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James Regan

Trump Vows To Protect Syrian Oil Fields From ISIS

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The United States may leave 500 troops in northeastern Syria and send in battle tanks and other equipment, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing military officials who presented the option to President Donald Trump.

The purpose of this move would be to help the Kurds in the area to protect oil fields that used to be controlled by Islamic State during its so-called caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.


Are we talking about the fields north of the Euphrates?

Trump has really back peddled here, he is starting to make very little common sense, or is he?

ISIS- is no threat in Syria, certainly no threat that the Syrians, Russians, Turks or Kurds could not handle, so why USA.

In reality the US will NEVER be out out of the region and anyone who thinks different is kidding themselves. Trump should live with this age old reality and start to listen to his foreign policy specialists and manage the assets accordingly. I dont believe its anything to do with the OIL not but the land position that these oilfields are sitting on. It certainly is not to help the Kurds, he blew that one two weeks ago. Iraq is now posturing towards the USA and after all that the USA has done do they really have the gaul to dictate to the USA. It appears the the US stranglehold based on goodwill has now been destroyed and the new kids on the block of Turkey and Russia will fill the void.

So this leaves the USA nicely positioned or even bait should Iran start strutting in the area, maybe this is the end game. Tie it all in for KSA and Israel and drag the USA into that inevitable conflict with Iran.

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  1. Handing over the oil fields to Turkey is fulfilling his promise to NOT allow them under the auspices of ISIS. 
  2. Turkey would appreciate it. 
  3. Then everyone can play utopian games where Turkey and the Kurds get along and unite after millenia of hating and fighting/conquering each other......  
  4. If I was a utopian state department analyst it would be tempting to cut off northern Iraq with the Kurds and hand it over to Turkey and then pretend the Kurd Turk situation would sort itself out. 
  5. Would give Turkey more oil as well. 
  6. That way there is once again a 3 way power struggle in the middle east.  Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia since Iraq was handed to Iran on a silver platter by that incomparable idiot Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield ***dream team*** and the finalization cut up bow tying ceremony overseen by Obama admins. 
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