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Peter Lynch on Energy

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Love the guy...

If you need to deconstruct all the bullshit about O&G in 10 lines... here they are...

Oil is interesting.
Look, longer term, solar, windmills really work.
But you need natural gas and oil to bridge to this.
Everybody’s assuming the world’s going to not use oil for the next 20 years, or next year.
China might sell five million electric vehicles next year, but they might also sell 17 million internal combustion engines.
They don’t have old cars to retire.
There are no electric airplanes.
Near term, liquid natural gas and liquid petroleum gas might replace diesel fuel for trucks.

Beat that!!

PS: And China would be hard pressing to sell even 2mn next year (out of 20mn).

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HaHa, you're right, the guy can say in twenty words what it takes me three pages to write. 

And it's all golden!


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