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Tom Kirkman

Don't shut in Canada's oil yet: We just got a wake-up call on how important our oil actually is

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Canada first needs to figure out how to curb Trudeau's obstinate insistence on virtue signalling his support for the Climate Armageddon agenda.

Don't shut in Canada's oil yet: We just got a wake-up call on how important our oil actually is

... Over the past decade a lack of awareness or maybe even just forgetfulness about the depth of Middle East conflicts has allowed us the luxury of contemplating our own deliberate disruption of this country’s massive fossil fuel reserves. We have entertained overstatements about “climate emergencies,” we have examined scientific data only superficially and we have welcomed world-famous activists to lecture us on climate “truths.” To go along with UN climate edicts, we have politely declined to question the high real-world costs of their unrealistically tight timelines. We have indulged ourselves in setting climate targets that would severely tax our industries and workers — mainly, it seems, as a form of global virtue-signalling. And we have diverted money to a federal government that has bold climate goals but only the vaguest and most ill-defined plans for achieving them.

All that may change following the death of Gen. Soleimani. Canada’s wealth of natural resources now suddenly looks a lot more useful and valuable than it did just weeks ago. Especially since we can develop them responsibly while being mindful of carbon efficiencies and with excellent environmental stewardship. One thing that hasn’t yet changed in 2020, is that Canadians — especially Western Canadians — face the reality of vulnerable jobs, capital flight, increasing household debt, increasing government deficits, and big changes in the workplace. Climate-change initiatives that tax the average Canadian and now endanger our energy security have been a lot to ask in this kind of environment.

Perhaps the start of 2020 is an inflection point at which we pivot from climate alarmism to realistic discussions of energy development and security, in addition to environmental stewardship. Energy resources are geopolitical and Canadians are uniquely equipped to manage them responsibly. So, here’s to a new focus and a more balanced discussion of all these matters at the start of this new decade.

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