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    Good points Rob but at 77 I can keep one or two of our three ICE vehicles running economically. Gasoline in the USA is already down to affordable prices even with high taxes. My highest mileage is on our minivan which is only 80,000 miles. We are not as socialist as Europe yet and have a better chance of reversing stupid policy ideas like the Netherlands is enforcing. Our 50 states have real powers also, so people can move to a more conservative state as desired. The future of all electric vehicles is still in play in every market. Large trucks, will continue to use fossil fuels as will most pickups, vans, and SUVs.
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    EV forecasts being cut back yet again, as reality bites. Again, it must be emphasised, that no-one has problem with EVs as such. The real problem occurs when activists make inflated, often ridiculous claims about future sales, while remaining completely unaware of the problems of such cars. Affordable electric cars ‘not viable’, car maker warns The Times, 23 January 2023 A mass market in affordable electric cars will not happen soon because of the difficulty of producing them on a commercially viable basis, one of the largest makers of zero-emission vehicles for British drivers has warned. Paul Philpott, UK chief executive of Kia, the fast-growing South Korean car company, said it had no immediate plans for a mass-market electric product. Some fear there is a prospect of a society of haves and have-nots in the electric car revolution because of the sheer cost of buying or financing a zero-emission vehicle. Philpott’s prediction also threatens to undermine the government’s ban on selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. With price inflation roaring ahead in the past couple of years, there are only a handful of electric cars available below £30,000, compared with the less than £20,000 that motorists would expect to pay for mass market or entry-level petrol cars. Even the smallest electric car, the zero-emission version of the Fiat 500, starts at about £30,000. This month the Advanced Propulsion Centre, the government’s automotive electrification agency, significantly cut electric car forecasts for 2025 because “buyers are expected to stick with cheaper options for longer”. While European and Asian manufacturers have been stepping up production of electric vehicles, they have been concentrating on more expensive models to make healthy profit margins on the cost of installing electrified systems. The battery pack is the costliest component of an electric car. The smaller the car, the larger the proportion the battery in its production cost.
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    Ahh Turb great post/thought process. I once stated "Never give a engineer a open checkbook" Trying to be be overly sarcastic here Egineering is a discipline,a unique set of skills sets. Discipline rules their world,effectiveoutcomes&predictability defines the profession. Just what went wrong with Green Energy??? Personal opinions perhaps?
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    I cannot dispute the growth of coal usage in Chiba and India. Have you ever been to a mine? Have you ever walked a coal pile and seen its runnoff? Have you ever been within an operating coal-fired powerhouse? Coal will NEVER be "clean", although it is somewhat "cleaner" than decades ago. IF you add Electrostatic precipitators/bag-houses, scrubbers, ammonia absorption catalysts, and deal with all the waste effluents those processes generate.
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    I must say the Toyota Hybrid is a great compromise - internal combustion engine but with very good fuel economy especially around towns. The estate is a fairly decent size family car (by European standards)
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    We have 2 Toyotas. One is a 2013 Hybrid (Auris / Corolla) Estate The other is a 2008 1.6 hatch. It was my dads. when he died I took it as our 2nd car / runabout. Do about 3-4000 miles a year in it. Both extremely reliable. Low insurance. The hatch is not that economical but most the time it does short journeys.
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    I agree with you that ICE vehicles will inevitably decline especially post 2030, however the world still needs oil. Wells are declining on their output volumes, nothing lasts forever, we need new investment in new finds to develop these as very little has been done since before Covid mainly due to banks being unwilling to invest in oil & gas for political reasons rather than ROI. If you think the world wont need oil & gas when there are zero ICE vehicles then you are crazy!
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    Again, not sure what you're hoping to prove with this. Tesla's share price has been sinking like a stone over the past year, for reasons that don't have much to do with the EV market. Tesla's are still priced at well above entry level cars. No mass adaption.
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    I go for the average extras usually, but my wife likes the fully loaded. The most expensive vehicle we ever purchased was our NV 3500 Nissan for $40,000 about six years ago. It is larger than a Grand Wagoneer and has 12 large leather seats. I could probably sell it for $70, 000 right now. It has all the luxury a value vehicle needs. 10 lowest price ICE vehicles starting with the most expensive which is equal to the Bolt pricewise. https://www.motortrend.com/features/top-10-cheapest-new-cars/?slide=1
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    If you are "running around for an entire day" it is not a commuter car. My commute plus a grocery stop is maybe 20km round trip. The vast majority of car trips are short. The taxi's around here (who do run around all day) are almost all Prius hybrids. Many new city buses are battery electric. https://www.edmonton.ca/projects_plans/transit/electric-buses
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    what a load of BS... car loans in the US ? longest 7 years now on to your total BS on batteries........(I hope you know the difference between lead-acid and lithium based batteries) EV's don't last 10 years (at least the batteries don't)??? is just utter BS the highlights of the following article How Does EV Battery Longevity Compare to ICE Vehicles? Both of the mandated warranty numbers (8 years, 100,000 miles) for EV batteries far exceed the average ICE vehicle drivetrain warranty of 5 years or 60,000 miles. The average lifetime mileage of an ICE vehicle is about 133,000 miles. While experts estimate the average EV battery will last around 200,000 miles, some manufacturers already promise much more than that. And the news gets better: Tesla has their sights set on a million-mile battery, and claims that they are not far from achieving this goal How Long Does an Electric Car Battery Last? Nov 8 Written By EV Connect As electric cars and other electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, many consumers hoping to make the switch want to know: How long does an EV battery last? While battery life span varies by manufacturer and age, in general you can expect new batteries to rival and often exceed the longevity of drivetrain components on internal combustion engine (ICE) Vehicles. EV Batteries: The Basics Electric cars are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are more energy dense than the lead-acid batteries found in internal combustion engines or rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries found in some hybrids. A lithium-ion battery’s high energy density means it produces more power for its size, making it ideal for an electric car. Because EVs are powered by the battery alone, they are far more simple and efficient than ICE vehicles. As lithium-ion batteries have decreased in cost by 97% over the last 30 years, experts believe that EVs will soon be as cheap to produce as ICE vehicles. How Do EV Batteries Degrade? EV batteries typically degrade due to temperature, cycles and time. Storage and operating temperatures have a huge impact on EV battery longevity; in general, warmer climates negatively affect the lifespan of an EV battery. As the battery goes through charge cycles — discharged while driving and charged back up while plugged in — it slowly loses maximum potential. However, simply not using or charging your EV battery does not mean it will last forever: Calendar degradation is the battery losing life over time. Unlike the lithium-ion batteries found in a phone or laptop, EV batteries utilize complex battery management systems (BMS) that regulate how the batteries are charged and discharged to prolong their life. That means your EV battery is most likely to experience temperature or calendar degradation. How Long Does an Electric Car Battery Last? So the question remains: How long can you expect your EV battery to last? Fortunately for consumers, the government mandates EV manufacturers to warranty batteries for 8 years or 100,000 miles, while California extends that warranty to 10 years or 150,000 miles. As EV battery packs become cheaper to manufacture, companies can create larger batteries with more energy potential, which in turn increases their mile-range. Additionally, the improved technology reduces the degradation of batteries, meaning that over time the maximum potential stays closer to the new battery. And because newer batteries already have greatly increased in mileage range, as they degrade they will still maintain a longer mileage range than batteries from just a few years ago. Finally, because lithium-ion batteries are made up of many individual cells, you rarely need to replace the entire battery as it degrades. Instead, you can save money by simply replacing dead cells. How Does EV Battery Longevity Compare to ICE Vehicles? Both of the mandated warranty numbers (8 years, 100,000 miles) for EV batteries far exceed the average ICE vehicle drivetrain warranty of 5 years or 60,000 miles. The average lifetime mileage of an ICE vehicle is about 133,000 miles. While experts estimate the average EV battery will last around 200,000 miles, some manufacturers already promise much more than that. And the news gets better: Tesla has their sights set on a million-mile battery, and claims that they are not far from achieving this goal. On average, EV batteries only degrade at a rate of 2.3% of maximum capacity per year, so with proper care you can reliably expect your EV battery to last as long or longer than ICE drivetrain components. How To Extend EV Battery Life While EV batteries are already durable, there are specific actions owners can take to further maximize battery lifespan. Follow EV Manufacturer Guidelines First, it is important to follow your EV’s specific guidelines for optimal battery performance, as well as keep your vehicle’s software up to date. Because each EV manufacturer utilizes different battery chemistries and cooling technologies, each will have its own set of optimal operating and charging instructions. Maintain Moderate Temperatures EVs with liquid-cooled batteries see better battery life retention because they maintain lower operating temperatures. In general, storing and operating your EV in moderate climates is an effective way to extend battery life. Even if you live in a warmer climate, parking your vehicle in a garage or well-shaded area helps, as a vehicle spends most of its life parked. Minimize Rapid Charging While occasionally utilizing direct current rapid charging (DCRC) to power your vehicle is okay, if you can minimize the frequency of this charging method, you are likely to see less battery degradation later in its life. Luckily, EV Connect offers a variety of charging stations to ensure a number of efficient solutions for your vehicle. And remember: Don’t be afraid to use your EV, as frequent use is not a major factor in battery degradation. An EV Battery’s Second Life One of the most exciting aspects of EV battery degradation for eco-conscious consumers is the fact that batteries can still serve a sustainable purpose after they leave your EV. Even as they lose efficiency to power a car (usually at 70% of their maximum charge potential), these powerful EV batteries retain enough life to pair with solar and can serve as secondary energy for your home. Some manufacturers even collect or buy back used batteries to sustainably power other projects, such as sports arenas. You can feel secure in knowing that the sustainability of your EV’s power continues long after it leaves your vehicle. EV batteries continue to decrease in cost, travel more miles on a charge and retain longer life spans. Experts already suggest that EV batteries will exceed the longevity of ICE components, and the technology improves every year. It’s all good news: Your EV battery will serve your needs for years to come, and it can even be sustainably recycled after its life from powering your vehicle. Interested in EV charging stations? Connect with us today.
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    I remember the 28% Rule from college, it's a nice theory but doesn't work in CA and probably many other places in the US and abroad. This "rule" would require everyone to earn (net) $100k+ to properly afford housing, and that's far from reality. EV's don't last 10 years (at least the batteries don't) and longest auto loan here is 5 years. I'm still driving a 2009 Toyota with 200k miles on it. Text Book rules make for great discussions but aren't practical for real life.
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    There are far, far, fewer natural gas stations than there are charging stations - they are essentially non-existent. You can't promote nat gas for vehicles without addressing their much worse refuelling problems than EV's.
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    Jay - as you've been told this is an indicator of precisely nothing beyond the generous subsidies for these EVs and hybrids. 2,000 Euros paid directly to the buyer. Nice! More seriously it is expected that about 7 per cent of so of cars on the road in Germany will be electric by the end of the decade and that does not even touch areas like freight and airline transport. Oil consumption is not shifting at all.
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    I have lived in central Illinois corn country for 36 years. Democrats have controlled the legislature that entire time. They have controlled Chicago that whole time. Governor Prizker is a very liberal Democrat also. My wife and I spent many hours working for Darren Bailey for governor. He is a devout Christian farmer from near Vandalia further south than where I live. He and his wife oversee two Christian schools. We also supported many other conservative candidates. Two of our judges won, that is it. One won a State Appeals Court position, that was a good win as was another judge or two locally. We are now facing attempts by Pritzker and the legislature to relax laws and eliminate bail statewide. Also to take away ARs and pistols with mags over 10 rounds. If you have more than two such mags you would be a 2nd degree felon. Our political work is the reason I have not had much time for Oil Price. Fortunately we have a wonderful American Constitution to protect our rights. Unfortunately most Democrats want to ignore the fact that it IS the LAW of the Land. We have some great leaders of Second Amendment, and other civil rights in Illinois and nationwide. We love our home and our acre of trees on the edge of town. I may die here, and that is currently my preference since moving at age 77 is kind of undesirable when you love your home. I do have the option of moving to a Red State but 95% of Illinoiis is inhabited by people who mainly voted for a God Fearing Republican Constitutionalist! https://www.wandtv.com/news/illinois-house-oks-semiautomatic-weapons-ban-on-to-senate/article_0edb71f2-8e34-11ed-bc81-3b1db4d3759f.html
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    Whether we like it or not, Putin has a 79% approval rating in Russia.
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    I don't think you understand the foolish fanaticism against fossil fuels in Europe and in the USA. In addition, the political money will flow to anti fossil fuel politicians. The press will also try to muzzle any anti renewable dissent. They will only allow enough fossil fuels to prevent riots. You are talking common sense, which is anathema to today's fanatics.
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    Median income can not even afford 20k car, let alone higher.
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    All the greenies are high on drugs, The believe in unicorns! NOW the world can see the results of this stupid undertaking! Check any ware in the world and see what percentages everything has gone up! Renewables is a joke, farce and a scam!
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    Depends on the criteria used....I think that for Americans the family ICE vehicle is an essential reality and any attempt to abolish them would provoke a Democrat rebellion, consigning Biden & Co. to the ash heap of history along with Lenin and Stalin.
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    @Eyes Wide Open how is your speaker of the house prediction going? The cult retreats to the shadows...
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    Why is there so much pollution in Los Angeles? The large population of 4 million in LA, with another 6 million in the surrounding county, significantly contributes to its 'non-attainment' air quality status because of heavy vehicular emissions and traffic congestion.Mar 30, 2022. How an inversion over L.A. Basin acts like a lid on a pot - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) <--------read this
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    Yer about as clueless as they come dude. If you don't know why Los Angeles is so smoggy then you need do some research. Then you can post venom and hate on people. Do some reading about the subject and then get back with an intelligent answer. Less than 10% of L.A's traffic is trucks and buses.
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    What can go wrong in the winter? https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/tesla-owner-stranded-supercharger-christmas-eve-after-cold-weather-paralyzes-battery Tesla Owner Stranded At Supercharger Station On Christmas Eve After Cold Weather Paralyzes Battery by Tyler Durden Sunday, Dec 25, 2022 - 09:45 AM Besides freezing door handles, Tesla owners who braved the cold this Christmas weekend were met with 'winter range anxiety.' As we explained last week, cold weather will degrade battery performance. At least one video went viral on Christmas Eve of a person whose Model S wouldn't charge in the cold at a Supercharger station....
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    What a interesting way for environmental activism to end...interests rates. Musk has hammered the manufacturing ind by lowering price points, Tesla is debt free, well positioned for a price war...This will be a blood bath financially GM..Ford along with VW will be forced vacate the EV market, highly competitive low margins under developed product lines...What could go wrong? Now scale that to large scale green production and storage. The Green Apocalypse has arrived. The coming next quarter will be a exercise in accounting gymnastics, the second quarter will be parachuting 101...LMAO
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    All the luxury cars both new and old are heavy sedans weighing in at ~2.5tons+. All of your minivans weigh ~2.5 tons. Suburbans only weigh 2.5t yet are MUCH bigger and why they are literally one of the worst cars to buy out there. Worst cars in an accident? SMART car 0.75ton. Ex cop cars weigh that etc etc etc. Cheap ass Buick lasabres are out there with 20mpg+ Life expectancy, depends on how religious you change the oil. A cost to be sure, but when you can buy one with less than 100,000 miles on them even when a ~20 year old car for around $4000 or less, this is literally a steal or close to it. Pretty much any single low mileage car who was owned by older retired people is a good deal if you can verify it had its oil changed regularly, if you can't, don't touch it as old people forget or just get lazy and ignore it.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/autos/why-every-tesla-getting-heat-213000624.html New heat pump design for all Teslas. Very impressive concept.
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    Anyone building a new Electricity Power Plant? Nothing here in California that I know of. My NG Bill has tripled despite adequate supplies and out electrical bill has doubled (SCE blaming the cost of NG). I live in the real world and not a fantasy land.
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    "Reviews". They are all fake BS roses anyways... OOoo the cupholder placement and how many... ooo shiny. Unless you mean a 10 year review done by people who are not given/beholden to cars by the manufacturer to drive with well over 100,000miles, then that is an actual review. Anything before this is a joke as they are all the same other than vanity/ego/comfort and how much $$$ you dumped down the drain when you bought it. Lemons only get found out around 100,000 miles+++ No one has any idea before this if it is worth it or not. The biggest jokes of all are the "safety" stars. It is not crash safety anymore. It is all the bells and Bull Shit whistles making up the stars in the review and has nothing to do with your personal safety. And if you want REAL personal safety reviews, go by the insurance payouts... Do not drive lightweight cars be they expensive or cheap unless you NEVER drive on a highway. Safest car is a low to the ground, poor fuel mileage heavy sedan followed by minivans be they expensive or cheap. Buy, used(~10 year old) heavy comfortable sedans or minivans. Your insurance rates will likewise be vastly lower as well. I have never paid over $320 for car insurance yet. Though with inflation I expect this to be increasing.
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    Very reliable & functional My mechanic says buy a BMW or Audi. You'll never make me rich driving Toyotas, Hyundai's or Kias
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    https://news.yahoo.com/1-freeport-lng-says-completed-192547879.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall UPDATE 3-Freeport LNG says Texas plant repairs completed, seeks to restart some operations Mon, January 23, 2023 at 1:25 PM CST By Scott DiSavino Jan 23 (Reuters) - Freeport LNG, the second-largest U.S. liquefied natural gas exporter, on Monday said it had completed repairs to its Texas plant and asked U.S. regulators for permission to take early steps to restart the fire-idled facility. The closely-held liquified natural gas (LNG) company's export facility was knocked offline by a fiery blast on June 8 and barred from resuming production until federal regulators completed an extensive safety review and approved resulting changes. Freeport LNG sought permission to begin introducing LNG into the plant's piping system, according to a filing released on Monday with the U.S Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). "Subsequent approvals would be necessary" to fully return the liquefaction trains to service, it wrote. A spokesperson confirmed the request but declined further comment. U.S. natural gas futures jumped as much as 9% to $3.46 per million British thermal units, adding to an earlier gain on forecasts for colder weather. On Friday, futures closed at the lowest price since June, 2021. The facility draws around 2.1 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) of gas when operating at full power. "The Freeport news explains the late price rally. In this business, folks buy first and ask questions later," said John Kilduff, a partner at Again Capital LLC in New York. The company sought approval "to commence cool down of its Loop 1 transfer piping and reinstate the facility's boil off gas management compressors and associated piping," the filing said. The procedure, which would take about 11 days, would be a first step to returning the 15-million-tonne-per-year export facility to normal operations after a seven-month outage. Freeport asked for a response to its request by Jan. 24. An approval would allow the "introduction of LNG into the piping systems to allow the piping to cool down to cryogenic temperatures necessary for circulation of LNG within the Loop 1 piping system and to transfer LNG to Dock 1 of the export facility," Freeport said. The outage forced big customers including JERA and Osaka Gas to book hundreds of millions of dollars of losses. Its other big offtakers include BP, TotalEnergies and SK E&S. (Reporting by Scott DiSavino in New York; Editing by Nick Zieminski, Paul Simao and Bill Berkrot) **************************** REUTERS - Details of NatGas - Mon, January 23, 2023 at 2:51 PM CST https://finance.yahoo.com/news/1-us-natgas-jumps-9-205159554.html
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    Well, they printed almost 230 Trillion in total world debt. I am not a big fan of the yearly Davos meetings; these are a few wanting to shape everyone worldwide. It is not hard to determine who the bank behind these Federal Reserve Banks is; go back to the events of the days when it was formed and look at the few who have the significant fortunes of the days, weeks, and months. Look at the politics and policies of the day, and it's glaringly who they were. The sticky part comes in that they are not accountable to any Federal Agency to audit but we're smart enough to call it The Federal Reserve to bring a legitimacy and no accountability.
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    Oil + gas most definitely will remain king for many years, without it the world is doomed to poverty.
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    Chinese Because as soon as design is sent, the quality materials it was designed to get thrown out the window, replaced with cheap crap after the 1st sofa passed QC in Italy as long as it barely squeeks by the warranty period. Of course said same company in China builds an exact replica and sells them with a slightly different name and the Italian manufacturer disappears as EVERYONE buys the knockoff as NO ONE cares who designed it or whose name is on the label on the bottom of the sofa, all anyone cares about is: does it look good and is it comfortable for a the LOWEST price. Likewise if say a WAR happens, not that those pesky things every happen... oh no, never... China has all the people with the knowledge on how to build said product or similar and worse, the MACHINES & industry with which to destroy Italy with in said war. All the logistics chain also gets moved to China so if there is a war, Italy our <<COUGH>> USA can't even build the weapons to fight said war as they neither have the machines, the skilled labor, nor the associated industries making all the bits bob's, weaves, So, WHERE it is manufactured is WHERE it is from. I do not give one damn where their headquarters are.
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    I bought a sofa by an Italian manufacturer, designed in Italy by Italians, specifications determined in Milan, built in China and shipped from China. Is that Chinese or Italian?
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    People will still choose Tesla, Polestar, VW, BMW, Nissan etc etc over BYD because of branding unless BYD position themselves significantly cheaper whilst offering a similar spec vehicle. Also there is still a loathing by most to buy anything Chinese following Covid, I know this is daft as pretty much everything is Chinese these days but a car is a large and very personal expense and is therefore to the fore in many peoples minds.
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    As I suspected, they cannot penetrate the market.
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    Mr Plant...have you ever taken the time to pencil the cost of automotive ownership? A 50 thousand dollar car would exceed 700 a month....Now if one cracks 200k yrly it begins to make some sense....vanity can be quite costly at times. That is a personal choice.
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    Unfortunately the demand for housing has totally outstripped supply driven by speculative investors, dodgy foreign money, and open door migration policies.
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    The problem is so many people mortgaged to the balls for housing. Thats certainly the elephant in the room in the UK and Australia where large % of the population are mortgaged 4-6x gross combined salary to afford a rabbit hutch / sub standard unit (in Oz)
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    I lived through the real smoggy era, before the vast improvements made to ICE vehicles. On the worst days outdoor activity would cause your lungs to hurt. More damage was possibly done to brains by all the leaded gasoline and later additives before ethanol was used in most areas. There is no reason that ICE vehicles should be outlawed at any point whatsoever unless miraculous technology of some other kind comes along. Natural gas is the best choice for trucks, if you want clean emissions. Green zealots are too uninformed and biased to realize that. It is being increasingly used for large ships however.
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    This I will give you Turb, you have a smidge of intellectual honesty....actually more than a smidge. You once detailed the the true cost of wind generated power, that would be the cost of wind mails and batteries. What we are witnessing in this Congress is a open and true debate put forward for the the American public. No more corporate socialism, take the time to view our foundations. The UK still holds on to to those foundations, our constitution was based off lively and robust debate. The UK parliament is a absolute shit show at times...Yet at the same time and same vein..The UK and the US have progressed the human experience to unparalleled levels..and unparalleled power. Frankly the two greatest powers this world has ever known. Speaking of such matters I shall quote two highly intellectual individuals. Such is life. I leave it with you.
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    What we are observing appears to be evidence of the formation of a new political party in the USA. This IS reality theater drama! Who would'a thought that the best coverage would be CSPAN? Even Fox News can be entertaining... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hF5aw5K9-Q&feature=youtu.be I have to order more Orville Redenbacher!
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    Combustion of fossil fuels. LA unfortunately suffers geography that traps that pollution.
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    I have been paying attention. The (new?) research by Humlum et al. (2013) that you posted a link to has a number of issues. A quick search turned up the three articles that I link to below that note multiple flaws in Humlum et al.'s research. I know there are additional articles that have been published over the roughly 10 years since then that further question their analyses and conclusions. Try again. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0921818113000891 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0921818113001562 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0921818113000908
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    Some weeks ago, a photo showed some buildings in the UK turned glass windows into windowless, in conjunction with the announcement of electrical price increment or adjustment........... Extra shade without glass window, right.....? 'o' '~'
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    Wind is America's largest source of renewable energy. Wind is the largest source of renewable electricity generation in the United States, providing 10.2% of the country's electricity and growing.
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    That is a low towing range for a truck. The charge is also insufficient for pulling far enough for large trailers with the current infrastructure.
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    It must be a real bummer having real Americans post all this real and current data being posted to debunk all your false narratives.