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Candidate Bloomberg has China conflict, says, "Xi not a dictator, he responds to Chinese people".

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Bloomberg has a conflict with China if elected.


Trump "America First"


Bloomberg "China First" and "Makes me BILLIONS" and "Hell with U.S. jobs"



Can't wait to see Trump debate China policy against Bloomberg.

Bloomberg says Xi Jinping is not a dictator.  Really ! ! !

If the press dosesn't ask Bloomberg about his China policy in the debates maybe Bernie will.  Surprisingly, Bernie's views on China are similar to those of Trump. 

From liberal Newspaper Washington Post.   "In 2013, Bloomberg LP was caught in scandal when it was accused of killing Bloomberg News stories that revealed alleged corruption in China directly related to Xi Jinping’s family members. Bloomberg News denied suppressing the stories, but the New York Times reported that executives feared Bloomberg LP being kicked out of China. Several reporters and editors resigned in protest.

Ben Richardson, editor for Bloomberg’s Asia coverage, later told NPR that Bloomberg News leadership had told him stories about the Chinese Politburo were off-limit"

It's not just Joe Biden with this concern.

China reprimanded Bloomberg's Financial Services Company regarding some unflattering information the Financial Firm published about China.

China threatened Bloomberg Companies with banishment from the country if they did not submit.  Bloomberg Companies acquiesced.

A President Bloomberg would be worthless when it came to dealing with China.  

China is way too important to let that happen. 

China is the number one Security Threat and Economic Threat not just to U.S.  .  .  .  .  but the world.  

Bloomberg's Financial Services and News Companies could not survive without access to China.

Every decision by a President Bloomberg would be second guessed.  

Other topic: Have you notice the Democratic Primary Debates have no questions about Foreign Policy or Trade Policy. 

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