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Tom Kirkman

Trump + Oil

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One of my normal daily news searches is for "Trump Oil" as well as just for "oil".

The amount of negative bias in news articles found with the combined hot button words of both  Trump + Oil  is simply astonishing. 

Try it yourself, using any search engine.  Normally I filter to results for news in the last 24 hours, as this is normally a daily search for me.

Google and DuckDuckGo bring up some different results, but both generally provide around 99% of exceedingly negative news articles.


It really is an uphill battle to find any positive news whatsoever regarding Trump + Oil.

Apparently Trump + Oil is the Antichrist, and will cause the End of the World.    < eye roll >





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Well Tom let’s face it he has not done much to try and curb the US LTO Industry, the making of the US into a net exporter leaves a lot to be desired by the rest of the globe while expecting other countries to cut production while the US goes full choke open. I think it’s a juggling match between his tenure and the life span of LTO, I don’t think for a minute he is thinking on what’s best for the industry or country he’s more focused on his numbers while in office and legacy ego.

Strong USD must be crippling US exports and tourism. The US was always worth a Holliday regardless of the high flight costs due to exchange rates as you would always take up the lag with the consumption of solid state while in country, however now it’s as cheap to buy an iPhone anywhere in the world and not the USA. iPhone economics is not a bad reference.

As for your search Trump and Oil I don’t think the two are connected really unless you are willing to dig a little (as above). Both Trump and Oil have there fair share or above fair of haters and news is not worth reading if it’s not bad news.

I don’t think POTUS and the Republicans have anything to worry about the Democrats are slowly and surely imploding each Caucus and town hall, imagine you only had Bloomberg to go up against DT , not a very fair fight, both grab pussies but one gets away with it.


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