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About this blog

I started this blog to express what I sense about the highs and lows of the oil realm, while cautiously analysing historical data, taking into account the geo-political development at the time of recording them.

I got into this field, having been a passive observer of fluctuations of crude oil prices and their global consequences for years.

Then, when on the day of Great Oil Crash in April, 2020, I made a decision to make my own blog, with the motto, ‘analysing data that really matters’.

Having come from an academic background in mathematics and physics, I analyse data using my own tools, created with JavaScript and Python, taking my decision on board while making decisions.

My website where I analyse data that really matters

Entries in this blog


Faster, Safer Offshore Drilling Mud Tank Cleanings

When managing multi-billion dollar offshore explorations for oil and gas reserves, discovering efficiencies is paramount. The efficiencies you find in your process greatly reduce costs – even a few minutes of downtime can cost a drilling operator thousands of dollars in lost productivity. View the full article




Water injection pumps to help increase oil recovery offshore Guyana

Guyana has some of the world's biggest offshore discoveries made in years, with 10 billion barrels of recoverable oil and gas starting to come online since 2019. Sulzer has delivered 11 high pressure water injection pumps, and the latest order for five more HPcp pumps will support the largest FPSO in the Stabroek block. View the full article




Op-ed: Nigeria’s oil industry could be entering a new era

The state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Company recently became NNPC Limited, a commercial venture. Rather than operating as a government entity, with all of the red tape and inefficiencies that went with it, the company’s focus has been shifted to productivity and earning profits. View the full article