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Tom Kirkman

Some Word Salad Amusement: The Effect Of Economic Uncertainty On The Price Of Oil

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For amusement.  Sometimes I wonder if articles of this type are written by people or are just word salad speculation generated by computers.

$5.50/b  ???

How about just throwing into a blender a mention of OPEC, Middle East, UK, U.S., and Iran and then state there is uncertainty about the price of oil.  While oddly missing any mention of China.  Weird. 

Perhaps I should write my own word salad speculation article about the uncertainty of oil prices for 2020, strictly for amusement.

Anyway, here are the last couple paragraphs of an article that made my head hurt due to the signal to noise ratio of words / word salad.


The Effect Of Economic Uncertainty On The Price Of Oil

... The Future Of Oil Prices In 2020? 

Though the future of the market remains uncertain, there has been a recent OPEC report that has outlined the early predictions. With worldwide oil prices expected to average about $5.50/b in 2020, this is set to be a cheaper year for the price of oil as well as any important and exports. However, it is important to note that this is only a prediction at this time with industry experts struggling to pinpoint the exact trend that the market will follow. This is in part down to the political uncertainty in the Middle East as well as ongoing political turmoil in the UK and US as this can affect prices as a whole.

With this in mind, accurately predicting the price of fuel as we head into 2020 is becoming increasingly difficult. Whether this is due to the production of oil in the US or the ongoing difficulty in Iran, this can all lead to the market experiencing unpredictable amounts of movement.


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