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    This is exactly the type of scenarios that the Climate Panic crowd deliberately ignore. I really do get annoyed with the obtuseness of those who demand to magically convert the entire world to so-called "renewable" energy while they ignore the simple fact that these "renewable" energy systems require backup hydrocarbon energy systems. Double the cost, having both hydrocarbon systems and "renewable" energy systems. Germany’s overdose of renewable energy Germany now generates over 35% of its yearly electricity consumption from wind and solar sources. Over 30 000 wind turbines have been built, with a total installed capacity of nearly 60 GW. Germany now has approximately 1.7 million solar power (photovoltaic) installations, with an installed capacity of 46 GW. This looks very impressive. Unfortunately, most of the time the actual amount of electricity produced is only a fraction of the installed capacity. Worse, on “bad days” it can fall to nearly zero. In 2016 for example there were 52 nights with essentially no wind blowing in the country. No Sun, no wind. Even taking “better days” into account, the average electricity output of wind and solar energy installations in Germany amounts to only about 17% of the installed capacity. The obvious lesson is: if you want a stable, secure electricity supply, then you will need reserve, or backup sources of electricity which can be activated on more or less short notice to fill the gaps between electricity demand and the fluctuating output from wind and solar sources. The more wind and solar energy a nation decides to generate, the more backup capacity it will require. On “bad days” these backup sources must be able to supply up to 100% of the nation’s electricity demand. On “good days” (or during “good hours”) the backup sources will be used less, or even turned off, so that their capacity utilization will also be poor. Not very good economics. ...
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    Unfortunately. He's 78, with coronary artery disease. He's a wealthy socialist. He would totally ruin America. Surely the younger population will come to their senses at some point. If not, there's probably not enough of them to vote him in. No matter what you feel about Trump, he's about the only viable candidate for the office at this dispositive point in time.
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    Should I hazard a guess that some people would prefer China's CCP authoritarianism and EU's Socialism headquartered in Brussels to conquer Capitalism? Thanks but no thanks. CCP has bungled badly with its mishandled coverup and subsequent explosion of Coronavirus. EU budget is now €75 billion in the hole after the UK extracted itself from the EU's Borg collective.
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    My children are half Chinese. Amazingly they're able to fully function as successful adults without resorting to "victimhood" as "Asians" trying to get by in America. On forms they've often put their "race" down as white, even though they're clearly not. They just don't care about the slicing and dicing one party loves to use to dis unify their country.
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    Expensive oil, eh? Try rolling an oil barrel into Starbucks and load it with your favorite latte. It'll cost you $3,700--despite the fact that while oil requires a million years to mature, coffee beans get right to it. Peasants grow most of them. They're easy to harvest, ship, roast and brew. Then drive out to an oilfield--ANY OILFIELD--and see what goes into harvesting a cup of oil. I have heard so much bullshit about expensive oil that I think I'll throw up the next time. And "expensive oil" had very little to do with the financial crisis. As I recall that was taking about a hundred million mortgages, slicing and dicing them into tiny pieces, putting them together in packages that no one could undo and selling them for a massive profit. No one went to jail. I don't know where you're from Geoff, or how old you are or even what level of education you have. And I'm not trying to pick a fight. But before you go talking about "expensive oil," at least visit an oilfield. I suspect you use plastics. Maybe pharmaceuticals. You likely learned to drive an ICE vehicle. Maybe you've had a surgical procedure. You couldn't have done any of those things without oil products. Please! For Christ's sakes, I don't mind if you go say this stuff at a cocktail party, but try not to insult us, will you.
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    Does anyone else feel that this whole corona virus thing is being blown out of proportion?
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    This this is satire right? Why is it that anti-US folks always stereotype by rolling up entire people's into their government style? The government of China is different from the Chinese people. How many times does DJT say 'we stand with the people of [Iran/Venezuela/HK] against their government. The US considers the Communist PARTY a strategic enemy. The US seeks to win the hearts and minds of those from Hong Kong, Chinese independent journalists, Chinese youth, Tibetans and Uigers. The only mischief the CDC would do is heal people... the one thing the CCP can't do, and therefore can't allow. They can't allow the US to prove they care more for the individual than the CCP does.
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    Okay, so here's the complete story. Back when I was still working with viruses, there was X amount of smallpox virus. The US and the then USSR got together and agreed upon dividing all the known smallpox in the world between them. The US stock went into the CDC in Atlanta. Soon thereafter--I can't tell you the exact date because I don't remember it--the Soviets built an equivalent of the CDC in Siberia. They named their level 4 lab the Vector Institute. They have had a few problems and so have we. As you pointed out, some smallpox was found in a lab, or a cloakroom, or something here in the US. In about 1970 the Soviets had a problem too: a little mini-epidemic of smallpox in a village close to the Institute. Many thought they had been preparing a bio-weapon. Than, about 20 years ago, one of the now Russian lab workers pricked her finger and died from Ebola. Last year they had a gas explosion at the Vector Institute. Bottom line: just as you would expect, when you work with something highly infectious and tiny and you're in a highly sophisticated environment, things happen. They just do. I don't think, for example, that the careless smallpox vial found in the US was the only one. Various agencies have been after an agreement to destroy all the known smallpox for a very long time--after all, nobody is immune anymore. But if the CDC destroys its smallpox, and Vector says they have but didn't really, the CDC would be at a very severe disadvantage should they ever need to form a vaccine. Ebola, Marburg, smallpox, rabies, SERS, all these bad-assed viruses are all stored both in the Vector Institute and the CDC and God knows where else--but almost certainly the Wuhan lab has some if not all of these too. And they always will be dangerous and possibly even for sale if a rogue country gets one. And some day there will be an epidemic from a virus that escaped a lab somewhere. That's the reason it wasn't all that crazy to query whether one had escaped the level 4 lab in Wuhan, but when I mentioned it about twenty people jumped down my throat, so the hell with it. But if you think it's outrageous that a sealed vial of smallpox was found lying around, think several labs around the world, with several folks dealing with them. It's a precarious world out there!
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    I think the people that tuned in to the SOTU Address were those that were actually interested in the State of the Union, which will be the ones who actually get off their asses and vote in November (the others were probably at their new jobs...). Regardless, Pelosi’s action was childish, disrespectful and negatively portrayed the office of Speaker of the House. Whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, this show of disrespect for an ELECTED President will no doubt come back to haunt Pelosi and her party.
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    An upbeat success story about Natural Gas. For some reason, the media complains lately that Natural Gas is a reliable, cheap and abundant competitor to wind and solar - which are unreliable, expensive, and require backup systems for when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow. Seems to me that Natural Gas being reliable, cheap and abundant is a GOOD thing, not something to complain about. Natural gas is crushing wind and solar power ... Meanwhile, the United States continues to reduce its carbon emissions into the atmosphere at a faster pace than virtually every other country in the world. This is because natural gas is not just cheap. It is one of the cleanest ways to produce scalable and dependable electric power for a nation of 320 million people. We don't need brownouts in America as we saw in California, and natural gas is an excellent way to make sure the lights don't go out. It would be hard to find anything NOT to like about this great American success story: energy independence, reliable and inexhaustible supply, low prices, reduced power of the Middle East, Russia, and other OPEC nations, and cleaner air than at any time in at least a century. Yet liberal environmentalists are grousing about this good news. A recent Bloomberg news story exclaims in its headline: "Cheap Gas Imperils Climate Fight by Undercutting Wind and Solar Power." "Gas is such a bargain that it's being viewed less as a bridge fossil fuel driving the world away from dirtier coal toward a clean-energy future," the story tells us, "and more as a hurdle that could slow the trip down. Some forecasters are predicting prices will stay low for years, making it tough for states, cities, and utilities to achieve their goals of being zero-carbon in power production by 2050 or earlier." Ravina Advani, head of renewable energy at BNP Paribus, complained: "The fact that there's an abundance of it makes the move to complete decarbonization much harder … Gas is a tough competitor. It's reliable, and it's cheap." And that is bad news, why, exactly? It's like saying a cure for the coronavirus is bad for hospitals and doctors. Maybe it is high time we admit we have found for now the great energy source of the next few decades and celebrate that America is endowed with a vital resource that is abundant and affordable — just like our best-in-the-world farmland. The Left talks about eradicating "poverty," but "energy poverty" is a primary source of deprivation around the world. Now, there is an obvious solution: Natural gas could easily be the primary source of power production for the world as a whole, slashing costs for the poor everywhere on the planet from sub-Saharan Africa to Bangladesh. Instead, politicians and government bureaucrats around the world are trying to force-feed the world expensive, unreliable, and unscalable wind and solar power. The African Development Bank, for example, is only financing "green energy" projects, not coal or natural gas. It is substituting a cheap form of clean energy for a costly "green" alternative. Why? ... ... It's time to get smart about energy and climate change and throw asunder taxpayer subsidies doled out to all forms of energy production. Let the market, not politicians and environmental groups, choose the safest and most reliable and affordable energy source. Everyone is making a big bet on battery-operated cars and trucks. But who is to say that trucks and buses fueled with natural gas won't be the wave of the future? No one knows what makes the most sense and where the future will lead us. Nuclear power has great promise. But for now, the markets are shouting out for natural gas on a grander scale. Fifteen years ago, no one would have thought we would have a superabundance of this wonder-fuel today. But we do. No one is more surprised than politicians. Why do we let them keep betting the farm on the wrong horse?
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    Ruffneck, In my opinion, the whole Deepwater Horizon issue started when they refused to believe the results of the initial inflow test...and talked themselves out of believing that the liner lap wasn’t leaking. Up until this point things were routine and the problem could have been resolved at this point. What are your thoughts on this?
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    You seem to have the answer right in front of you. For starters, I wouldn't be the CCP: unprepared & ignorant on biodefense. All this despite having been devastated by SARS and bird flu in recent memory. Fool CCP once - shame on CCP, fool CCP twice, thrice.... same. The reason that virology experts are 'meh' on the thought of an Ebola outbreak in the US is that the CDC has rapid response teams and perform audits of hospitals, which are required to have enough stocks of anti-virals for each hospital to start providing CARE to hundreds of patients at a time until the CDC provides backup. CARE is a concept the CCP seems completely foreign to. It's not even worth addressing 'how would you provide care for 60,000 patients' because, as we've all already stated, the CCP being understaffed, under trained, and had no testing centers or test kits available, and immediately started quarantining sick with non-sick is the reason it ever got to epidemic proportions. Not to mention jailing the journalists whose only crimes was interviewing hospital staff to discover they have no ability to test and confirm the illness. The reason I stated that even 3rd world countries would have better responses than the draconian CCP, is that they would relinquish control and put the military and police and health services at the disposal of foreign experts like, say, the CDC. In that way, even West Africa can nip Ebola in the bud. The CDC would indeed not go to the front lines to be 'extra sets of hands' or 'butts in seats'. They react to hot zones by taking control. That's what they are good at. So being 'powerful yet stupid' is what is exacerbating this issue, because the last thing the CCP will ever do is relinquish any form of control. The Chinese people are once again the victims of their apparatchik. So communism goes....
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    The data is still entirely incomplete. Chinese health officials are not getting real numbers even if they cared enough to get them. Most of the Covid-19 dead and infected never reached a hospital. The dead are not labeled by the coroners correctly, having been provided with contradictory instructions at various points to hide the extent of deaths from the higher ups at the central government. The crematoria being as busy as they are widely reported to be, there is absolutely no way the official numbers reflect anything. The hospital bottleneck screens out the vast majority of cases they never see a medical pro. Going by the crematoria capacity vs. normal run rates 25k dead two weeks ago is entirely reasonable, That would bring you to 60-70k dead by now. The number of symptomatic patients is a total mystery. We can use epidemiological modelling to make a rough estimate, as the facts we know indicate a very easy spread of the virus via aerosol, touch to eyes or mouth, unsymptomatic carriers, surfaces, and recovered patients continue being infectious, the R0 can not be anything like the order of magnitude of 2.6 calculated from the official data. The R0 has to be above 4. And the two months of spread before the quarantine two weeks ago when the virus was unrestricted, could have actually produced exposure for well over a million people. The less bad interpretation would be that most people exposed never develop a serious condition and The classification method is very much obfuscating the epidemiological issues. In addition to not knowing the number of deaths, we don't have an exposure statistic, and no released statistical sampling to indicate virulence and only crematoria data to gauge deaths, mortality rates. WHO is restricted to government feed. They might as well be a department of the PLA biowarfare division. The output from the confirmed case statistics out of the hospitals, a small subset of infections and deaths, shows a deaths to recoveries ratio of 23%. Which we can at least take as the top possible value for its mortality. Not reassuring, but should improve as treatments continue optimization and Wuhan patients are now starting to get actual treatment rather than get stuffed into cross infection farms. I would suggest that you drop the idea that real numbers are coming out of China. Even their own folks don't know them. The hierarchy has been suppressing information and misclassifying deaths and diagnoses to paint a prettier picture to the higher ups. The CCP system is ossified and non functional outside of suppression technology to restrain public discourse and information.
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    That's exactly what's happening: over-leveraged shale drillers are lemmings on the run to drown in their own sea of oil. The regulatory agencies are actually making this worse by allowing unchecked venting and flaring--not to mention giving the "industry", uh, casino, a black eye. Venting is supposed to be only for <24 hours and flaring for <10 days. It's going on for months in some instances--by those who can't afford to reserve space in a pipeline. That merely postpones inevitable bankruptcies. Sure, it removes some gas from the "system," but it also encourages ever-more-determined drilling by those companies, so more gas is produced . . . and vented and flared. And the beat goes on. Soon, this will come to its logical conclusion.
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    What part of supply and demand does the Shale Industry not understand? They will literally drill themselves out of a job. This sector is very fishy and almost could become a conspiracy theory. Doesn’t make sense at all it literally suicide by fracking.
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    ^ China is in real trouble. Their only level 4 lab is basically the epicenter of their viral outbreak, not the wet market. They need help from the global community, but they're too mortified, guilty, and proud to ask for it. The CDC and WHO are going in anyway. From their injection of 1.2T in liquidity, their basic economic system is at risk of failing. The tariffs had demolished them already. Now this virus, which nobody believes was a fluke of nature. Grocery shelves are empty. Most inbound flights and outbound flights not having to do with emergency evacuation have been cancelled. Only God truly knows the extent of infectivity and mortality----but it is almost certainly some magnitude of what we've been told. Before long, humanitarian aid to prevent mass starvation and death by pestilence will be necessary. Oil demand is down not only in China but all over. Despite the fact that petroleum products have been about 50% responsible for the tremendous increase in the standard of living and life expectancy growth during the last century, people are eager to jump on the climate change bandwagon--you see some of them on these pages; some of the authors of papers on this website get paid for hysteria-inciting and only partly accurate word-mastering. Still, no mind: these climate change fanatics/opportunists are winning the propaganda war. But one day--ONE DAY!--after lots of producers have fallen to the wayside and rebalancing has occurred, there will be a supply crunch. Then a spike in prices. And the people who are bellyaching now about how we've ruined their planet will begin screaming that the oil producers are gouging them at the pump, and elsewhere; my god, they'll be desperate for oil. This has basically been the history of oil . . . only now the shrieks are louder and the planet is, no doubt about it, going through some fairly obvious changes. I am stubborn enough to believe that the mere enactment of the IMO-2020 may result in reversal of many climate changes--that is the biggest ecological step in our lifetimes, not the creation of windmills, solar panels, or electric cars. But there's not much ink used in writing about the IMO-2020; better to take shots at all the other stuff.
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    Utter Claptrap Clickbait BS. Have you heard of The Flu? Every year 300,000 to 600,000 DIE, dead, tits-up from the flu. About 60,000 - 80,000 people died in the U.S. last year from the Flu. A billion people at least get the flu each year. Yet people keep flying. It's hilarious to me how much people freak out when one of these novel viruses comes out. The Ebola scare was the best. SARS was fun as well. The U.S. media acts like the world is coming to an end because a few hundred or thousand people catch a novel virus and a few (dozen?) die. People buy duct tape and plastic.... Yet Every Single year 60,000-80,000 Americans die all around you from the Flu and nobody gives it a second thought. Your neighbors go in the front door of the hospital upright, come out of the basement in a black body bag at the rate of 450 people every day (450 because the flu is a Winter Sport... it happens over about 6 months). The word NOVEL is the key. It's new, so freak out! Oil prices will collapse, world travel will stop, people will stop going to work, sure.... Why? Because it's not the old way 600,000 people per year die from a virus... It's a NOVEL Way that a few hundred or even a few thousand people will die. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!!! P.S. I look at the Flu Vaccine every year (and I get one). They are anywhere from 10-20% effective. If your car was 10-20% effective you would sue the car maker and there would be federal hearings. But, somehow the flu vaccine industry can make garbage and get free advertising scaring everyone into getting a shot, that doesn't work. I get one because my doctor gives it to me for free, but they are basically a placebo. Good Luck... hope you survive this CoronaVirus Scourge! If a Coronavirus became a worldwide "plague" and killed 100,000 people a year it would still only be 1/6th as bad as the flu. If it went crazy and killed 2 million people a year by year 3 it wouldn't even make the news anymore. People would just get used to it. "They" all die of something and "I" will never die. Human nature. Governments are happy to let people be afraid of nothing (like ebola) in order to scare up a hundred billion in spending, but something that's actually endemic like Flu is considered "under control" because everyone get's a placebo shot that makes them feel like it can't affect them. If coronavirus gets truly bad the "scare tactics" will be replaced with "nothing to worry about" tactics and a fairly useless shot to make you feel immune.
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    Many things indicate that oil prices should increase in 2020: Many of the points listed below were already trending this direction through Q4 2019 which, in my opinion, is why WTI went back over $60. Rig count is down to 790 from 1050 a year ago. Frac spreads are down to 310 from 450 a year ago. Crude oil inventories are down from 1.09 B to 1.07 B. Completions decreased each month September through December 2019. US DUC Inventory is down from ~8000 to ~7500. OPEC still has production cut (so they say). Year over year growth rate for US production has decreased from 19% to 7%, Nov. 2018 to Nov. 2019 (December through today is just estimates) WTI is ~$50 when a year ago it was ~$52 and on the rise. So why is oil at $50? Everything I read says coronavirus because it has decreased global crude oil demand by 1 MBOPD. So that means crude oil demand is ~81 MBOPD rather than ~82 MBOPD (not including other petroleum liquids here). Really? A little over 1% decrease in demand causes oil price to drop 20%? So this means that WTI should rebound to $60 when this virus clears up given all the other factors listed above, right? So then why are WTI futures through 2020 all around $50? Here are the only conclusions that I can come to: Traders think that China is downplaying the coronavirus and it is actually a much bigger deal that will keep demand suppressed through 2020. Traders (and oil companies) are worried that one of these presidential candidates promising an oil export ban will win and keep their promise thus causing WTI to tank due to US oversupply. Am I missing something here? These two things outweigh everything else? How much of the suppression is due to the first bullet point vs. the second? I think it's 80% because of the second. The risk of an oil export ban killing WTI outweighs any gains that can be made from going long, even after coronavirus clears up. I also think it will force US operators to coast this year as opposed to investing hundreds of millions in a product that could be worthless based on who wins the election. On the other hand, this could lead to an price spike in November if Trump wins. Thoughts? Disclaimer: I have no skin in oil trading.
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    Don't know how many of you caught This article about a Harvard professor caught taking money from the Chinese (and likely passing them info).
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    Good guys cannot stick together when they do not know what hard times are. We are due for hard times to reteach everyone lessons of why low/no TARIFFS were based on countries you agreed with and not blatant GREED ala WTO debacle where all the dictators of the world were let in. You cannot have an open society when all of your resources are being taken by thieves backed by slaves. PS: There never has been a "rules based order". That is one of those giant ass lies told by Europeans to make themselves feel better about being conquered during WWII after they ruled the world for several hundred years. True, it was a benign conquering, but a conquering non the less. PPS: There never has been a "United" nations. It was a tool of the USA to fight the cold war. Cold war ended 30 years ago, but dictators around the world were given an ever bigger role in the UN... talk about stupid. Same reason tariffs exist, so do governing bodies who EXCLUDE others and keep the power unto themselves instead of giving to dictators. Give power to countries joining your side, not undermining you. Beyond stupid.
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    I was there during Tiananmen. Got out just 2 days before "tank boy" made news around the world, and then they completely shut down the media, foreign and domestic. I had work friends that had kids in the square. We had somber reunions-of-sorts when I got back in country a few months later. Parents of students in the square told me they just wished the youngsters would take it easier and more slowly, and then SNAP(!) there were tanks blocking all the side roads along the route to the airport and few days later those same tanks literally drove over people by the 100's if not 1,000's all around Beijing. Similar actions were carried out by the CCP at a number of cities throughout China. Warning to all casual observers: Do not underestimate the CCP. They can shut the place down, in all respects. I still wonder if it will ever come to that and they go back to being a closed country. I have serious doubts the citizenry can do any real damage to the CCP. Many good comments have been made on here that Westerners want good things for the Chinese people; not for the CCP. I would strongly agree with those statements. However, by the same token one must understand that virtually no one understands to what lengths the CCP will go to squash any "movement". I don't care how many years you or someone you know has lived/worked in China or how many Chinese "people" you or they know; you still don't know what lengths the CCP will go to with repression. Rant over.
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    In my opinion, keep in mind that I am a drilling guy and not a medical professional, the Chinese medical community is essentially doing the best they can with the available facilities, medical supplies, understanding of the situation and their level of training in handling the situation which they find theirselves in. I applaud the Chinese people and medical personnel for their dedication and efforts. That said, I do not believe that the Chinese government has been transparent and forthcoming with relevant information and data concerning this disaster and that in an effort to save face they hesitated to allow outside expertise into China to assist...even though they knew potential carriers had travelled abroad and that it was no longer simply a Chinese problem. This is inexcusable.
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    Understand thoroughly that our founding fathers were exactly this brave. Patrick Henry didn't just say "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" His life was forfeit once the British caught him. They'd hang "traitors" on the spot once caught. Not that different when you think about it. Unfortunately for China to be truly great, they'll need the experience of freeing themselves. America has bad luck "freeing" others because they just don't appreciate it. Nothing makes you appreciate freedom like risking your life to achieve it!
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    Thanks. That's a great overview. Might emphasize the fact that since this virus is a single-stranded RNA virus, that makes it even more likely to jump lines, because he's right, the replication enzyme is less particular about stoichiometry. Hopefully a vaccine directed against one of the glycoprotein spikes will work for all coronaviruses. These things are just flat scary, and seem to be getting more aggressive. I responded to another thread about coal-fired utility plants. The USA has 15 remaining. China has 3,363. They were in the process of adding 1,771 more when this virus hit. If my armchair hypothesis about this Covid-19 being a virus that hits smokers and the lungs of those working in high industrial pollution areas--a Damaged Lung Viral Syndrome--then they could go a long way by sharply decreasing their pollution. And no better way than switching from coal to LNG. Makes no sense to be using coal-fired utility plants (with high sulfur content) on the one hand and charging EV's with the electricity on the other. I'm sure that will dawn on them without my exquisite insight.
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    ^ Astounding numbers! This thing seems to be fatal through attacking alveolar cells--those lining the air pockets of the lungs. That means smokers are more apt to die from it. But that's a massive part of the Chinese population. No matter how it originated, this is a rogue virus producing a zoonosis of great magnitude. Lots of people are working on a vaccine right now but it's likely springtime that's going to eventually put a halt to this. From everything out there, it would appear that the virus is capable of riding air currents into the lungs. It seems to have an unusual life span on doorknobs and railings. Springtime is nature's best antiviral: sunshine and humidity. Obviously, these can't be counted on to squash the epidemic caused by this bad boy, but it's something to look forward to. This is putting the world economy at risk, not just oil and gas. God only knows how many have died from this virus, but it must be an extraordinary number to cause such a gargantuan quarantine. For those posting that "even the west Africans could stop Ebola," this is not Ebola, which has an R Naught (reproduction quotient) of only 2 or 3. Ebola isn't spread through the air. This appears to be something much more infectious than Ebola. I'm sure that the Chinese health ministry, WHO, CDC, and all health organizations are making a guess why this hit China so hard. Since it appears to strike the alveolar cells, thereby killing smokers and probably others with lung diseases, I wonder if pollution-induced lung damage might be a way in. After all, common sense tells you that many more people "took it back home" than the "Extra-China" numbers suggest, and yet, thankfully, there has been no widespread epidemic outside China. That we are witnessing is a human tragedy that is unparalleled in our time. Like other huge contagions, this one will pass, but at an extraordinary cost.
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    It is indeed a possibility. Considering the manifestation in the US being something like yours, it may very well be, but the current flu season is indeed a tough one with a high complication and mortality rate. The disease is not R0 2.6 but something north of 4, highly communicable. It is transmitted on surfaces for over a week, by aerosol, by touch to mouth or eyes, and by asymptomatic carriers And most cases are not that hard, so people don't go to hospitals, and as I commented on the thread before, we don't have a general random sample test to see the prevalence of antibodies or the virus among the general population. The start of the infection could have been as early as November. If you notice in the international statistics, the disease is not a killer if you have ready access to quality medical care. 3 of 595 cases outside China were fatal. Reported fatalities outside Hubei are very low, presumably because hospitals are not overwhelmed and - unlike Wuhan - did not place the patients in cross contamination conditions. It is particularly a failure at all levels of the CCP and healthcare officials as well as frontline medical pros who followed administrative directions focused on payments and hospital resources instead of obvious quarantine and treatment protocols.
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    “So automatically everything Israeli related becomespersonal for Trump.“ This is nonsense! My wife is Malaysian Chinese, hardly anything to do with the politics in Malaysia even holds my interest. You are making the leap of logic that just because a member of you family is associated with some organization or clique, you are somehow a member as well. If your brother was a serial axe murderer, does this imply that you also have criminal tendencies?
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    Perhaps. The so-called "renewables"propagandists are just beating the living crap out of us. They talk about CO2 emissions and methane gas venting and flaring. Our response is to . . . vent and flare. In short, the electric car people never talk about how much petroleum is used in manufacturing their product, or blood cobalt, or even the SOX that is spewed out of the Nickel smelter ovens. They act like plastic wind turbine blades will never go bad, and that solar has no issues. Our response to all that is to . . . vent and flare more methane gas. Look, almost everyone on this board knows that the oil market is tighter than it seems. The price of oil has always traded on sheer emotion--at least until a real shortage hits. We're down to oil discoveries that come with vast amounts of natural gas--even in Guyana; it's too early to tell in Africa. In order to get to the oil, we have to deal with such massive volumes of natural gas that everyone is just barely hanging on. In my view, the oil and gas sector has been hammered enough. I'm starting to take it personally. I thoroughly believe that we should all declare a one-month moratorium on production, rebalance, see how much sunshine and wind those folks can feed into the petrochemical plants to manufacture the things the world depends on. Sorry to get on my high-horse. But you asked. The answer is that everyone in the entire world is bent on destroying the very industry that took mankind out of the caves and put some starch in our shirts. But we haven't done anything to counter it. Moratorium. Agree. Whatever loss there is will be--very likely--temporary. President Xi is going to have to put the pedal to the metal of his OneRoad/OneBelt Initiative is toast. He is under the gun--by his own people and the world. He does not want to fall to the wayside. He is no dummy, so I suspect he's going to play nice with the US. Whatever the guts of that virus, our CDC damn well knows as much as the communists do at this point, so there is that.
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    1) Where? Quote it. You can't, because your claims go to far to be true. The claim of annual has been made, and when you questioned it, supported. But deliberate AND annually? Nope, nowhere in the thread unless I absolutely missed it. 2) The WHO hasn't had credibility in a while - they lost credibility in the eyes of the informed public years ago, well preceeding this incident. And for all the reasons I cited before, this looks extremely suspicious as well... making their reporting questionable at best. Trust, but verify - and their statements (as well as the official Chinese narative) don't fit the evidence that we can see. And here's where you go to far - prove that my purpose is to smear. You can't, because not only is it nearly impossible to prove intention, it's impossible to prove intention that isn't there! 3) I Can't find anything from the Pasteur Foundation claiming it's a natrual disease - all I can find is 'We don't know where it came from yet'. Would you like to provide a link to prove your point instead of sending people on a wild goose chase? Dr. Francis Boyle (The AUTHOR of the Biolotical Weapons Act) claims this is a biological Weapon. Link: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-04-dr-francis-boyle-confirms-coronavirus-an-offensive-biological-warfare-weapon.html https://www.zerohedge.com/health/creator-bioweapons-act-says-coronavirus-biological-warfare-weapon Quote: Virus was stolen from Canada and weaponized: https://greatgameindia.com/coronavirus-bioweapon/ Indian Authorities are investigating: https://www.zerohedge.com/health/india-probe-wuhan-institute-virology https://greatgameindia.com/coronavirus-india-to-investigate-wuhan-institute-of-virology/ Canada launched an investigation: https://greatgameindia.com/canada-investigates-chinas-biological-espionage/ And one of their key scientists (Frank Plummer) on the investegation died under mysterious conditions out of the country after the investigation was announced: https://greatgameindia.com/frank-plummer-canadian-lab-scientist-key-to-coronavirus-investigation-assassinated/ In 2003 a Chinese General stated the need for China to produce Bioweapons and that was a driver for the Level 4 lab at Wuhan: https://greatgameindia.com/coronavirus-chinas-secret-plan-to-weaponize-viruses/ This and other information was posted by Natural News, Zero Hedge, Great Game India, and a few other sites. All of these sites have been subject to cyber attacks after publishing this information. (Adding credence to the fact that it's true and someone doesn't want the news out). Tom Cotton - US Senator from Arkansas: https://twitter.com/SenTomCotton/status/1222962874932453377 The US is also now investigating possible lab-created origins: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/white-house-asks-scientists-investigate-origins-coronavirus/story?id=68807304 So yes - while only a few sites are REPORTING this, numerous SOURCES are indicating it's lab made. (See, that's how evidence is provided. Links to exact claim.) 4) Again, you're implying intent. You can't prove intent, especially if you're wrong! So again - you're the only one 'smearing others' as you put it. And that's no proof of anything. There are many different kinds of filling that could be used, openly admitting he didn't know what 'current practices' were only shows he's being forthcoming about his knowledge on one specific subject. A far cry from 'zero about China'. Further, it's incredibly ignorant to take one person's comment and extract to all of 'Westerners'.
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    Shale is running out of external capital. These shale oil comes popped up about ten years ago lush with investors cash, lots of lies and lots of false promises which have proven to be commonly unsubstantiated. Now their bonds are collapsing. Shale gas is even in a worse position, thanks to shale oil which has destroyed the dry gas market. The entire Appalachian is on its way to full fledged bankruptcy. Can you find me any shale companies that have delivered shareholder value? When a company like Halliburton abandons half of their fracking equipment in the United States, you know there are real problems - the shale boom is NOT coming back. Once the narrative shifts to the truthful reality, then we can have a bull market in oil. A storied company like Exxon Mobil is now heavily investing in Permian shale which is why their stock price is dropping. The majors don't get it. Shale is quicksand. Lots of false promises of greatness but it hasn't proven to be that great, unless you enjoyed the cheap prices that decimated investors have paid for..... Stay away from the US shale business unless you want to lose all your money.
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    I said a hundred years from now, and that gasoline or diesel can be made from coal or natural gas also. There are many technological options and resources that can be used interchangeably. Natural gas is my favorite, it can come from biogas, methane hydrates, coal processing etc. There is enough to last several hundred years if you include all the options. I assume that renewables can make an increasing dent in the basic need for fossil fuel and I am for that as long as the price to the consumer is comparable or just a little more. Right now Europe is paying two to three times as much for fuel as America does. Only Denmark has lower pollution than America, and it is a tiny country with high energy prices. We are the best by replacing coal with natural gas. Opposing natural gas because one wants cleaner air is a really stupid idea IMHO.
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    It would only be a racist remark if it was inaccurate. Are you saying that Obama was neither black or Muslim? I guess you did not read his book and haven’t seen a picture of the guy. Political correctness has no place in a reasonable debate.
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    Let’s not forget also that the US was the first country to recognize the State of Israel....which confers some rights and responsibilities upon the US. The Golan Heights were the ‘spoils of war’. They were attacked and emerged victorious. If the muppets hadn’t continually shelled Israel from the Golan Heights, there may have been room for negotiation. Ain’t going to happen now - get over it. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was approved by the US Congress in the ‘50’s. Trump was simply following the mandate from Congress. The fact that previous President’s did not act on this mandate is immaterial. Any country was allowed to reject the nuclear agreement with Iran at any time - it was not a treaty. Some European countries were actually making money from Iran and would never have pushed for verification of the terms of the agreement. Of course, they were not the Great Satan who had to actually worry about nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, so I guess that was okay (allies my fat ass...again). Obviously history does not enter into your rant.
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    Thanks for asking. The article points out many valid arguments and realities, including the reality of WHO(?). Who does WHO get their information from? Do they have boots on the ground to the extent of confirming each death and the accurate diagnosis of the deceased? I don't think so. How many WHO's are currently in China, and more specifically in and around Wuhan? I did a search to find out and the best article I could find was this one from 6 days ago: American experts to join WHO delegation in China to study coronavirus Although telling that the U.S. and Britain are sending delegations to join a planned WHO delegation, against the wishes and with protest from both China and the WHO, that is not the most important detail. That important detail, which it turns out is missing, is that nowhere in any article I could find or even the February 8th (latest) WHO Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Situation Report - 19, is it mentioned how many people WHO already had or have on the ground in or around Wuhan, leading me to believe the number is small to zero. If someone has other information, please share it. The end of the article you linked showed Taiwan's true intentions of publishing such information when they stated that China has to be stopped, even by drastic (militaristic, financial?) means if necessary. Okay, no surprises there. Finally, I'll share the gist of a conversation I had with my wife today. Ultimately, where are any of us getting our information/statistics from? The answer can include a few foreigners who are there and some number of Chinese citizens that have found their way around the Great Firewall of China to get their individual experiences out. Most of this information would seemingly still only lead to serious underreporting, since most if not all of these individuals are also restricted in movement and communications, and they certainly would not be able to count the bodies and confirm the diagnoses in every corner of the city and its surroundings. That leaves us with the WHO, who reportedly is getting their information from Beijing, NOT Wuhan. At every chance the WHO touts that they are in direct contact with President Xi, who is not in Wuhan; he is in Beijing (normally). What medical authority in Wuhan would report to ANYONE except Beijing after what happened to their unfortunate colleague, Dr. Li? People in Wuhan don't know the full extent of what's the reality or the true tallies/totals. There have been a few videos like the following, which does nothing to instill confidence in the information coming out: Funeral Van outside of Wuhan Hospital piling up with body bags | NTDTV So, my take on the article out of Taiwan is that it is probably stating some good data estimations, and certainly many realities as they exist within China. As I said in my previous comment, that city is on lockdown, and Beijing holds the keys to the media, social media, the medical authorities, the police, the military, and most certainly the citizens. If the people in Wuhan don't know what's going on, how can any one of us truly state that we know what's going on? I'd argue that one should take care to lead our comments with "what I've read" or "what I've seen reported" rather than stating such information as fact.
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    Globalism as in the GATT and Bretton Woods financial and monetary institutions, were a mercantile cost to Americans. The US market and its no tariff access to the new NATO allies was a bribe to the old empires to not fight each other and dismantle their imperial holdings, and join the US in fighting the Soviets. At no point were American economic interests a consideration at the setup of these arrangements. Indeed, Triffin's dilemma was formulated to warn against the inevitable economic cost of the dollar reserve system (namely a hollowing out of industry due to the need to provide reserve assets to the trading system). It didn't become a "real" benefit till the US went off the gold standard and was thus in breach of the Aramco lease terms, that the new arrangement was made with Saudi for oil payments and the import binge really got started. Greenspan formulated a US provided synthetic gold bond made up of a gold future and a treasury to supply Saudi with the gold they wanted. The EU and US financial systems issuing the futures were on the hook to provide the gold. Interest rates were driven up till the gold price reversed trend downwards as Larry Summers suggested in his paper on Gibson's Paradox. Though the US got the benefit of having oil imports paid by domestic currency, it was still suffering from Triffin's dilemma as demand for US treasuries etc. for repo assets in the Eurodolar and dollar reserve system brought an ever increasing trade deficit that was hollowing out US industries. The perpetual inflators of the 1960s and 1970s, at over 20% money supply growth were Japan Korea Italy Spain Portugal etc. and some really spectacular ones in S America. This got really bad in the 1980s till major threats of pulling the US out of the trade arrangement were made by Reagan, and Leitheizer negotiated the Plaza Accords. After which no major economy printed up money at that sort of growth rate till China came along. US trade deficits again blew up and US industry resumed its hollowing out. The benefit of paying for oil in the domestic currency was outweighed by the hollowing out effect of Triffin's dilemma. The Fed, in trying to maintain the dollar's position raised rates to control inflation (and the gold price) despite knowing full well that it was China's doing (China was buying both oil and gold in large quantities off the futures markets as well as other commodities) and US interest rates had nothing to do with it and could not affect it directly. What it could do was blowing up the exchange system and the Eurodollar banks after bringing domestic bank dependent US business to a screeching halt (corporate and mortgage finance relied on the international bond market - not US banks). Combined with the imposition of Basel III rules, they got just the kind of crisis that stopped inflation. But it didn't stop China. What Lightheiser is trying to do is both retain a dollar settlement system and US involvement in protecting global trade, and sterilize the problem of Triffin's dilemma by slanting the tables distinctly to the US' mercantile interest's favor. It is not about a level playing field. It is about the US benefiting from each bilateral relationship with content rules and quotas slanted in its favor. Trump's alternative proposal for his trade deals is to pull out and leave the world to fight it out over trade routes and oil supplies and let the chips fall where they may, and god help you if you can't feed yourself or need foreign markets to export to because your domestic consumption is dead. The US only cares for the former British empire and the growth markets of SE Asia and India. Everyone else has to pay to keep the US involved - and that means also that the US - on top of having a slanted playing field in its favor, - keeps control of Gulf oil and the global dollar reserve and clearing system. The US is not there to protect Saudi or Iraq etc. but to control the oil. The old agreements about the US protecting the oil producer countries in return for an oil backed dollar are over. If the oil flow stops for some reason, then the US is there with its alliance to take control of the oil fields directly. As an alternative, the US is proposing via Judy Shelton, a gold reserve system with a US consortium controlled central bank, and no possibility of nations devaluing. For some odd reason, apparently this seems to be attractive to China. 'Lookup Peter Zeihan's books and presentations on the subject. China's idea that establishing the Yuan as a global reserve currency will rain on it with food copper and oil, ignores the downside of Triffin's dilemma - that it must therefore bring a hollowing out of industry and take the incomes of the middle class down with it.
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    Yes China is a dictatorship, but also 18% of global population. Together with Russia and Central Asia countries they form specific area of economic and military community, under the dictate of China and Russia. It is 30 million square kilometers, 55% of Eurasia, how we can just ignore them ? A lot of „scholars” in the field of economy, like Gordon Chang or Michael Pettis made their job predicting near collapse of Chinese dictatorship led by CCP. They are succesfully writing bestsellers on the subject for 30 years. And just like each broken clock is right twice each 24h, they would probably watch at least 1 recession or depression in China during their lifetimes. Maybe even this year if epidemic would be difficult to contain. But long term I think that current Chinese economic model is flexible enough to survive. Try to observe how Chinese society is changing, very rapidly towards democratization. It is very different from Soviet Union or any other autarcic and isolated past dictatorships. 160 million Chinese left their country in 2018, the largest spenders in tourism industry. And they returned After vacations. People to people contacts US-China and EU-China are massive and I think they are the best defence against CCP or US going rogue during hegemonic conflict. China is still a poor, developing country, nobody would notice it, if it have not been populated by 1.4 billion people. I do not think China is ready or willing for any leadership like US at the moment. It is US that is pressing EU and China to co-operate more closely, cause US is most of all hegemon, 100% concentrated on early containment of Chinese development before it is too strong. Chinese major fault is , it has 4 times US population. You may have not noticed but during last 2-3 years US weaponized all aspects of its earlier benevolent global position: like US dollar reserve currency status together with SWIFT, its technology supremacy in some high-tech areas like IC, its top position at IMF and World Bank. Unfortunately EU and China have to hedge together against this behaviour, even that EU is nominally an ally, but more vassal organization under US military rule. US domination After WW2 was mainly caused by destruction of Europe, China and the rest of Eurasia during a series of devastating wars in 1870-1950 period. As I said people to people contacts are the only guarantee that relative demise of US would not cause WW3. And nuclear weapons, it is really good that we have MAD, cause only this makes US equal in vulnerability caused by war and acts as a deterrent for this country. For all other Eurasian countries conventional arms are deterrent in itself cause future wars would be fought on their territories.
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    I just want to thank you all for such an excellent discussion. This is why I'm attracted to this site. @Otis11 @KeyboardWarrior Thanks for the civil and intellectual discussion.
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    It is far beyond just not being trusted and the lack of open discussion being possible, it is not as if one can criticize in Europe nor even quote facts without risk of prosecution. The pretense of freedom and open discussion in the EU is long gone. They can't actually use EU based economic and geopolitical advisers because the Administrative Class that makes up the transeuropean governance layer in both governments and corporations and is the core of the EC staff, is capable of getting you fired from any publication or financial organizations or will just arrest you for criticizing the EU. The EU governments and the central EC organization are far more comfortable dealing with China. They understand and accept what the CCP is doing. They are trying to do that in their own countries and Europe as a whole too. The actual problem is that Europe can not function through the Euro. While it is used in wages, retail transactions and government payments, upstream from wholesale distribution and production, not to speak of imports and exports, the Euro is not used, but the dollar is in much of the clearing, particularly interstate but often even internally. The transition to Euro came to an abrupt halt after the Cyprus and Iceland bank crises when they suspended deposit insurance costing large depositors upwards of 30% of their cash and did not recapitalize banks sufficiently, then drained their balance sheets through NIRP. The Eurodollar system has stronger offshore subsidiaries than the parent banks and operating through the UK are "bankruptcy remote" such that the subsidiaries can neither take down the parent nor the parent take down the subsidiary. Surely if the Euro couldn't even monopolize Europe, how is China's on again off again "open" capital markets and total disregard of trade agreements and having no legal infrastructure independent of CCP expediency, going to obtain the trust of the world's governments and commercial organizations? Its campaign of bribery and bullying through the international organizations and within countries puts the old Chase Bank and Standard Oil shenanigans of the early 20th century seem outright saintly. Again the conceit of the CCP that because they reached economic statistical goals that put their physical economy as greater in size than any other, earned them any position in the global financial system, not to speak of any degree of trust, is surprising. They appear to believe their own dialectic "reasoning" that bullying is friendship, and theft is commerce, and many multiples of the economy in debt and no external assets to speak of are not weaknesses. It is the same kind of expectation the detached CCP leadership had when they tried to open their capital markets for foreign capital, just to discover their own people and capital rushing out of the country in a torrent. Just imagine, say, Marks and Spencer in London preparing for a great reopening of their newly refurbished store, and happily open the doors to the small crowd in front just to find the staff and vendors carrying their merchandise rushing out of the store. The US was defacto the go to financial system post WWI with the collapse of the English gold standard and German hyperinflation. Since 1925, trade settlement transitioned to the US, as had much of the credit system. Switzerland was too small to handle it all. Even after its own default on internal gold liabilities, the US remained open to the rest of the world. It was the defacto reserve and clearing system and legal international contracting jurisdiction long before WWII and Bretton Woods system of dollar reserves clearing and GATT trading system. .Meaning that it was tested for 20 years by both governments and capital and commerce BEFORE it got to be the official hegemon. And it happened AFTER it was the sole remaining superpower with a real army and navy. China looks like perhaps the US after reconstruction and the fast growth that followed. It set the US to POTENTIALLY become a superpower. It didn't make it into one. China is orders of magnitude looser in credit and far beyond just malinvestment. It is a sinkhole of capital that has got its entrepreneurs and their capital to flee the country if they were small enough to go undetected. The scale of their "Errors and Omissions" in the BOP reports is greater than any of the other components but for the official trade surplus. It is capital flight, and it was $650 Billion last year alone. In contrast, by the time the US joined WWII, it was sitting on 80% of the world's monetary gold. Its bubble leverage from the capital flight into it during the 1920s had been whittled away and it had assets in every country but the Soviet Union. China had no place to expect a position at the head of the table. Having failed to be a partner in anything to the other members of the system, it should not expect to even have a seat left there, not to speak of leading it. It may work that way in the politburo, but not anywhere else. . .
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    Best I know, they're still not calling this a pandemic, but rather an epidemic in China and clusters everywhere else . . . but that's moot. WRS, I get what you're saying but I think you need to take a look at some of those drone videos over Wuhan and Shanghai. There are no people on the streets. No cars. No public transportation. They have literally taken 50 million people off the grid, quarantining them at home. I read that something like 50,000 flights into and out of China have been cancelled. So far. This would be the equivalent of taking one/sixth of the US population out of the workforce, all at one time. This is, quite simply, a Black Swan event: up to ~30,000 cases of very sick people with an R Naught (reproduction rate) of 2.2 and growing (polio had an R Naught of 4). Something like 25% of infected people get very, very sick--dying sick. They've thrown up hospitals in no time. Still, they have inadequate space. We would too, here in the US, if, God forbid, we had something of this nature hit our population. We'd have them in gymnasiums and warehouses; our hospitals in the winter run about 90% capacity; more in places. It didn't have to get this bad: they knew they had an outbreak and were simply too ashamed and mortified to a) ask our CDC and the WHO for help, b) admit that it escaped their Wuhan Level 4 Virus Biosafety Lab, and c) also admit that they'd been working with the virus (which would have saved a lot of time). Instead, they stalled and evaded, punished their doctors who tried to issue an early warning, and in the process allowed all those people to walk around, take public transport, touching things. Their unspeakable negligence turned a rogue viral outbreak into a full-blown epidemic that now, unwittingly, has become one of the greatest humanitarian threats since the Spanish Flu. They deserve global help (which basically translates into the United States--Russia isn't much when it comes to something like this and KSA is a total zero). And after this is contained, they need a good ass-kicking: 1) respectfully promise to clean up their act, 2) buy US oil and gas, 3) agree to 100% of the trade terms, 4) show friendship. Don't hold your breath: It'll be back to monkeying with some monkey virus. But for now, with this kind of existential threat, it's a wonder that oil prices have held up as well as they have.
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    Excerpt from the South China Morning Post newspaper article above: ... Beijing is now being criticised by the very same countries supposed to be praising China for promoting development via belt and road projects. Host governments are more carefully scrutinising belt and road projects and associated costs. Beijing has learned it cannot simply dictate the terms of engagement for bilateral relations or cross-border trade and investment. At gatherings of world leaders, President Xi Jinping has become accustomed to casting himself and China as natural heirs to the leadership of the global system. But is a country that regularly violates global norms, standards and laws really the right country to lead the world? ... ... Much of the rest of the world does not trust the Chinese government nor wants to be like it. Unfortunately for Xi, the international stage on which he wants China to play a central role already hosts actors steeped in scepticism, irony, irreverence, debate and the critical interplay of ideas – all of which are forbidden in Chinese public discourse. This hits at the heart of the Communist Party’s concern that liberalisation at home may create instability and jeopardise its rule. How can a ruling body afraid of its own shadow expect the world to be interested in emulating its governing style, or believe it is prepared to assume leadership in a world seeking to embrace debate, rather than make it illegal? ... ... Say what you will about the slippery slope the US government has been on since Donald Trump came to power, it has a rich history of promoting creative thought, running headfirst into particularly uncomfortable subjects, and encouraging robust debate internally and among its allies and partners. ...
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    "Fossil fuels" may cost more than they should if renewables are forced on the people in any given country. You can already see it in Europe and Canada. To a lesser extent in some states such as California and New York. New England is paying higher prices because of lack of pipelines for natural gas due to New York's policies.
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    I can see the RNC and Trump campaign ads highlighting a President Trump SOTU speech line followed by Nancy ripping up the speech.Trump: America is StrongNancy: RipTrump: Black employment is upNancy: RipTrump: Poverty is downNancy: Rip
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    Frankfurter has enthusiastically taken on the role of Forum Troll. The individual arguments Frunkfarter is making are not really relevant. We can reduce Frankfurter to a predictable stereotype based on their own comments: - in a forum about a Chinese outbreak, this became 'the vile United State's fault' - The Chinese Communist Party is excellent in all instances, free of all blame - Criticizing the Communist Party is 'bigotry'. 🤣 You are all wrong to criticize the CCP you bigots! All Frankfurters arguments will become circular and end up here.
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    Ripping up the speech is simply childish frustration...and viewers are aware of this. I believe that many voters, democrats or those ‘sitting on the fence’ have become incensed with the 3+ years of obstructionist, adolescent schemes and behavior from the democratic leadership, while the are not debating and passing legislation for the good of the country, and these voters will express their anger at the ballot box in November. Trump is a terrible orator, so what! It is not a requirement for the job. His job is to do the best that he can for the country...and that he has done well. The democratic leadership is ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ with these childish antics.
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    Bullet point summary below, more details of each item in the link. Pretty amazing how often oil is the key windfall that got totally wasted by grossly incompetent and / or grossly corrupt governments. Governments that wasted massive windfalls Windfalls that fueled spending sprees and scandals It's an all too common predicament – a government discovers massive reserves of oil or another natural resource, and proceeds to fritter away the money. Whether that’s through corruption or ill-judged government schemes, poor spending choices seem to go hand in hand with massive windfalls. Click or scroll through some cautionary tales of nations that wasted huge payouts from natural resources. All dollar values in US dollars unless otherwise stated. ⚫ Nauru's phosphate windfall: $1.2 billion ⚫ Zimbabwe's diamonds windfall: $2.2 billion ⚫ South Sudan's oil windfall: $4 billion ⚫ Chad's oil windfall: $13 billion ⚫ Equatorial Guinea's oil windfall: $45 billion ⚫ Trinidad and Tobago's oil windfall: $77 billion ⚫ Algeria's oil windfall: $99.2 billion ⚫ Azerbaijan's oil windfall: $100 billion ⚫ Canada's non-renewable resources windfall: $145 billion ⚫ Australia's mining boom windfall: $199 billion ⚫ The UK's oil windfall: $391.7 billion ⚫ Nigeria's oil windfall: $1 trillion ⚫ Venezuela's oil windfall: $1.3 trillion The textbook example of how not to spend bewildering sums of oil money, Venezuela has gone from relative riches to rags despite having the largest proven reserves of the commodity in the world. From 1999 to 2013, the country's far-left government pulled in revenues of $1.3 trillion on the back of its prized resource. This vast fortune was all but wasted. Grossly mismanaged, much of the cash disappeared due to corruption, while a significant proportion was funneled into ill-judged welfare programs. In spite of the eye-watering amount of money spent, poverty is rife in the country, which is in dire straits financially and socially. =================================== =================================== And so, Venezuela's Socialism and the inherent corruption which is part and parcel of Socialist governments wins the Darwin Award Prize for Wasted Massive Windfalls.
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    the above article should scare the crap out of everyone especially the comment Specifically, we estimate there to be around 20,000 cases of 2019-nCoV in mainland China on January 25 (at which time closer to 2000 were reported). We also estimate there were already hundreds of human cases of 2019-nCoV in Wuhan in early December.
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    Operative term, "away". If I'm collecting a check from Halliburton while I'm working at Baker Hughes, I'm a spy. China didn't want him in China, they wanted him right where he was, feeding them intel.
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    Yes Tom, that argument has been around for decades. But here is the rub. Renewable electricity sells for a lower price when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. So who makes very little profit to losing money? Yea FF. As time goes by the market and investors will figure out what’s cheaper at what percentage of saturation. This will be a bean counters decision. Backup for renewables will become is a secondary market. What’s cheaper. My guess is that coal and nuclear will get very little base load market. At this time nat gas seems to be the clear winner for backup. As suggested before this process of change will happen over decades. Btw, this is the market talking where the sun shines and the wind blows. Other places FF will continue to dominate. Especially overpopulated countries where business supersedes health.
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    Facist America ? Please spare me. U.S. asking their "Ally" to unite to confront the Chinese security threat is facist ? Europe is all for alliances as long as the U.S. foots the bill. As long as they can block U.S. products with tariffs, then have a tantrum when U.S. suggest reciprocal tariffs. As long as U.S. spends trillions to confront terrorist and keep a peace around the world and in the Mideast so they can keep their oil shipments flowing. As long as U.S. spends billions for Europe's defense ,then have no problem buying Putin's natural gas over U.S. natural gas. It wasn't just Trump's Pompeo telling Europe what the reality is, but also the Democratic Party delegation headed by Pelosi that was explaining the urgency. Pelosi spoke just as firmly as Pompeo regarding the Chinese threat. Who's the one jeopardizing the alliance to this extent for the first time since 1940 ? If you want the answer look on the mirror. Can the U.S. succeed without a unified U.S./Europe ? Don't know but it's the European countries that are signing up for China's Belt and Road and accepts their continued civil rights abuses. Those Faustian deals with China will come back to haunt the EU. China welcomes Europe's machinery, foodstuffs and vehicles . . . just until they can dominate that industry . . . then China will throw Europe out like yesterday's newspaper. China will dictate the terms to the EU once they get their class in them. U.S. has made it clear that China is the number 1 security threat to the free industrial countries of the world and asked their allies in Europe to help confront the threat. If Europe won't work with U.S. why should U.S. continue to support NATO or invest billions into Europe missile defenses. EU wants U.S. to protect them from Russia but stiff U.S. on a simple request to buy an alternative technology supplier. EU wants the best from both sides of the or U.S. and China. The time has come where they have to make a choice. Nothing will happen until after U.S. election. Trump has put Globalism on pause because it has excluded a large portion of the U.S. population. It leaves behind a sector of the U.S. Trump is the only one to confront China for what it is . Biden and Bloomberg will kowtow to China (and personally make millions and billions) The threat by Huawei is real. Make no mistake about it. The threat is in early stages. With 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things (IOT) just starting to get deployed there is little time to stop the Chinese dominance. Understand 5G is about much more than just smartphones, it is about everything that has a microprocessor . Chinese society is dominated by a controlling SURVEILLENCE government. Is that what Europe wants. Granted China can be vindictive to countries/companies that do not fall in line. Germany sells more cars in China than any other. It's a Hobson's Choice. If EU and U.S. put forth a United front against China it would be a win-win situation. The only way to confront China may be a United front. The alternative is each country go it alone. China will be very accommodating to Europe , until they don't need them. Again don't try to pin it on Trump's"America First". Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi was just as insistent as Pompeo with her speech.
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    I don't know if this has been posted yet but I found it fascinating how the rates of infection follow the time honored tradition of MAKING SH!T UP as we progress through the Coronavirus life cycle. https://www.epsilontheory.com/body-count/