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China Asks U.S. to Meet them HALF WAY

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*  China wants U.S. to meet them half way.  Does that mean (1) China only steals half US technology ? (2)  China forces only half of US companies to transfer only half their technology (3) China only subsidizes only half their industries ? (4) China only poisons US with only half the fentanyl (5) China only dumps only half their products on US markets ?  (6) Is China going to invite only selective companies , like shale service companies, to invest in China because they can't steal their know how and must learn by watching ?

Sounds like a deal to me.  NOT


* Now China's Sinopec  wants to allow ONLY their oil to be exported into China.  Chinese companies 100% owned by Chinese Communist Party (Nexen, Athabasca) export their oil from Canada into US. Every tit deserves a tat. 

Donald put a $5 bbl duty on all Chinese oil imported into the U.S. from Nexen and Brion.

US has financed the growth of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army military build up. 

China has brought 300 million people into the middle class with a little help from US.  That leaves 700 Million to 900 Million people still living as poor peasants.  Is the US going to finance their growth at the cost of US economy ?

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