NY TIMES: Saudis can't depend on U.S. to protect their oil anymore . . . .

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8 hours ago, SERWIN said:

I am curious as to why, we don't need their oil, and the other countries that do would be only too happy to provide the coverage over that area they felt was needed, or they wouldn't be getting the resources they need. We have enough of our own oil to get by, and other, much closer and more stable sources for any extra. China needs that oil so let China build a navy defense force and send them over to "keep the peace". And if they are at war with each other, it opens up possibilities for a lot of oil exporting from around the world that has been ignored until then. Let a couple of VLCC's get sunk and they'll figure it out over there....

That is an option for the US if it were willing to let the Russian/Chinese alliance become world cop and controller of the cheapest resources on the planet - meaning that the US is ultimately second potato. Since the Europeans will never do it without the US, that is the actual alternative. Right now, they can't even figure out which side to go with nor whether they are willing to fight a war for their most crucial resources. They are more concerned with placing solar panels for heat at the edge of the arctic circle.

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On 12/28/2019 at 7:15 PM, Papillon said:

I presume this is a joke sir? Also you could add to the title something along the lines of ''but Saudi Arabia can rest assured they can murder American journalists with nothing done about it, so swings and roundabouts.''

And yet you have not for around 30 years sir? 

Poking bears is fun....

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Saudis want to "Protect Oil." 


Did anyone else notice that the 2019 'terrorist' attacks on Saudi oil installations and/or boats coincided with oil approaching $50?   It was like clockwork. 

Saudis want nervous markets over oil.  Yes, they want the freedom to sell but only if there is a constant 'threat' against the supply. 


(and to completely curtail, nothing short of an all-out invasion of SA by... okay no one will ever do that so its moot).   

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“U.S should spend that $30 Billion every year on domestic infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools, lowincome housing)  .  .  .  .   not protecting Mideast oil”

Okay, say the US totally extracts itself militarily, financially and politically from the Middle East and spends that money on improving domestic infrastructure. This will NEVER stop the Arab world of considering America the ‘Great Satan’ and perpetuating this emotion in every madrasah from North Africa to Asia.

The Arab world needs a scapegoat to blame their failings on...they REQUIRE a Great Satan!

So you suggest that we essentially forfeit any leverage in the Middle East, isolate ourselves, upgrade our infrastructure and schools....and simply wait for the next 9/11 event? Remember, these jihadi miscreants need a target to remain relevant. They WILL be back! 

You do remember what occurred when the US tried to isolate itself from world events prior to WW2 don’t you? How did that turn out?

If you do not study history, you are condemned to repeat it.

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On 12/29/2019 at 10:26 PM, Jabbar said:

Since the Iran drone attack Trump sent has sent over 14000 new troops to mideast, aircraft carriers, military equipment and additional advanced patriot missile defense systems and technicians to man them.  

This seems an odd statement when a few minutes ago on your new thread you said Mr Trump wants out of the Middle East. I would cut down on the whisky if I were you as you appear yet again to have no idea what you're talking about. 

1 hour ago, Jabbar said:

Trump wants out of Mideast.  Where have you been.  I apologize if it's dementia that has set in.  

If I have dementia sir then I seriously worry for the condition you have. You appear to have forgotten your own post within a week, not a good sign.

''Where have you been?'' - a bar by the look of it.

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