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Cramer: China's Xi is the enemy in the trade war NOT Trump

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If not for the Democrat Party faux impeachment U.S. would have had a trade deal with China last May.

As restated in this CNBC Cramer interview the U.S. is winning the trade war.  Really winning.  

Communist Secretary General Xi and the Peoples Communist Army are not free traders or fair traders. 

The U.S. exports have put up with unfair trade policy and tariffs for the last 50 plus years. Now China and Europe say OK we'll drop tariffs if you do.

The U.S. started the WTO  .  .  .  . NOW the tables have been turned on U.S.  China will not discuss a Phase 2 or Phase 3 trade deal  if U.S. takes away ALL the tariffs.  THE U.S. IS WINNING.

In today's world tariffs are not bad for the U.S. anymore.  There is even a strong case for permanant tariffs to be made.  I know election is coming . . . however Trump could still win without a deal.  

Is the trade deal hurting the world economic growth as much as the media says ?  I say no.  The experts say it is slowing capital investment. Yes but not because of uncertain economy . . . but because of the uncertainty of where, which country you expand manufacturing. 

Apple does not want the new Dec 15th trade tariffs to go in affect.  Apple smoozing Trump.  So Apple would pay 15% tariff.  U.S. should do as India did.  India out a tariff on iPhones  . . . guess who's building a massive iPhone manufacturing plant in China now. Trump should stop buying into Apple's brown nosing.

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