol Subsidy

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Front page article here at Why should there be a subsidy mandate for ethanol to begin with?  If people want to buy the stuff, let them.  Stop forcing everyone to buy it.  Is it too much to ask?  Freedom?  Uh, we all eat food; how about lowering cost of food.

You will note, no one around the world is importing ethanol to mix with their gasoline other than the USA from Brazil to meet this stupid mandate and subsidize Iowa, Illinois giant farms.  They have awesome farm land.  They can grow anything but refuse to change because the fix is in and the pork is coming home. 

PS: Should be making alcohol, not ethanol or methanol.  Get rid of the prohibiition era rulings forcing everyone to put ethanol/methanol in products instead of alcohol.  Just remove the moronic regulation.  No more incidental poisonings either. 

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