Democrats through impeachment process helped Trump go out of China deal conundrum. Now Trump can safely postpone deal till after November 2020 elections

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The irony is that the "Trump" economy is doing great for anyone who put their money into equities, and terribly/ mediocrely for anyone who put their money into tractors or factories.  The biggest beneficiaries of Trump's economic and trade policies- low interest rates, massive deficits, etc.- have been the blue states, whose populations plow their money into index and mutual funds. Wall Street is having one of the best years, ever, historically.  Anyone who owns stocks are seeing returns of 10-20%/year during Trump's presidency.  All my neighbors are getting rich(er) and so am I. In the meantime the manufacturing and agriculture sectors in the US are in recessions, many farmers are going bankrupt, as is energy (fracking and gas).  

You would think the blue states would vote for someone like Trump, and the red states would vote for someone else, and yet the opposite occurs.  Strange.  Trump is Making America Great As Always... for the people who are living on the coasts/seaboards.  

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On 12/10/2019 at 1:04 PM, DayTrader said:

Whereas your precious Biden is having a belter.

@Ward Smith this is pure unadulterated whataboutism and I don't care 🤣

Dunno where to start with the rest of your post mate LOL but I will try ... 

I don’t like Biden any more than Trump. But Trumps mishandling of about everything and then tweeting false information, and then attacking personally any opponent gets him in the news. 
Biden has had trouble finding facts for decades. I don’t think his brain handles numbers well and has no interest in fact checking, much like Trump.

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