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9 hours ago, Dmitry Bedin said:

Trump should put 100% tarif on Viagra. So great americans with erectil disfunction will think more by the heads which is avobe the shoulders , not beneath

Don't give up the day job

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On 8/23/2019 at 8:26 PM, SKEP said:

Chinese Communist Party retaliates against U.S. oil with tariff because U.S. wants them to abide by WTO rules and reciprocal opportunity.

* Trump always punches back twice as hard so .  .  .  

* If China puts a tariff on U.S. oil exported into China  as they have . . . 

* Put a 10% tariff on Chinese Oil Sands product the exported into or thru the U.S. 

Actually, forget the 10% . Instead go with flat $5 per barrel. Corporations can evade tariffs by playing around with transfer pricing. Make it a flat $5 per barrel on Chinese Oil Sands crude or dilbit.  The exporter should sign export papers declaring (1) origin of oil and chain of custody (2) percentage of exporting Oil Sands Company owned by a Chinese Company.  Prorate the $5 bbl fee to percentage owned by Chinese. 

Start with the larger Oil Sands companies 100% owned by the Chinese Communist Government CNOOC and Sinopec . . . .  which own 100% of Canadian Oil Sands Companies Nexen and Athabasca Oil Sands.  The very same Chinese Communist Party just put a 5% tariffs on U.S. oil.  Hit these Chinese oil companies with the $5 bbl duty.

Better yet I would ban their oil from entering U.S.  The other Oil Sands producers not owned by the Chinese Communist party would surely appreciate the move. Pipeline capacity to U.S. is severely limited , better it goes to friends than an enemy.

 China's oil companies also have investment in US Shale basins.  Put a yearly fee on the investments of those Chinese companies. Not that they want to. Argentina shale is next big opportunity.

(Note other topic: Argentina Vaca Muerta Shale will be bigger than Permian)


China's behavior is disgraceful. I recommend U.S. should proceed with disengagement from China's economy and place permanent 10% tariff on all Chinese goods exported to US. 

If Chinese Communist Secretary General Xi Jinping would like to get serious about fair trade and reciprocal treatment he knows who to call. He has Trump's telephone number.

Anyone that says "free trade" commerce exists today is delusional, naive or lying. 

you are wrong ATH Athabasca Oil Corporation is no longer owned or partnered with the Chinese like previously.  

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Apparently it must be the high concentrations of sulfur in that Canadian oil that makes it worth going across my water. We could make you Canadian oil sludge popsicles with extra sulfur sprinkles.

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