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    This thread starts with the headline: "Iran downs US drone. No military response" Why is this so startling? The US sends a spy drone to go take a look at what the Iranians are up to (not much of a surprise there), and the Iranians go take a shot at it, get lucky, wing the bird, and down it goes. Again no big surprise - after you get past the shooting part of hitting the bird. Let's remember something: The USA has no business sending spy drones over other countries. If you do that, then don't be surprised that somebody takes umbrage and tries to knock it down. Going back some 50 years, the Russians were infuriated that the US had developed that U-2 high-level spy plane that flew up beyond their air power reach, and could travel over several thousand miles of Soviet territory with impunity. So the Russians knocked themselves out developing an ultra-high-altitude interceptor missile, knocked down Francis Gary Powers, and the rest is history. The US can do it today with the Blackbird SR-71, but nobody much bothers as satellites have made those manned flights obsolete. Today those spy drones, and their cousins the assassination drones, are cheap enough to build and operate and can drop a bomb right through some open window and into the bedroom of any foreigner the US wants to go assassinate, and do it with complete impunity. Now, that prospect is going to make adversaries rather jumpy. You have to expect that the targets are going to do their damnest to knock those birds down. Another good reason not to have a live pilot on board. Nobody is going to start a shooting war over some spy drone. They just send up another one, and the game continues.
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    I feel like looking at this through an idealistic lens: When a nation adopts dangerous ideas, it's safer for the world to destroy that nation than to let the infection spread. Thus, nations aren't being destabilized to prop up the price of oil. They're being destabilized to prevent violent ideas (Iran) and economically unsound ideas (Venezuela) from infecting other nations. This works partly because it strips dangerous nations of the resources they need to spread their ideas and partly because it makes an example of them. Most of the Middle East is an obvious example of dangerous ideas. They export violence, oppression of women, etc. That's not acceptable. Venezuela is a more subtle case. Their sin was socialism: stripping resources from the producers of society to give it to unproductive people. This is dangerous because, in the long run, it destroys the economy, plunging everyone into destitution. Unfortunately, citizens of developed nations looked at Venezuela's short-term success and thought, "I want free stuff too!" The dangerous idea was spreading. Thus, the safest course of action is to accelerate Venezuela's inevitable demise. If Venezuela doesn't appear successful, then there's no reason to mimic their behavior. There's also the issue of OPEC, which intentionally manipulates markets. If the problem is that governments are manipulating markets, then the solution is to replace those governments. If The People don't like the resulting death, disease, and destruction, then they shouldn't have supported market manipulation. Better to have a few suffer today than to have everyone suffer later. Conveniently, many dangerous nations rely on oil revenues. Increasing oil prices has the short-term effect of enriching these nations, but the long-term effect of destroying them. As they become dependent on oil revenues, high prices allowed unconventional oil producers to invest in R&D, which drove down the cost of unconventional oil, which allows unconventional oil to replace conventional oil from dangerous nations, which eliminates those nations' revenue streams. These dangerous nations are now wholly dependent on oil revenue even as they're being stripped of that revenue. Problem solved. On a more abstract level, the problem is that some people can't manage resources. They consume everything they're given, fall into destitution, and then complain bitterly that it was Someone Else's fault. These people destroy everything they touch. They are dangerous and cannot be allowed to infect others. Thus, they must be made into examples.
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    Ah yes, the Hamster Wheel of Debt, powered by lemmings who see a cliff to run toward. I am strongly pro - oil & gas. But U.S. Shale Oil industry simply doesn't make economic sense to me. Mostly still losing money after a decade of "innovation". Reminds me of Elon Musk. Burning through cash, but investors still throw money at him. I don't get it.
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    Bill, give it a rest. Four out of five cars sold in the USA are used cars. Those folks do not buy "new" because they don't have either the money or the credit to buy anything new. So they buy used. Those used cars have gasoline engines. In 2018, there were 58 million automobiles sold in the USA. your vaunted 150,000 electric Tesla machines amounts to this tiny little pebble in that mountain. You are just obsessed with this idea of electric autos. And that's fine; you go treat yourself to your toy, that is the nice thing about a capitalistic society with free-market consumer choice as its foundation. You put down your cash and you go collect your dream machine. The problem with all that for the rest of society is that those folks are poor, do not have the cash, and do not have the credit, to go indulge in these fancy machines. So they buy some used gasoline-engine car instead. And neither you nor Elon have any solution for that. So, give it a rest.
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    your criticism is misplaced. Mr. Trump recognizes that "war" is diplomacy that is being carried on by other means, yet still to achieve the same objective. Trump is not out to slaughter the Iranian population. He is not out even to wreck the Iranian military. He seeks to convince the current Iranian leadership to step down, or in the alternative to have the young Iranians overthrow the old - the ancien regime. Trump understands the concept of proportional response: right now, the Iranians knocked out one unmanned drone, basically a piece of military hardware. Is a proportional response to blast a launch bivouac into obliteration? It would be if there was no personnel there. But his intelligence reports that there are some 150 Iranian soldiers at that site, who would get killed. Trump, quite correctly, finds that a disproportionate response, so does not authorize a strike. He simply bides his time. That is a lot more convincing response than say Bill Clinton who attempts to go bomb the Hindu Kush mountains in some vague attempt to nail Osama bin Laden - an effort that was pathetic and doomed to failure. SO far, whether you like the guy or not, whether you think he is a moron and a buffoon or not, he is proving to be the superior leader. He knows how to keep his cool. Not bombing a populated spot is NOT "failure to follow through." It is careful weighing of the potential gains against the potential losses. Do I personally like Trump? No. But I shall give him full marks were they are deserved. Don't let your emotions color your judgment.
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    I can also tell you, having been involved in stations in ca, and in Florida. The total cost here is absolutely different in terms of real estate and operations. in Florida, 1-2 cent fuel margins are the norm. In California, even your ampm arco is making 25 cents a gallon. That's a minimum of what it takes here to remain in operation and compliant with the mortgage paid. In Florida, $1.5m gets you a great store. Like a racetrack. New, big, beautiful. In California, it costs $1m to put tanks and pumps in the ground. A decent station In California is going to run you around $3.5m minimum in comparison. Minimum. My pg&e electric bill, $4000-6000 monthly. In Florida, about 800-1200. I had a gentleman apply Thursday requesting $18.50 to start as a cashier. Now apply workers comp etc to that. Which is at 17% here. Pumps have to be upgraded every 10-12 years. I just spent $160,000 on some. $30,000 additional to install. Permits and compliance licenses run about $75-100k a year. Need I go on? Gavin Newsom is a twerp and so are his cronies. They know exactly why gas is so expensive here. That rigorous extent exists from the origin of the crude in this state, and all the way to it and all the way into your tank. So, without going into excruciating detail, I know at least for gas stations, they run in a 5-6% on the low end, to an 8-10% cap rate on the high end. So if these baboons running this show would shell out millions, and the liability for any less return on their money, then the citizens of this state are less intelligent than I ever thought. Because we all know they are doing a lot less work for a whole lot more gain than that. As for refining margins, I couldnt say. Look at crack spreads and thay will shed insight. I can tell you I pay 8 cents/gal freight as well on my fuel to have it delivered. I'm sure guys like shellman and wrs would scoff at returns of that rate.
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    Obviously some are unable to draw lessons from past experiences. Overwhelming military power is one thing. Winning a war is another. You can be victorious on the battlefield, you will not be victorious in the war, unless you have a viable political solution, one which will be supported by the local people. When you topple a bad regime, you sometimes risk replacing it with a worse one. It takes only a few days for the US to invade a country, but it takes many years to get out.
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    An aside here. For the benefit of those who primarily get their news from Mainstream Media, please allow me to present a totally different viewpoint, for your consideration. Copied & pasted below is a comment from an anonymous poster on a different forum. Some things I disagree with, but mostly I see eye to eye with this anon's perspective. Your mileage will probably vary considerably, but hopefully it may jolt you a bit to put a bit less faith in the official narratives presented on Mainstream Media. ============================= Did you know that the people of Iran are doing EXACTLY what we did in our last election? They are fighting their corrupt government the exact same way we are. https://twitter.com/rahmani7hasan/status/1138914915396280325?s=21 Yesterday, after the drone was shot down, Trump met with congressional leaders and TOLD them we would be doing a limited strike. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-meets-with-top-members-of-congress-on-iran-live-updates/ There is literally footage of them celebrating and dancing because if we were were to bomb Iran it would lead to war. https://twitter.com/kevinliptakcnn/status/1141807112802246656?s=21 Not long after their little celebration, some of the members met with Brennan to tell what was discussed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-toktI_QcCY Why is Brennan important? Because he was the director of the CIA during the Obama administration, and yet he is still briefing Congress Democrat’s on Iran?? https://wtop.com/government/2019/05/ap-sources-former-cia-chief-brennan-to-brief-dems-on-iran/ Right after this occurred, Diane Feinstein took a little trip of her own. https://www.theblaze.com/news/why-did-dianne-feinstein-meet-secretly-with-iran-as-tensions-with-u-s-peaked What you have not heard from ANY MSM is the fact that Iran just raided a CIA black site in their country, arresting several. https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201906171075913700-arrests-cia-run-busted-in-iran/ https://m.timesofindia.com/world/middle-east/iran-says-cia-spy-network-dismantled-as-regional-tensions-ratchet-up/articleshow/69845459.cms Trump told the swamp EXACTLY what they needed to hear and they leaked it. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1141904368356220929?s=21 Add pic Trump never had any intention of bombing them. But it sure exposed a few members of the swamp. The financial coffers that the swamp has used has been cut off for a little while now. They are going broke. Their human trafficking (big money) and money laundering ways are being choked out. Trump’s very first executive order saw to that. Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption Look at the investigations into the big banks. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-danske-bank-moneylaundering/danske-bank-whistleblower-says-european-bank-handled-150-billion-of-payments-idUSKCN1NO0ZR https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/1MDB-probe-shifts-focus-to-extent-of-Goldman-s-role https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-10/salvini-calls-elimination-italys-central-bank-prison-time-fraudsters Look at the NXIVM trial that was just completed. https://thedcpatriot.com/bombshell-nxivm-sex-cult-witness-names-major-stars-politicians-in-polygraph/ https://www.dcclothesline.com/2019/06/19/forgotten-2007-article-exposed-nxivm-connection-to-clintons/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2019/06/19/keith-raniere-leader-of-nxivm-convicted-of-racketeering-and-sex-trafficking-charges/#4474be2773e3 They thought by creating a war, they could start building up their funds again. Striking Iran would have done exactly that. However, Did you know that the limited strike on Iran was leaked days before the drone was shot down? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-18/jerusalem-post-us-bombing-iran-will-be-massive-will-be-limited-specific-target https://www.jpost.com/printarticle.aspx?id=592832 From who??? Israel. How many members of our Senate and House have duel citizenship with Iran? https://prepareforchange.net/2018/06/22/89-of-our-senators-and-congress-hold-dual-citizenship-citizenship-with-israel/ Add pic Trump was serious when he said he wants peace for Iran. Not their government, but the people. #DRAINTHESWAMP #MAGA #MIGA #LOCKTHEMUP #PATRIOTSAWAKENED https://twitter.com/foxymama1776/status/1142155405897949185?s=21
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    Not really, James. Contrary to popular belief, the USA does not have an Official Language. As for the "mother tongue" argument, that also does not survive the historical test, except perhaps in Boston and Plymouth (English there). The "mother tongue" of New York was Dutch. The "mother tongue" of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri was Spanish. The "mother tongue" of Louisiana was French. And the mother tongue of the Gadsden Purchase was Spanish. While English has become the de-facto default language, it is not "Official." The only place where English is exclusively used is in air traffic control, and that is the world over, by ICAO Convention (yup, even in China, all pilots and controllers speak English on the radio). Cheers.
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    True, but generally technological advances make life easier and were not the result of a select group of people shoving some innovation down your throat! In circa 1925, the unseen benefit of people needing to be able to repair their vehicle and get it out of the mud was a 'can do' attitude, 'shade tree' mechanics in every town and many people developing useful mechanical, electrical and hydraulic skills. Who is going to know how to repair an EV when it breaks down, and they will, in the middle of nowhere? The transition to EV's will not be all sunshine and roses.
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    Here's another alternative viewpoint to Mainstream Media, for your consideration. Again, while there are some points presented which I do not agree with, generally I tend to see eye to eye with this person's viewpoints. And again, your mileage may vary considerably. And time for me to dust off and trot out my trusty old motto / tag line from my old days as a moderator on the now defunct Oilpro forum: Just my opinion; as always, you are free to disagree. https://www.osidi.net/single-post/2019/06/22/Rumors-of-War-Issue-034 We, the American public, are having a sort of Déjà vu. We are being prepared, subliminally, for a war with Iran, which the globalists in our government have portrayed as inevitable for more than a decade now. It is the same routine: constant negative news coverage of a country, a flimsy pretext, and then a US invasion. Something is different this time, however. The American public has developed a healthy disdain for the mainstream press, and an even healthier disgust with the corrupt bureaucrats peopling the smoky corridors of K-Street and Wall Street. They are selling another war, and America isn’t buying it. When the news broke last week that a Japanese oil tanker exploded in the Gulf of Oman on June 13, the usual suspects were quick to blame Iran. They were just as quick to imply that immediate use of force was the only recourse. Of course, war is a serious business. It also happens to be big business for many politicians, intelligence agencies, and corporate financiers. If you are an American, and you truly support our troops, it is your constitutional duty to consider war an absolute last resort. The Mockingbird Media, conversely, is so used to beating the war-drums that they were left dumbfounded when Trump downplayed the attack (Exclusive: President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack on Oil Tankers 'Very Minor' – Time Magazine, June 18, 2019.) President Trump (unlike both of his predecessors) has done an excellent job of avoiding war. This writer considers this his greatest achievement to date. The achievement is even more amazing considering how conflicts in Syria, North Korean, Iran, and Venezuela were all poised to escalate when Trump took office. More amazing still is that a good portion of the U.S. Government controlled by the Deep-State has been waging a covert civil war aimed at removing Trump and his ‘Alliance’ of patriots from power since before he even took office. And yet the peace remains. For those of us who are informed, responsible, patriotic Americans, here is a short list of the questions compiled for OSI:DI that one might consider asking in light of the current situation: Why have the most recent attacks in the gulf region targeted oil tankers and not military vessels? Why was the Japanese tanker Kokura Courageous attacked while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with the Iranian regime? (Shinzo Abe’s mission to Iran ends in flames – Washington Post, June 14, 2019) Was the June 14 piece in the Washington Post another “Company” op-ed/communique? [We strongly recommend reading the previous link in detail – OSI:DI] Shinzo Abe was meeting the Iranian regime at the behest of President Trump and the Gulf Monarchies who were beginning to make diplomatic overtures to Iran. Was the attack a message from the Deep-State to all world leaders saying “if you attempt to stop our push for war in Iran, your oil supplies might meet a similar fate”? Cui Bono? Who benefits from a regional war which would drag down Iran? Saudi Arabia? Not likely. The United States? Certainly not the Trump Administration. Israel? Well, Bibi Netanyahu is always calling for war with Iran, so why has his cabinet been instructed to keep their mouths shut this time? (Oman Attack: Why Israel Remains Mum as Accusations Against Iran Abound – Haaretz, June 16, 2019) 100,000 troops dying on the road to Tehran by now• Are we seeing the globalists lose their hold on the peasantry? If this was 2003, they might have had Do we remember the Maine? How about the Gulf of Tonkin? What about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”? How many people actually thought that WMD was anything other than a buzz-phrase for the war-propaganda psychological operation run out of Langley and Tel Aviv? How will the controlled press spin this story? One of the advantages of controlling the media is that you can make it a victory regardless of the outcome. If Trump retaliates against Iran, he is “reckless” and a “war-monger.” If he does nothing he is “weak” and “ineffective.” Therefore, the administrations only course of action is to blame Iran, posture, and then proceed as normal. But make no mistake; more attempts will be made to push Trump into war. How is John Kerry doing these days? Do we all remember his violations of the Logan Act, negotiating with Iran on behalf of the American shadow government that was waiting in the wings for Trump’s removal? What do we make of the U.K. and U.S. deployment of forces to the region? The fog-of-war is real. You are not going to know what their missions are, and if you did, the missions would be failures before they began. These U.S. and U.K. forces: are they hunting Iranian fast-boats? CIA-trained militias? Israeli drones? "Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means." "People do not make wars; governments do." "We must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women… A people free to choose will always choose peace" -President Ronald Reagan Rumors of war could easily be dispelled if we had a truthful, investigative media, but it is painfully obvious that we do not. Compounding this problem is the emergent, pervasive censorship campaign waged by our largest tech companies. Any individual who succeeds in gaining traction with an anti-official narrative is immediately banned, shadow-banned, de-monetized, de-platformed, or blacklisted. You want to go ahead and complain about it? Press your luck and you will get banned too! Narrative control is critical to both sides, and the Deep-State’s monopoly on the censorship business gives them a pronounced advantage on this front. But it now seems that this “front” in the Second American Civil War has broken into full view of the public: [Drudge Report headline from early June, 2019] Not a moment too soon! After years of turning a blind eye to big-tech’s flagrant abuse of censorship power, government subsidies, and individual privacy, it looks like the US Government is finally positioned to put real pressure on these rogue, quasi-intelligence agencies (Antitrust troubles snowball for tech giants as lawmakers join in – The New York Times, June 4, 2019.) Of course, readers of this newsletter could see this story coming well over a year in advance: ...
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    That is exactly right - a contest done with pieces of metal. No Americans get killed. The US Army has a morbid fear of losing combat men in the field. I recall that in the invasion of Iraq the whole battle resulted in only some 140 combat deaths, with more lost to road accidents. One tank was wiped out when the driver fell asleep crossing a bridge over the Tigris and went over the side. The unit commander went back and found this big gaping hole in the guardrail and the tank upside-down on the bottom of the river, all the guys inside drowned. Interestingly, no sentries on either bank heard a thing (I guess they were all asleep; how can you miss that big splash?). Yet high command had sourced and deployed 30,000 body-bags for anticipated combat losses - a Top-Top-Secret number that was so secret it was not on any electronic communications and nobody below the rank of general was allowed to know. A "Drone War" is even better than a "Clone War," in a drone war you have zero casualties. So the real issue is: who has more hardware? And the answer to that is: the USA. The USA can out-drone the Iranians all day long. Not only that, the USA can (and likely will) whack some Iranian targets with precision munitions launched from drones, just to bloody the Iranian nose and rub it in, that the USA can and will drop a bomb into anybody's back pocket anywhere in the country. For that matter, I remain surprised that a smart-bomb cruise missile has not entered through Kim Jong Un's bedroom window, as a dud - just to let him know he can be snuffed with impunity. Yup, exactly correct, Tom's analysis demonstrates the impact of "psywar," the conduct of warfare by psychological means, to frighten and cow the enemy. And the "Document" so carefully leaked is totally credible, as the US can and just might use tiny nukes, called "battlefield nuclear weapons," to totally cow the Iranian Army. the politicians, those old farts who live in some Altered Mental State, may say, "who cares?," but the professional Iranian Army is likely not to share that desire for self-immolation. At one point in the Iran Hostage mess in 1979, the Joint Chiefs suggested dropping a b ig nuke out in the Iranian Desert between Tehran and Mecca at prayer time, so that all those Shi'ite clerics praying towards Mecca would see this gigantic flash and mushroom cloud building up, then proceed to "walk" the nukes towards Iran one every fifteen minutes, to seriously cause panic. They could do that with impunity. The project was nixed by President Carter, and they tried that commando raid that became a complete fiasco when the Sea Stallions proved so unreliable. The US could just go "walk" a long series of mini-nukes across the width of Iran, through that desert, blasting one every fifteen minutes, just to demonstrate that they can. Nothing quite like demonstrating overwhelming battlefield superiority.
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    Assuming the drone was over Iranian Airspace this is basically saying - we won't respect anyone else's airspace. I wonder what the US response would be if Iran started flying drones into US airspace?
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    The USA has very much of an Interest in the The Middle East from the obvious oil position and protection of assets to the threat of Nuclear weapons, counter terrorism and instability in the region where Russia are ready to jump in. Lets not forget the USS Golan Heights the biggest air craft carrier in the world, placing the USA strategically in the region. Arms sales to KSA and the list goes on why the USA cannot just get out. But a war there would certainly benefit US regional oil production.
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    This was a failure of management, a failure of implementation and enforcement of existing best practices and regulations. One of the people who worked with this group told me right after the incident happened, that basic safety was not being followed. Sorry for the loss of life. But there is no reason for companies to not implement and fully enforce everything on and off the books that make things safer and less accident prone, including training and retraining and testing of all people involved.
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    Jan, The price of the EV will come down as manufacturing scales up, there will eventually be used EVs for sale. We will have to see how well they age. Output is growing fast and other manufacturers will be joining the fray. So far through May the Model 3 is the 8th best selling car in the US with 46,425 cars sold through May. http://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2019/06/may-2019-the-best-selling-cars-in-america-every-car-ranked/ Exponential growth can lead to big changes, in 2018 through May sales were 18,305 so sales YTD in 2019 were 2.53 times more than 2018 YTD sales. Did you foresee how fast smartphone sales would rise? I did not, when I saw the first one 12 years ago, it seemed like a niche product.
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    Ron, you would be fascinated by the technique used by the Sanitation Dept of the City of Montreal. Those guys segregate plastics waste and then hit it with this special high-temp laser, running around 5,000 degrees, and that fuses the stuff into a rock-hard solid of chunks. The chunks, roughly fist-sized, are then used as road-building material, basically a hard foundation. As the material is inert, no worries about leaching into the environment, etc. I think they dreamed this up internally.
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    I know most of us here make our living In some.shape or form that is related to the petroleum industry. But to to think things will not be drastically different in 15 years, is just plain naive. Just because you want to bury your head in the sand and turn a blind eye, does not mean it will not happen. Some people probably thought department stores and grocery clerks couldn't be replaced. Some thought the internet would never be relevant, and we would not carry computers in our pockets each and everyday. Look at the last 25 years alone, process the calculation of exponential development of technology. re assess your narrative. If you still dont change your mind, your name shall be kodak from now on
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    Compare this to trying to drive from LA to Yellowstone National Park in 1925. The issue at that point wasn't just things like gasoline, but also tires and oil. Anyone attempting it had to be capable of repairing their car and extracting it from mud. Trips like this at the time were usually done in convoys, and were considered an adventure by all involved. The 'US Highway System' was created in 1926. In many parts of the country roads weren't worth much before about 1935. Long distances were typically traveled by railroad. The world is full of transient nuisances.
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    Some make it sound like the US is the only country running surveillance on other countries. The Russians did, and probably still do, used to send crates with high tech listening and recording gear through the United States and pick it up on the other coast and analyze it's data. They also have flown recon over other countries including military bases and were never shot down. Iran has been trying to get a war started and make it look like someone else caused it but so far no one has take the bait. Anyone remember the Cuban Missile crisis? We came closer than anyone realizes to war so this is not the first President to take a stand. Remember President Regan bombing the Presidential palace in Libya after they took a shot at one of our Navy jets ( which ended bad for them) ? Iran wants to agitate and see how far they can push everyone who isn't on their side. It's not the first and it's not the last.
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    We are very arrogant if we think that we can handcuff Mother Nature to ANY limit on ANYTHING! How was the 1.5 to 2.0 degrees C limit decided upon? We seem to blame the entirety of the as yet unconfirmed issue of climate change on the industrialized nations and expect them to spend hundreds of billions of dollars (as per the Paris Accord) to assist those who are deemed 'at risk' in the developing countries. This totally ignores the fact that the developing countries have ALL benefited from the advances in the industrialized nations - since the industrial revolution! Furthermore, many of these 'at risk' third world countries have had billions of dollars of aid pumped in to them for decades....where has it gone and what measurable difference has it made? So now we want to give them billions more to fight climate change, do we really expect the money to go towards that issue. Refer to the definition of insanity!
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    Have any of you that are commenting ever worked on either an onshore or an offshore drilling rig? Do you realize that the positions from Driller to Drilling Superintendent are required to re-certify in Well Control by attending either an International Well Control Forum or an International Association of Drilling Contractors course every two years and passing a Policy and Procedures exam, an equipment exam and then a practical exam on a computerized drill floor simulator? Rigs in the US, and elsewhere, do follow OSHA guidelines in regards to personal safety equipment. OSHA has no expertise in drilling so how would they be able to address safety issues related to equipment, policies or procedures on either an onshore or an offshore rig? The secondary barrier is NOT human detection! The secondary barrier is defined as the well control equipment installed on the well. These rigs are built to a standard and evacuation during a blowout is considered. As most blowouts would occur through the rotary table there are always exits through the back of the doghouse. The sad fact is that blowouts are brutal, sudden events that if ignited do not leave much time to react. There is no such thing as "blowout mud" as mentioned in the article. Turning off alarms and not following 'good drilling practices is inexcusable. The article mentions that the situation had been building for 14 hours. During this time the influx (gas bubble) is migrating towards the surface. At some point it would have become uncontrollable regardless of the equipment on the well. From the information in the article this was a case of human error.
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    Just for the record, all plastics, and specifically "single use," can be converted into gasoline. You can set up a Converter in each community and landfill nothing. And you can toss in just about anything else that is carbon-cased into the Converter and end up with the world's best gasoline (or diesel, or jetfuel), which will burn far cleaner than the stuff cracked at an oil refinery. Society does not do this because society is lazy and managers, specifically government municipal managers, are mendacious and short-sighted. Toss in that venture capitalists tend to be not very sharp either, and you have this mix of people that slide towards treating garbage as garbage, instead of another valuable resource to go exploit. Don't landfill it, sell it! To a Converter. (And P.S. your gasoline from single-use plastics stream would be about $1.10 per gallon. Put up a Converter in your back yard and sell that gasoline to your neighbors, make yourself the most popular guy on the block.)
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    Short term clout, maybe. The problem is that any rise in prices will reduce their long-term market share. If we define "clout" to mean "ability to increase the sum total of future profits", then no, I don't think they have clout. We can lump Russia in with Saudi Arabia, but are we convinced that relationship will last? How much tolerance will Russia have for lost market share? Admittedly, I don't know how traders operate. My naive guess is that massive price spikes occurred because people believed there was no replacement for Middle Eastern oil. There's some psychological inertia in that human beings will expect supply restrictions to have the same effect in the future as they did in the past. However, traders should slowly realize that the Middle East is replaceable. This will become blatantly obvious in the next 5 years. Once that happens, there will be no reason to fear OPEC restrictions. It will become routine for OPEC to attempt price manipulation, and the market to quickly replace that production. At that point, how high could oil possibly spike?
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    I've never read an agenda book for anything, and I don't know what neocons are. What I do know is that I've spent most of my life surrounded by leeches. I've seen what resource mismanagement does to people. I've seen what socialist ideas do to communities. I view those ideas as incredibly dangerous, not because someone told me they were dangerous, but because I studied what's necessary to maintain civilization. Maybe I'm wrong about the motivation behind destroying these nations. I'm sure there are other possibilities. I do hope, however, that whoever is in charge is trying to keep the system functioning.