Iraqi uprising against US military presence is increasing. Are geopolitical interests justification good enough for waging war against Iraqi nation on Iraqi soil ?

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28 minutes ago, Douglas Buckland said:

Jimbo, ‘send it’ is a good ol’ sniper term....but I guess it could apply equally to a Hellfire missile. Simply an ‘economy of scale’...😂

That’s my point I was dragging or trying to drag in my shooter DT. This is becoming a Farce (no pun intended) now Iran has balístic technology to miss targets, I call BS more like faulty guidance, would they really trust their gear to land close to US soldiers. Trump needs to blow the top of some mountain with a guidance station, this strike was a rent a crowd attack, trying to push Trump to take out a sovereign target, prod a tiger long enough and it will bite your head off.

its becoming tedious , 12 missiles hitting a field that’s a great response, if this pleases the Iranian people for face saving then they are easily pleased and shows how much stomach the regime has, they know one wrong move and it’s over.

They are FOS and playing head games with the wrong man.

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2 hours ago, Douglas Buckland said:

There was no means of ensuring that the Iranians were acting in good faith concerning their side of the deal. Any inspectors could only see what the Iranians wanted them to see.

If you look at how quickly Iran began the enrichment process after Trump pulled out of the agreement, it is questionable if they ever stopped the process in the first place.

History shows us that Iran, since the Revolution, has been a ‘clear and present danger’ for the entire Middle East. To mention US meddling while ignoring Iranian influence in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere is simply bias. 

It's prescient that the USA used similar justifications when they last invaded Iraq, only to discover that they were wrong by a large margin.

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