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I know that ARAMCO is supposed to stand for ARabian AMerican Oil COmpany. However I don't see where the "O" for oil is included in the abbreviation.  Instead I see ARabian AMerican COmpany in it.  Otherwise it would be ARAMOCO instead of ARAMCO for ARabian AMerican Oil COmpany.  Now SAUDIARAMCO  (SAUDIARAMOCO)   Anyone agree or disagree?

This also takes one to VENIROGC which was supposed to be for the VENezuela IRan Oil Gas Company. However VENIROGCO makes more sense as the VENezuela IRan Oil Gas COmpany.

Thus, SAUDIARAMCO (SAUDIARAMOCO)  and VENIROGC (VENIROGCO) are very big rivals of each other.  Is it too little too late for any changes to be made on these?



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