PDVSA Mass Exodus of Workers

Univsion is reporting a mass exodus of employees from state-run PDVSA, as rising inflation has basically made their public worker salary almost owrthless. PDVSA board stopped accepting resignations and has lost almost 10% of its 143,000-strong workforce. Sooooo... what does it mean when one stops accepting letters of resignation? I'm not following that logic, unless it's simply because they can't possibly read that many letters in that amount of ftime.

Note to Venezuela--when your inflation rises 4000%, you've got major problems on your hands if state-paid wages are not increased by nearly the same amount. Workers are starving.

Parents are putting their children into orphanages because they can no longer afford to feed them. I can't imagine anything more dire. Why is Maduro still alive?? You can only use state funds as your personal piggy bank for so long, and socialism sooner or later fails, as too many people on the dole bleed the country dry.


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