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Aramco IPO all about attracting Foreign Direct Investment. What does raising $30 Billion (2% of 1.5 Trillion) do for Vision 2030 ? NOTHING !

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They raise $30 Billion,


Net Negative minus - $20 Billion.

Budget deficits are a new phenonomen in Saudi Arabia.  A lot of mouths (Saudi Princes) on the welfare program to feed. They want their yearly stipend.

Would you invest in a country like Saudi Arabia. Would invest in a country where the stated constitution is Sharia Law ?  Where the Salifist have the final word ?  Where they lop heads off because they disagree with the Monarchy  


Don't think so until things change.


My opinion  they need to change before anyone will put serious capital at risk in KSA.


For years KSA scorned any outsider with arrogance and flaunted their oil bounty and lavish lifestyle. Their oil minister proclaimed with certainty we will see $200 barrel oil soon.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Saudi modernization and diversification is at least 10 years too late.  The train has left the station.  

Even if not late is change possible with Salafist control ? 

New Oil World Order is imminent .

North America and South America one new powerhouse.

All of Africa has potential. Most will be offshore using FPOS. Too risky inland.

Where does end up.  Who knows.

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Never underestimate greed.  The real Q: How much oil is in SA?  From what others have posted and written about here, it would appear exploration has been ~zilch yet they have same amount as 40 years ago.  I understand why the USA has always had exactly "30 Billion" barrels, but a nationalized asset as in SA's case?  Hrmmm

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