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Sometimes winning is: Letting them (Iran) have "your" way

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It is often said a successful negotiation is when both side walk away believing they won.  Is that possible when U.S. negotiates with Iran.  Maybe.

Remember, previously the Iranian were close to renegotiating the nuke deal with the Trump Administration. They were hinting at broadening it to their ballistic missile program (that they have invested billions on) 

The catch was the U.S. had to lift the sanction, a non-starter.

The Iran leaders can't look to submit to U.S. pressures . For one they would lose face and secondly if they lose face they lose power.  Have to realize there are many factions within Iran from the hardcore Mullahs, IRGC that Soleimani lead to moderate groups.  I can tell you an estimated 90% of Iran is against the Mullahs/IRGC terrorist activities , but they have the money and power.

The death of Iran's terrorist leader Suleimani was a huge blow to Iran and a major loss of face.  

The Iranian missile attack (15) on U.S. bases with live coverage on Iranian TV let's them save face. Iran claims 80 U.S.  killed and 200 wounded.  

U.S. should let them have their (your) way.

This opens the opportunity for serious negotiations.  Iran can pretend they brought U.S. to the negotiating table with there attack on U.S. bases .  .  .  .  .  NOT THE DEVISTATING FINANCIAL SANCTIONS ON THEM.

The question is will Iran, like China, take their lead from Nancy Pelosi and hold out in hopes she can stop Trump from getting reelected or better yet removed by Senate impeachment trial. 

Have you noticed the only ones condemning the U.S. targeting Soleimani are Iran IRGC, Iraq Shiite Militias and U.S. Democratic Party including Nancy Pelosi.  No other regional countries, not EU and not even other powers such as China.  

Imagine the good Trump's America could accomplish if not for the extreme hatred for Trump himself.  Nancy Pelosi's Democrats have blocked prescription drug reform , infrastructure bill and even delayed the Mex/Cd trade deal putting their thirst for power above the good of their own citizens.  I remember seeing a reporter ask Nancy Pelosi's what she thought of U.S. Congress passing President Bushes Presciption Drug Plan.  Pelosi's angrily replied , " Prescription drugs is our issue".  Power over what is best for their citizens. 

Back to Iran

You will see several meetings with U.S. and European countries in coming weeks supporting  U.S.  This cooperation from other countries (finally) may lead to real results. At the very least this will be the beginning of an effort to isolate Iran, given EU finally works with Trump.   Would be nice if U.S. Democrats joined in, but unlikely. 

I don't know if Iran changes and negotiates holds out till election or escalates thru proxies.  



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