California oil hypocrisy

This article speaks of California's (and other states') hypocrisy as pertains to their anti-oil stance. 

"Local development bans are unfair, illogical, and hypocritical: those states themselves use loads of oil. For example, the anti-oil development push in California is obviously absurd: California has 33 million oil-based cars, and “California motorists drive almost 1 billion miles every day, and in doing so consume around 40 million gallons of gasoline and 8 million gallons of diesel.” Worse, I have already documented how misguided oil policies in California have hurt Canadian oil chances while making the state overly dependent on OPEC, an oil cartel controlled by rogue and/or anti-democratic regimes. This hypocrisy of “I want to use oil but stand opposed to producing oil” must continually be called out. As New England has disastrously found out, anti-pipeline policies only serve to help Russia."

What's more, another article uses this stat: 

"For every vehicle that California has that runs on electricity, it has 115 that run on oil. Here are the overwhelming oil demand numbers in California that the state's politicians ignore:

Every day, California consumes around 38 million gallons of gasoline...8 million gallons of diesel fuel...and accounts for 20% of all U.S. jet fuel consumption." and "As much as 15% of all the gasoline burned in America—up to 25% in places like Los Angeles—is burned by cars that aren't moving."

Is it fair to hate on California's green energy policies while burning oil?


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