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Nancy "Swamp Mistress" dilemma . . To Send or Not To Send

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Nancy understands that the President's attorneys and Republican Senator will embarrass the House and destroy any credibility they thought the articles of Impeachment might have. 

I'm told that there is no mandated timeframe that the House has to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

Some say Nancy will never send the Articles to Senate.

1. If she doesn't send it will bolster Trump's claim it's a hoax. 

2. If she does send it the President's Lawyers will expose the ridiculous claims and cement the fact that it's a hoax


It's reported that the President isn't Impeached until the Article of Impeachment are communicated (delivered) to the Senate.  

So the history books will show no Trump Impeachment .   .   .   if no Articles are sent to Senate. Does not matter if they voted. 

Does anyone think Senate Majority Leader McConnell is going to listen to Nancy ? 

This whole fiasco has and will increasingly hurt the Democrats. 

Nancy loses.

Trump poll numbers looking great. Thats not including what the pollsters now call the hidden 5%. It seems the pollsters estimate there are 5% to 7% of Trump supporters don't respond as for Trump due to perceived backlash.  Same now as was on the final days before 2016 election. Some polls had Trump losing 2016 election by 11%

This Impeachment topic is getting tired.  Oil is getting boring.  What's next topic ? 


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