Douglas Buckland

American Troops Out of Syria is a Big Surprise?

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Recently, in the so called news, Trump is being crucified for pulling the US troops out of Syria. My question is, why?

First, let’s get the geopolitical situation sorted out.

There is no internationally recognized Kurdish autonomous region in Syria. The Syrian Kurds ‘self proclaimed’ an autonomous region there, but this is an entirely different kettle of fish than the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq.

The Kurds which played such a big part in defeating ISIS were by and far the Iraqi Kurds and their Peshmerga and Asayish.

Now let’s address the issue of pulling the US troops out of Syria.

Under the Obama administration, US troops were sent into Syria TEMPORARILY. This was never intended to be a long term deployment. It was another case of the US getting drawn into a situation where the other players in the region either didn’t want them there to start with or wanted them there indefinitely. Trump has never made a secret of wanting to disengage from the Syrian fiasco. 

Of the 1000 American troops withdrawn, how many were actually front line combat troops and how many were support troops? Regardless of the answer to the previous question, how much of an impact could they possibly have had? Trump, as Commander in Chief has a duty to protect the troops, leaving then in a region about to evolve into another Middle Eastern bush war would have been neglecting his duty to his troops.

Furthermore, if the global community felt so strongly about ‘abandoning’ the SYRIAN Kurds, why did it not offer to substitute their troops for the disengaging Americans?

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Flip flop waffle waffle



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Back in April, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several other lawmakers to blast President Trump for keeping U.S. troops in Syria....   “The 2015 introduction of U.S. military forces into hostilities in Syria was never approved by Congress, in violation of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973,” says the letter, signed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul and freshman Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. “We believe that the stated intention of withdrawing our forces is appropriate, and we look forward to the orderly return of our service members from this theater of conflict.”

Trump’s sudden withdrawal from northern Syria & endorsement of Turkey’s actions could have catastrophic consequences & risks laying the ground for immense violence and suffering.

We can pursue a strategy to stop our endless wars without endangering the lives of innocent people. 
8:38 PM - Oct 8, 2019    @Tom Kirkman    I sense a pattern here 

That stance is completely opposite of her long-held position that the U.S. must pull out of Syria. When she was running for Congress in 2018, she vowed to work to end U.S. involvement in not just Syria, but across the Middle East.

3 hours ago, Douglas Buckland said:

My question is, why?

Because it's Trump. TDS is rampant, even when it involves pointless deaths.

''Trump bad, war now kinda ok! ....   err....  climate and guns? .... errrrrr .... he's bad''.  Yawn. 

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Don't worry though. It'll get sorted in no time with this verbal mess on the case.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi has visited Jordan along with a delegation of American politicians to discuss the "deepening crisis" in neighbouring Syria. As both Turkey and Kurdish forces claimed that the other had breached a US brokered ceasefire, Ms Pelosi said in a statement that her visit came  at “a critical time for the security and stability of the region." She added: "With the deepening crisis in Syria after Turkey’s incursion, our delegation has engaged in vital discussions about the impact to regional stability, increased flow of refugees, and the dangerous opening that has been provided to ISIS, Iran and Russia.”


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