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    That is a bogus polling company paid by Maduro's regime close to 90 % of Venezuelans want him to go. He is hanging on because of the chief military support based on their asociation with drug cartels and money laundering and widespread corruption
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    I don't know what it cost but I am guessing $60m to develop my section. XTO inherited a very old lease signed by my grandmother and her siblings back in 1950. That lease gave us 1/8th but allowed the operator to hold the entire 640 acre section with only one producing well when these wells could only drain about 40 acres. It was a short-sighted and bad lease and now we are stuck with it. The deep rights were separated and the top lease was sold back in the 70s. Humble was the original developer and XTO was the eventual holder of the deep rights. XTO drilled a well back in 2016 before the strippers finally failed to produce enough to hold the lease. We kept pushing the stripper operator to prove paying quantities and they did it by cheating into 2016 but XTO got the new well in during a one month period because it was so easy to get crews back then. They started telling us in 2014 that they wanted to drill 25 wells on our section and I just couldn't fathom that because the operators for the other two sections we owned didn't have anything like that in mind. So they permitted a bunch of wells and sat on them until last spring and then they went in whole hog. XTO drilled and completed 7 wells during March through December of 2018 and brought them on line at the beginning of this year. The January production was 93,000 bbl oil and 383,000 mcf gas. Even at 1/8 our monthly check is mid six figures which exceeds the checks we have gotten from our section with a modern lease where we get 25% and cost free royalty with payment for any flared gas. We currently have two wells on that section. The two other sections were developed by BHP and a small independent. We have done well with the independent but sold the BHP section altogether because it was Minerals Classified which isn't worth owning and it was encumbered by one of the old leases held by strippers for years. BHP ended up selling out and nothing has been developed there since we sold it at the end of 2016. Color me impressed by what XTO has done. They have the infrastructure built to support about 120,000 bbl/mo and have permitted more wells that can be drilled to keep the production rate up for several years. After that, who knows but for now, they will be making $5-7m/mo gross with 12.5% removed for royalty and about 7.5% tax on gas and 4.5% on oil. So figure it out for yourselves, a lot of the acreage in the Permian was held by old stripper leases and isn't encumbered by 25% royalties. To the extent those sites are in the good pay zones, the operators will make good returns.
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    Guaido is not a USA puppet... He was chosen by the duly elected Venezuelan Parliament... He was subsequently "officially" recognized as the TRUE Venezuelan President by over 70 nations so far........ ps: it is PENTAGON not "pentagone" pps: if the USA actually wanted to end the Maduro regime by force, it would take about 3 minutes work by a Seal Team. ppps: if the USA actually wanted to destroy the Venezuelan Military, it would take about 2 minutes via a "shock and awe" attack via missiles far more sophisticated than S300's could counter. pppps: but the USA isn't interested in interfering in Venezuela other than boycotting it...
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    I was just reading an article concerning the Green New Deal being proposed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and once again I am amazed at the lengths supposedly educated people will go to solve a problem that they apparently do not understand. Let's forget that, with the data available, it is impossible to conclusively prove that climate change is caused by human habitation of the planet. Let's just assume that it is a fact. That said, we would agree that humans are responsible for the islands of trash in the oceans, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the use of fossil fuels to provide their lifestyle, and so forth. According to www.worldometers.info, the following numbers for world population by year, are accurate: 1804 1.0 billion 1900 1.6 billion 2019 7.71 billion (estimated) As you can see, 215 years ago the Earth was supporting roughly 13% of the population it is now supporting. In 1900, roughly two generations after the Industrial Revolution, Mother Nature was only being forced to support approximately 21% of the present population. To put it in other terms, the global population has increased by a factor of 4.8 in the last 119 years. In a more drastic 'visual', in the 96 years between 1804 and 1900 the world population increased by 0.6 billion, in the next 119 years the population increased by 6.1 billion! Keep in mind that each new member of the global community will require a certain amount of fresh water, food, and energy to survive. This same individual will create a certain amount of human waste, garbage, and greenhouse gases during their lifetime. The planet has not grown larger and the amount of natural resources available has not increased along with the increase in population. Common sense will tell you that at some point in time, there will be a problem. The issue is not our carbon footprint, the problem is that there are too many feet. I think that would be obvious. How do we limit or decrease the global population? I have no idea. This gets into entitlement issues (everyone seems entitled to have kids) and religion. What I am attempting to point out is that if we do not choose to address the root cause of these issues, which is the population explosion on the planet, we have no chance of solving any of the 'Green' issues.
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    They call it unfair, I would rather say unlucky. My stance, I paid what I was willing to pay at the time I wanted the car. Anything the company does after my purchase, is between them and the next buyer. End of story. Learn to be happy with what you have.
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    Oh sir, it wasn’t a whataboutism. It was factual and a detail necessary to bring you around to the recollection of the truth. Russia when compared to the US, isn’t free from sin with regard to projecting power beyond her borders and creating armed conflict. The Soviet’s were in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989 and had she the economic ability to stay, inspite of opinion at home held by the relatives of dead soldiers, likely would have stayed longer. Her learning curve wasn’t shorter, her checkbook was less robust. I always freely admit the US has some blots in our history. Please understand I have no particular dislike of Russia. I just recognize that she’s not on any moral high ground.
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    Maduro's already sold his country to Russia and China. What Maduro hasn't sold, his drug lord ministers are stealing. It's difficult to see how Guiado can do any worse.
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    in an effort to steer the conversation back to Venezuela ... fact: Venezuela is falling apart at the seams and people are dying. fact: Venezuela is beholden to China, Russia, and US bondholders. every one of those who have money tied up in Venezuela have a horse in the race, so to speak, and therefore will act accordingly. Those acts, while they might be self-serving as an aside, may still accomplish good. fact: pdvsa has been used as a cookie jar for both the Chavez and Maduro regime. the mismanagement, corruption, and lack of investment into its primary source of revenue has played a huge part, if not all, in Venezuela's demise. Not fact (but a truth nonetheless): no amount of humanitarian aid is going to right that ship. it is a Band-Aid. one must root out the disease, not just treat the symptoms. The disease is the leadership and the mindset of the sheeple that follow, who are but a victim of their circumstance. fact: the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and they're no doubt is one, has no risk-free solution. the options for bringing Venezuela out of the doldrums all come with risks, side effects, and likely collateral damage. there are pros and cons of every proposed solution to end their citizens' suffering. we can argue what the correct solution is until the cows come home. and why not. Let the debate begin.
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    The "justification" was that Saddam slaughtered his way into Kuwait, looted the place into oblivion, then destroyed and set fire to thousands of oil wells, dumping staggering amounts of crude into the Gulf and over the soil, creating untold horrors of pollution, and all that is before you even consider his invasion of Iran, the slaughter of Iranians, then his slaughters of the Kurds, and of the Shi'ites and the "reed people" living in the Euphrates Delta, and whatever other horrors he inflicted on Iraq and its neighbors. Nice guy? Not so much? worthy of being declared an international Outlaw, printed on the Ace of Spaces of the Bad Guys of Iraq? Definitely. Worthy of being hung? You bet. Total scumbag, monster, and killer. What is to be done with such malignant growths? Put a price on their heads? Hang them? Shoot them? Yup, all three.
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    Solar has to improve. I mean, it's just there for the harvesting! I have read many promising articles, etc. on how panels have been developed to be the top surface of just about any road, sidewalk and parking lot. They will improve on this, and think about it: if you are laying the solar panels in all your roads, sidewalks and parking lots, there's your distribution system right up to the building. I think this is an exciting area and hope to see it become economical and widely used in my lifetime.
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    From the western World some can still see the "go green" trend as a kind of hype... but in some other parts of the world it is really a question of survival. The 50 World most polluted cities are all located in India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh and 41% of the world population is living in these four countries. The unhealthy air quality is a real incentive to switch away from the fossil fuels as quickly as possible. https://www.airvisual.com/world-most-polluted-cities?continent=&country=&state=&page=1&perPage=50&cities= A view of Gurugram city's skyline enveloped in heavy smog and heavy air pollution. Gurugram is the World's most polluted city.
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    Sounds like Elon can't give them away. What could possibly go wrong? lol They're like Corvettes and Cadillacs, if you want one, it is desire, not need. I would rather have an old pickup truck and a dog. One thing about demand, if it goes away, it is difficult to bring it back. Anybody want a wagon and a team of horses to make your hauls? How about an ox cart that can haul goods one hundred miles? It'll take seven days to get there, you will need plenty of time, pack a lunch. How about a truck with an engine that can generate 800 horsepower and transport thirty thousand pounds of cargo 500 miles with one hundred gallons of diesel fuel? You'll get a phone call, somebody will be in contact. There will be demand. Phones too. Anybody using an old wooden box phone that has a ring wind on it or do you have a computer phone with Quickbooks? Demand is what counts. Supply can be there, with no demand, what's the use? Elon should build battery-powered electric forklifts for indoor use, stuff like that. There is demand for electric powered gadgets for sure. Not that Teslas aren't cool, they are, just that nobody is going to want them over time. Not a good buy for the money. Buy an ICE truck, you'll be happy you did.
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    All previous purchasers can and should be considered 1st movers - sorry, but its their tough luck thay didn't consider that situation 😥
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    another failure of the Democrat party to read the room. @Jan van Eck
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    I can't imagine any calling higher than wife and mother.
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    I am emphatically not "back." Just having a slow day and looking over the Forum. I devote my time to helping the unfortunate, the poor, and the dispossessed. At my age, I consider that a worthwhile project. Or series of projects.
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    Mr. Observatus, I am not an American citizen. By definition, I am not engaging in (American) nationalism. Unless you think all of Holland has converted to being Americans. We do not. We have a Monarchy, and I am a Monarchist. My fealty is to our King. I just call it the way I see it, and incidentally the way I see it is far more accurate than the way you see it. See if I care. I do not propose to get involved in responding to your diatribes about Americans. Sure, they are not perfect, but where I have a choice (and I do), I would rather be neighbors with Americans, specifically including those with arsenals of guns in their homes, than with anybody else. Americans are overwhelmingly decent people. So get over it, pal, and I shall not respond further to whatever you write, either brilliant or drivel, See if I care.
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    I have lived and worked in India and all I can say is: What was it like BEFORE the British? Wow, just wow. Blaming the British for the conflicts after they left? Proclaiming India was better before the British came? Blaming Britain for problems now? How many years since the British pulled out? Talk about blaming the last administration! Wow, just wow!
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    Of course natural resources can and should be privately owned. Private ownership is what gives gold its value. You can’t eat gold, you can’t build a home out of gold or power it or your car if you own one, with gold. You can only trade gold for these raw materials or finished products. Individual effort and industry are rewarded with resources; gold or whatever agreed upon thing of value. This in-turn leads to individual ownership of resources. Government/Collectivised people no matter how loosely or strongly organized rarely does a better job of managing resources and producing goods or providing equality or quality life. And even the best of well-meaning monarchs can and do become Machiavellian. You have been drawn out to provide more disclosure of your political leanings, which by the evidence suggest their foundations are in socialist/communistic sympathies. Collective ownership is a catch-phrase for socialism/communism. You may try and dress it up otherwise but it is what it is. PS, using India and China as examples doesnt strengthen your position it weakens it. Such examples, caste(still alive and well)and the other China, which went from warring chieftains until unification and then to the communist/fascist juggernaut it is today, controlling all aspects of its subjects lives right on up to matters of procreation. Well, those aren’t compelling from an individual liberty, religious liberty or standard of living, quality of life standpoint. I can provide proofs of this in the context of human suffering at the hands of other humans/countrymen if you would like. History has proven time and again that capitalism improves quality of life, enlightens, educates and provides for more upward mobility than any other Ism ever known to mankind. Where capitalism is strong the other Isms flourish. Where the other Isms are strong, typically all of the other aforementioned struggle. I would be remiss to not point out that capitalism has weaknesses too, chief among them, greed, which has led to its own types of human suffering. But then greed isn’t reserved to capitalism is it. Given a choice the world over, repressed people with little hope and no resources always gravitate toward capitalist societies when they migrate because they know their chances of earning, building personal wealth and owning resources are increased the greatest in those places.
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    Venezuela is stable? Tell that to the millions who have already fled the country. The country is an utter mess. Wonder how Maduro's going to stay in power when he runs out of oil money to pay his corrupt ministers and military.
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    Starting the day with a good laugh after reading those links. Try this on: https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/4462 As for the Russian S300 deployment. Trust me, you, the Russians, Cubans or anyone else don’t want to be around if the US decides to neutralize them and their operators. It will be over quickly and fiercly. That’s not an endorsement from me however for US military intervention in Venezuela. It’s just the facts.
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    For those following this thread, John Foote (above) touched on a raw nerve when he suggested that it was "silly" to think guns would protect from a tyrannical government. Yet both our (US) history and the hemisphere's history is more complex. If you look back to the US civil war, let's remember that the civilians of the South were, as a practical matter, disarmed. General Sherman (among others) marched his admittedly uncouth ruffian troops in a broad swath across Georgia, burning and looting as he went. He burned the entire city of Atlanta. He burned everything he came across, stole the cattle, and killed civilians for no other reason than that they were "there." Now, those are war crimes - all of the above are and were war crimes. Civilians, and civilian homes, are out of bounds. They are not military targets, they may not be looted, they may not be burned, and the inhabitants as civilians are to be scrupulously left in peace. But Lincoln and his troops did not do that. Does that make Lincoln and Sherman war criminals? Of course it does. But hey, the victors get to set the pages of history. Lincoln has this fabulous Statue down on the Centennial Mall, in Washington, and all the history teachers in the schools teach total reverence, a bit like the Chinese kids revering Chairman Mao. Was he really? I conclude that Lincoln was a Usurper, he usurped State authority for his own; he also usurped Congress' authority for his own. Was he a war criminal? Sure looks like it. So were a lot of those guys. Was war even necessary to collapse slavery? Of course not. It would have folded in another 30 years. So for that, Lincoln generated some 650,000 dead. Is all that a reasonable trade-off? I dunno, but I will say that the issue is not even discussed, or thought about. That lack of critical examination is rather disheartening. If the Southern civilians were all heavily armed, would those troops have attempted to loot and burn? I doubt it. They would have given those plantations a wide berth. And also gone around the city of Atlanta. As recent televised experience shows, "urban warfare" is no piece of cake. Having a heavily armed civilian population is what keeps the megalomaniacs in Washington in check. You have to give some serious pause to ideas of becoming a national tyrannical government if you recognize that there are hundreds of millions of guns in civilian hands. I can assure you that Nobody has the desire for, or wants a taste of, trying to mess with that. Deterrence: the great Equalizer.
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    And Rodi, in ten words you have said it all. I genuflect in awe.
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    Hi, all real and honest members of Oilprice, those 2 members (Observatus Geopoliticus, Maxim Androsov) above are clearly just paid russian trolls. They use different nicknames, but post same info everywhere: - Maduro is legitimate, anything else is US Coup - Russian invasion in Georgia and annexation of Abkhazia was legitimate, Geourgia was a victime of US Coup. - Russian invation in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea and part of Donbass was legitimate (US Coup bla-bla-bla). I'm from Donetsk, Ukrainian city occupied and controlled by Russia since 2014. Since Russian invasion in Ukraine in 2014 I have seen literally thousands of these accounts with proven links to known paid-troll-factories in Russia. Moreover, due to Russian propaganda being so waste, some people became persuaded that this information from troll-factory is true, so these people became free-trolls. Thus, I would advise to to save your valuable time and do not argue with dishonest people - since they are paid based on amount of comments on their posts, you are just helping them to earn their dirty money. You can just post "Russian troll detected"
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    One unforeseen result of a more gentle society, the much lower homicide rates, was a dramatic expansion of the population itself. Then you have dramatic improvements in crop generation and animal husbandry, so with more food you can avoid famines. The planet supports that. Once you get to machined construction of housing, with sawn lumber and concrete forms and even structural steel, the planet becomes ever more capable of supporting more people. In case you think this is an inexorable exponential growth, it is not. As the societies become more educated and more secure in their place, with food security and housing security (and even burial security), the pressure for offspring drops way off. Most parts of the planet, away from the Equator, have negative population growth - some with dramatic population declines. Even India, which is pretty much a basket case of a country, the fecundity rate is just a touch above replacement value. The big areas of growth are in the Middle East, especially among Palestinians, in Central Africa, and in Central America, places such as Guatemala. But even that will all go negative over the next thirty years. After that, world population will dramatically fall. I anticipate a decrease of 25% per generation in societies that have established Western standards of health care and education. You will see drops of 10%+ in other societies, places such as Argentina. In another 100 years the entire planet will have profound population drops. Large parts of the planet will revert back to forest. Where will you see that first? Try East Germany. I predict that in 50 years all of East Germany will b e one vast uninhabited forest. Big chunks of Siberia also. And societies will no longer be drilling from oil. They will make their gasoline and jetfuel out of CO2 and water, in reactor vessels with catalysts. That part is coming soon enough.