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    Ammonia for transportation makes sense for ships....not much else expect for energy storage then power generation......IE you have the space for the cooling equipment required to keep ammonia liquid...and Ammonia has only half the Energy value of Gasoline....IE on a ship you have the room for storing twice the volume over bunker oil and on a ship you are out to sea....ammonia gassing off not so much a problem...Ammonia gassing off in a car accident.......um not so pretty expense??? well right now so much green energy is curtailed you can get intermittent energy at less than 1 cent per KWH...so creating ammonia with excess green energy makes sense the real value of green Ammonia today is for fertilizer manufacturing...a huge market the company that puts together small scale reasonable cost green fertilizer plant that a Ag coop can use will win the prize
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    Let us be clear for a moment. From 2004 to 2010 the govt/auto industry collaborated together to create a viable electrified line of autos. Oregon and California were the first 2 states allowed in this program initially. By the yr 2011 it had failed miserably, all major mfgs walked away from future development. Only Tesla survived due to the fact they survived on carbon tax credits..billions paid to them by GM&Ford. Apologize you say...perhaps a debt the environmental activists can never repay the US tax payer. Billions of missing assets...time lost due to extraordinary malfeasance.
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    It's been awhile but I thought I'd move down the rabbit hole many of you are still digging on here. "America is the last large country that is still free." Ron Wagner, did you actually write this in a post on here? Seems you did. I feel so embarrassed for you and your utterly skewed view of the world around you and how you see things (American tunnel vision I'd call it). You are living in a country where you are almost becoming a theocracy, absolutely dominated by religion. In case you missed it, religion doesn't allow for much free thinking. The previous ruling on Roe v. Wade and the latest ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court are both actually quite chilling and frightening for women in your country. You have women who live in fear of driving to another state to receive needed medical care. DO NOT give me any BS about how the USA is more "free" than other large countries. It is true that you have some of the most lax gun laws in the world but that's a whole other topic really. I am still shaking my head in wonderment at that comment. In Canada and other countries I'm sure, it is true that we pay high taxes, no question. It is true that we are further to the left on pretty much every issue than I am comfortable with. But I vote as I want, work as I want, marry who I want and do as I please on a daily basis. How are we not a free country? Please explain.
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    your book???? ha ha ha 6 percent of methane used around the world by one industry alone.....how may other industries use that much?????? Iron/Steel????? not likely next...Oil refineries ...I doubt it Power Generation yes and the Green transition will go after that market One can say it all "adds" up--> but it really doesn't???? try to minimize methane used in Ammonia production all you want....... Excess Solar and Wind power that is now curtailed will be now turned into Ammonia A new major Green Ammonia project announce every week now...Enjoy eating crow and the price of Nat Gas....in the toilet today at the Henry Hub NATURAL GAS •11 mins 1.677 -0.012 -0.71% H2 View HydrogenPro to carry out FEED for 300MW Texan green ammonia project HydrogenPro is set to carry out a front-end engineering design (FEED) study for a 300MW green ammonia facility in Texas, US. . 1 week ago PR Newswire Infinium and Amogy Team Up to Spearhead Green Ammonia and eFuels Solutions PRNewswire/ -- Leading eFuels provider Infinium and Amogy Inc. ("Amogy"), a pioneer of carbon-free, energy-dense power solutions,... . 3 weeks ago gasworld INOX Air Products signs deal for large-scale green ammonia plant in India INOX Air Products (INOX AP) has announced that it has signed a major deal with the Government of Maharashtra (a state in western India) for... . 4 weeks ago PR Newswire KBR Green Ammonia Technology Selected by Lotte Chemical Corporation for H2biscus Project in Malaysia Share this article ... HOUSTON, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today that its K-GreeN® technology has been selected by a... . 1 month ago Forbes Pioneering Green Ammonia To Secure The World’s Food Supply A new, green ammonia market is being developed under Yara, the leader in nitrogen fertilizers, and companies are eager to buy its... . Jun 28, 2023 Yahoo Finance Green Ammonia Market Size & Share to Surpass USD 8.1 billion by 2031, Exhibiting a CAGR of 76.3% | Exclusive ... Green ammonia has a reduced carbon footprint and can aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions because it is produced using renewable... . 4 days ago McKinsey & Company Reducing GHG emissions with green ammonia and fertilizer We estimate that green ammonia for fertilizer production could decarbonize 3 percent to 8 percent of emissions associated with a range of... . Dec 11, 2023
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    Uh, no gasoline is not explosive. Gasoline for it to "detonate" requires oxygen and compression and why it has a combustible rating and not an explosive rating. Ammonia--> does not require oxygen to detonate and why Gasoline combusts, but ammonia while it can combust it can also explode. A shock wave going off next to gasoline does NOT cause it to explode, in fact if no oxygen is present it acts just like water even if a giant bomb explodes inside a tank of gasoline. All fertilizers are NOT ammonia. They have ammonia in them but MORE importantly, they have shock stabilizers so when it is being TRANSPORTED and say the truck rolls over it does not EXPLODE. Why vast majority(95%+) of ammonia you see as fertilizer comes in pellet form, not a liquid. Ammonia IS explosive due to shock and why it is used to BLOW THINGS UP, gasoline--> is not. And yes, Flame temperature, energy density, and process efficiency are tied together(suggest taking a damned Chemistry class with basic thermodynamics class)🙄
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    Of course they do. Japan can do math. But: ammonia(Hello Beirut) It is explosive(Good luck getting ANYONE to be captain of that ship even through safe waters), horrendously corrosive, and its energy density is barely above that of dry wood. Low flame temperature as well compared to Ch4, thus its efficiency is going to suck in any industrial application or producing power by burning it. I would bet dollars to doughnuts making CH4 and shipping that would be cheaper.
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    People do not invest in stockmarket as in US... Yep they invest in apartments/real estate and that is the main reason the China economy is in a free fall right now....... The China Miracle is over until their Real Estate market gets fixed.....and right now it is in free fall...with no bottom in sight..... The real estate marked crash in China is not going to clean itself up in the next 2 years. CHina is growing at %5.2 percent.....highly questionable numbers out of the CCP reality Evergrande is the tip of the iceberg 2024-2025 China is in a deep recession Visual Capitalist China's Real Estate Crisis, Shown in Two Charts These charts show China's real estate boom in the 21st century and the subsequent slowdown since 2022, through both sales and new buildings. . 2 weeks ago
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    Just another day in Green Paradise? Not this time...thousands upon thousands of windmills were doomed from the very beginning...The End. Siemens’ troubles mount on wind turbine flaws Tuesday, 24 Jan 2023 The faults were found in both onshore and offshore turbines, Eickholt said on a call with analysts. “We have now checked everything that we are aware of,” he said. Gamesa said it recorded a preliminary loss of around €760mil (RM3.5bil) before interest and taxes in the first quarter, driven by a €472mil (RM2.2bil) hit after the checkups. The company’s problems with existing and new turbines in development add to the industry’s turmoil in recent years, despite rising demand for wind power to meet global climate goals. Manufacturers, including Vestas Wind Systems A/S, have suffered steep losses as costs for key materials like steel soared and supply chain disruptions led to delays. The companies are now raising prices to make their balance sheets healthy enough to deliver on future growth. Siemens Energy declined as much as 3.4% in Frankfurt before recovering to trade around unchanged. The stock is up about 6% since the start of the year. “Today’s share price movement suggests that the market fully expected more problems at Gamesa,” said Berenberg analyst Phil Buller, adding that Siemens Energy’s outlining expectations for positive pre-tax free cash flow in the financial year 2023 were positive. Since Siemens Energy listed in 2020, former parent Siemens AG has planned to reduce its 35% stake in the company. It has delayed a sale due to the turbine maker’s subdued share price and Siemens Energy’s financing of the Gamesa takeover. “This news will not impact Siemens’ fine line,” Buller said. With Siemens Energy’s share price rising of late, the company is likely to start its selldown within the next 12 to 18 months, he said. The issues at Gamesa more than offset improvements at Siemens Energy’s gas service, grid technology and industry transformation businesses, the company said. Earlier this month, it secured a €4bil (RM18.7bil) contract to help link offshore wind farms in the North Sea to Germany’s mainland power grid. Siemens Energy now expects its margin before special items for the financial year ending Sept 30 to come in at 1% to 3%. That’s down from a prior range of 2% to 4%. The company sees a 2023 net loss around last year’s level of €647mil (RM3bil). Problems in the wind business have weighed on Siemens Energy before. Early last year, Siemens Gamesa replaced its CEO after a run of profit warnings, and mounting issues in the unit led Siemens Energy to lower its outlook in August. — Bloomberg https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2023/01/24/siemens-troubles-mount-on-wind-turbine-flaws
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    How do you know the price of something that doesn't exist? Why is it a even number? Did you make up "math" again? Who is going to buy it? People who have an extra $100,000. Plenty of people are rich; Lamborghini and Ferrari have done just fine selling stupid expensive ICE cars, why can't the the same customers buy nice EVs made by the same or similar companies? EV sport cars have better performance. Haha he cant even make up his mind if a Tesla SUV exists or not 🤡 There is the Model X which is classed as an SUV/crossover, you can get a second hand one in the UK for £33500 ($42500) Used Tesla Model X cars for sale | carwow I wonder if math was his worst subject at school, seems like it to me. I bet he's got loads of tunnels on the go at the moment. Strange he's not mentioned them for a while. 🤣
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    you are unable to read charts now...... and you are an engineer? you are the dimwitted loser who used numbers from one month in winter for the whole year in calcs
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    My comment said nothing of vehicle type or fuel/energy efficiency. All I did is point out the error in your comment of "driving distance does not go down in the winter." It certainly does. You should accept that you made a false statement and learn. Perhaps you should think before posting; that way I can't embarrass you by pointing out all the mistakes.
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    You need to check again. People avoid driving in cold, icy conditions. During the summer they go on road trips / vacations. Way, way more driving during the summer.
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    Average Radiation January...????????.love the basis of your calcs..... as you take the worst month of the year and apply it to the rest of the months ps January is not a month requiring air conditioning and it is not a typical 35kWh/day average for the US so how much does your (above ) house need in January????? compared to July try this one on Average monthly electricity consumption my bet is the house needs more electricity in July....oh wait when the solar output is 3 times as much as January how much does your system put out in July???? oh my see that the output matches the needs and you are an Engineer?????? you could have fooled me.........Trump U grad???????
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    I think that the main problem is that before we use draconian measures to destroy the standard of living for the average American there should be some clear science support for the proposed "transition" away from fossil fuels. The most recent science which I have seen does not support the notion that anthropogenic CO2 is a significant contributor to climate change. There are too many problems with that theory and the data do not support it. Anthropogenic CO2 is such a tiny component of atmospheric greenhouse gases that the contributary strength it provides to the greenhouse effect is extremely small and insignificant. That means that the wild campaign against fossil fuels is misdirected. Furthermore, the lifetime CO2 emissions for the most desirable EVs is calculated to be significantly higher than the equivalent fossil fuel vehicles, so that means that the hysteria against fossil fuel vehicles is again without logical foundation. You do understand these points?
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    I love seeing charts like that. They encourage research and where to look for future progress. Sometimes dead ends suddenly disappear due to new factors, discoveries, sometimes accidental ones. Sometimes brainstorms, or dreams etc. Usually like Edison said: "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Science and technology have advanced so much in the last three centuries it is mind boggling, compared to the entire history prior to that. It is frightening also, considering that we are finding so many ways to accidentally or purposely kill off our species or large percentages of it.
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    What I see from American posters on here is how much they value the Constitution and the rules and regulations that were laid out by "the founding fathers" within it. However what I cant get my head around is how anybody if they truly believe in the Constitution can back Trump when he posts that those rules and regulations in the Constitution should be terminated! Who the hell does Trump think he is??? Is he bigger than the American Constitution???? No he is one man who is clearly deluded by what power he has and his meaningfulness in USA history. Those who support him, EWO, ECO, Ron etc please explain how you can vote for someone who wants to terminate the Constitution, I just dont understand how anyone could.
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    The important metric is y-o-y increases of 40% and 20% which are still huge surely even you can see that doesnt mean sales are collapsing as you put it. if I increased my sales by 40% compared to last year I'd be asking for a pay rise!
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    The change to LFP batteries , which has happened in the last year reduces fires in EVs to near zero How are LiFePO4 batteries safer than other lithium batteries? RELiON Battery https://www.relionbattery.com › knowledge › how-are... When subjected to hazardous events, such as collision or short-circuiting, they won't explode or catch fire, significantly reducing any chance of harm. If you'
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    most common cause of fires in all cars????? Fuel leaks........ who would have known that gasoline can catch fire?????
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    this one is for the real slow ones that post here that hide from the real news EWO ??? Ron???? got it???? Your GOP party has been selling you crapburgers....hope you enjoy the aftertaste impeachment inquiry .....just a fraud played upon the slow ones to get your donations FBI informant charged with lying about Joe and Hunter Biden NPR https://www.npr.org › 2024/02/15 › fbi-informant-charg... 3 hours ago — Alexander Smirnov falsely told FBI agents in 2020 that executives associated with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid Hunter and Joe ... FBI Informant lied about Biden's Burisma ties, indictment says Axios https://www.axios.com › Politics & Policy 47 minutes ago — Alexander Smirnov, 43, who is accused of providing "false derogatory information to the FBI" about about the Bidens. Informant charged with lying about Joe and Hunter Biden's ... PBS https://www.pbs.org › newshour › show › informant-c... 3 hours ago — The special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation charged a one-time informant with lying about President Biden and his son. Hunter Biden and Burisma: FBI source charged with lying ... BBC https://www.bbc.com › world-us-canada-68313086 1 hour ago — Alexander Smirnov, 43, is accused of lying about the Bidens accepting payments from energy firm Burisma. The Justice Department said Mr Smirnov ... Former FBI informant charged with lying about the Bidens ... CNN https://www.cnn.com › 2024/02/15 › politics › former-f... 40 minutes ago — Special counsel David Weiss charged a former FBI informant with lying about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden's involvement in ... Former FBI informant charged with lying about Biden ... The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com › 2024/02/15 › hunt... 1 hour ago — The prosecutor who charged Hunter Biden with gun and tax crimes has now accused a former informant of making false claims of corruption ... Special counsel charges FBI informant with lying to the ... NBC News https://www.nbcnews.com › politics › joe-biden › spec... 4 hours ago — Alexander Smirnov, an FBI confidential human source, was charged with lying about President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and Burisma.
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    I have my grandmothers 6th grade vocabulary text book: Lets just say I had a hard time knowing most of the words let alone their definitions, yet this was taught in the 6th grade state wide in ALL schools in Illinois in 1937. I also have my grandmothers 6th grade writing book (how to write text book)--< not sure how to describe it but instead of teaching you names of parts of words baloney it teaches you how to rip apart a sentence and move parts around ELIMINATING small useless verbose garbage. For instance not allowing the words, THE, OF, AND, To BE etc words. This was NEVER taught to me in school until I found it in my Grandmothers stuff. I now went through it and taught myself(not that I always use it but for FORMAL presentations etc I sure as Hell do)... something that today is NOT taught until college if even then. Math is same way. OH yea, and kids back then went to school for FAR fewer hours/days than kids today. Why? It is a baby sitting service today, not actual school.
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    Ukraine has proven that the US has the right stuff and Russia..????? well they do have problems...they have already lost over half of their tanks and troops 400,000??? devastating North Korea.......junk munitions ........ anyone relying on Russian made weaponry.......should find a better source for weapons and we are just now supplying F-16s my my Russia should think real fast about an exit strategy If Ukraine takes over the skies over the battlefields..........and keeps wiping out Russian air defense systems..... JDAMs will pummel the Russians how many JDAM kits can the US supply every year??????? The Kursk Bridge will be gone in the next 6 months and the land route to Crimea.......Poof JDAMs ....Putin should be afraid as he is now going to get the next level of US tech rammed up his arsehole Business Insider US F-16s are exceeding the expectations of Ukraine's pilots: Report Ukrainian pilots training on US F-16s are "very impressed" with the fighter jets, a report said. The Ukrainian service of the Voice of.. Newsweek First Photo of Ukrainian F-16 Is Making Russia 'Nervous': Kyiv Official A photo of an F-16 marked with a Ukrainian insignia was published last week. . 6 hours ago GAME ON MR PUTIN...........pucker up FUND UKRAINE NOW...Finish off Russia's aggression.....Putin will not escape
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    Okay checked it out. Yes Ammonia, NH3, can be used to run an engine. I remember an engineer telling me once that he could get peanut oil to run an engine, but it remains very much more expensive and difficult to do so. Note that you'd need NH3 with an H2 kicker and a fuel tank under pressure, not to mention a purpose-built engine. Like or not good 'ol gasoline is an extremely convenient fuel that remains liquid at room temperatures and can be pumped around with ease and is backed by a long established infrastructure for distributing the fuel. To go the Toyota route not only would we need a whole new car fleet but a whole new set of gas/petrol stations distributing one fuel that's toxic and another that's dangerous. He mentions at the end that there might be applications which can't be electrified, maybe heavy freight transport, but the same problems remain. Nice idea but I won't rush out an buy one.
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    Current drones they are using are easily defeated, its just that they are so inept neither side can currently do so. Ancient WWII RADAR guided AA is all it would take. Does not even count active protection system as is already available on tanks. Nor active EMS jamming(its not like the frequencies used are not known and jamming is absurdly easy. What we are seeing is complete lack of industrial output on either side who are resorting to trench warfare due to lack of industry, not modern tech. As for the Geopolitics... Pure Naked greed on Putin's part and it is hard to blame the guy as most Russian's like to eat I have heard it said... Dude has lied to himself so often he has forgotten what a mirror looks like... and the chickens coming home to roost in the USA with its $1T deficit spending which Rand Paul is rightly pointing out ... every budget bill every year. Throwing our industry to China without massive tariffs, crimping not just the toes, but taking out at least one ankle and maybe a knee as well. No one would(Well a few) would have a problem sending Ukraine billions upon billions of arms... except we are in massive industrial/financial trouble who most pretend does not exist and just brush it off pretending if the USA wants to it can "just" open the taps and produce gargantuan quantities of manufactured goods(Peter Zeihans of the world utopian bull shit)... where the ONLY "good" in the loosest term of "good" is that everyone else is just as massively absurdly in debt as we are or nearly so except China has this gargantuan industrial capacity to produce ships/aircraft/goods... Hrmm where have I heard this story before... sure smells like 1930's... yea yea yea, history does not repeat, but it does rhyme Wild card: India
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    In his conversation with Carlson, Putin focused on the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries. Moscow did not exist then. So even if we could perform the wishful time travel that Putin wants, and turn the clock back to 988, it could not lead us to a country with a capital in Moscow. Most of Russia’s present territory is in Siberia. Europeans did not control those Asian territories back then. On Putin’s logic, Russia has no claim today to the territories from which it extracts its natural gas and oil. Other countries would, and Russia’s national minorities would. Advertisement Putin provides various dates to make various claims. Anyone can do that about any territory. So the first implication of Putin’s view is that no borders are legitimate, including the borders of your own country. Everything is up for grabs, since everyone can have a story. Carlson asked Putin why he must invade Ukraine, and the myth of eternal Russia was the answer. OTHER TOPICS OF INTEREST The Big Meet Turns 6: Insights from Olga Kearley on Evolution and Impact The Big Meet, the number one networking organization in Kyiv, gets ready to celebrate its 6-year anniversary: Put on your Vyshyvanka and join in at Ostannya Barykada on Friday, Feb. 16 The second problem, after war, is genocide. After you decide a country in the deep past is also somehow your country now, you then insist that the only true history is whatever seems to prove you right. The experiences of people who actually lived in the past and live in the present are “artificial” (to use one of Putin’s favorite words). Advertisement In the interview, and in other speeches during the war, Putin depends on a false distinction between natural nations and artificial nations. Natural nations have a right to exist, artificial ones do not. But there are no natural nations. All nations are made. The Russia of tomorrow is made by the actions of Russians today. If Russians fight a lawless war of destruction in Ukraine, that makes them a different people than they might have been. This is more important than anything that happened centuries ago. When a nation is called “artificial,” this is justification for genocide. Genocidal language does not refer to the past; it changes the future. Everyone who does not fit Putin’s neat story (Russia is eternal, so Russians can do whatever they want) has to be removed, first from the narrative of the past, and then from those counted as human in present. On Putin’s logic, it does not matter what people believe or how people understand their own past. It is he who decides which souls are bound to which other souls. Other views have no place in nature, because they arose from events which (in his story) should never have happened. His view must govern the past, which requires violence in the present: genocide. Advertisement Silver coin from Kyivan Rus with Volodymyr the Great and a tryzub, Ukraine’s national symbol. If there are people who say that Ukraine is real, they must be destroyed. That has been the logic of Russia’s mass murder from the start. Putin expected Ukraine to fall in a few days because he thought he needed to eliminate a few Ukrainians in an artificial elite. The more Ukrainians there turned out to be, the more people had to be killed. The same holds for physical expressions of Ukrainian culture. Russia has destroyed thousands of Ukrainian schools. Everywhere Russian troops reach, they burn Ukrainian books. The third problem is a fascism expressed as victimhood. Putin is the dictator of the largest country in the world and personally controls tens and more likely hundreds of billions of dollars. And yet in his story he is a longwinded victim, because not everyone agrees with him. Russia is a victim because Russians can tell a story about how they need to fight a genocidal war, and not everyone agrees. Ukrainians are the aggressors, because they do not agree that they and their country do not exist. Indeed, says Putin, Ukrainians are “Nazis,” a word that in his mouth just means “people who refuse to accept that Russians are pure no matter what we do.” This is a victim claim: if the Ukrainians are “Nazis,” then Russians – even though they started the war and have killed tens of thousands of people and kidnapped tens of thousands of children and carry out war crimes every single day – must be the righteous sufferers. Advertisement FEATURED Avdiivka Mayor Confirms Russian Incursion into City Outskirts Russia Storming Avdiivka with ‘Very Large Forces’ Russian Infantry ‘Banned from Using Armored Vehicles’ to Attack Dnipro Bridgehead This is how myth matters. If all the wrong in the past was done by others, as Putin says, then all the wrong in the present must be done by others. Putin’s story divides good and evil perfectly. Russia is always right, others are always wrong. Russians can behave like Nazis while calling others “Nazis” and all is well. Russia is a people with a special purpose, resisted by conspiracies. Putin’s war has been fought with fascist slogans and by fascist means, with mass propaganda and mass mobilization. Just as there are three why problems (war, genocide, fascism) there are three how problems. Putin leaves things out before his narrative begins, gets things wrong during his narrative, and leaves things out as his narrative ends. I’d almost rather leave it at the why. As soon as I get into the how, and start correcting the factual errors, it’s as though I am endorsing the overall logic. So just to make this clear: even were Putin a decent historian, that would not mean that he could (legally, morally) claim territory on the basis of correct things he said about the past. Real historians, as you might have noticed, do not actually have that power. Most of what Putin says about the past is ludicrous; but even had he said some true things, that would not justify destroying the international order, invading neighbors, and committing genocide. Advertisement Geography of archaeological sites of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture in Ukraine (c. 5500 to 2750 BCE). Published in the Encyclopedia of Trypillian Civilization. Before even Kyivan Rus existed Aside from being dangerous and erroneous, what Putin says about the Ukrainian past is boring. He leaves out important things about the history of the lands that are now Ukraine. Thousands of years before Putin begins to get everything wrong, world-historical trends emerge from lands that are now Ukraine. Deep in the Bronze Age, about 6,000 years ago, there were large settlements (“mega-cities”) in what is now Ukraine. About 5,000 years ago, the people who built those cities were displaced by pastoralists who had domesticated the horse. Those people brought from the steppe with the beginnings of languages now spoken by about half the people of the world. About 2,500 years ago, Scythians from what is now southern Ukraine encountered Greeks, supplying them with some of their best stories (including those of Amazons, female Scythian warriors). Scythia, or the southern coast of what is now Ukraine, fed Athens during the time of its greatest flowering, and Greeks lived in cities on what is now the southern Ukrainian coast. Advertisement One could go on from there to the Sarmatians, the Goths, and the Khazars. The lands of what is now Ukraine may very well have been the first European territories inhabited by humans; however that may be, they have been inhabited, often by hugely influential peoples, for about 37,000 years. If it were truly the case that one could claim territory today on the basis of who was there first, Russia would have a weak claim. The real Rus, not Putin’s fairy tale All of Putin’s utterances about the period he finds interesting, beginning in the ninth century AD, are wrong. He starts up Tucker Carlson with a pleasant tale about how people in Novgorod “invited” a “Varangian prince” to rule them. History is a rougher business than that. This was the Viking age. A Viking slaving company known as “Rus” was finding its way down the Dnipro River to exchange its Slavic slaves for silver. Eventually those Vikings made of Kyiv, at the time a Khazar fort, their main trading post and port and later their capital. In the interview, Putin invites Carlson to believe that this was a “centralized state” with “one and the same language.” This is just ignorance. It was a medieval kingdom, not a state in our sense. It was certainly not centralized. That is a fantasy. Nor did it have a single language. The Viking and post-Viking rulers had three names: their Scandinavian ones, with time their local (Slavic) ones, and after conversion their baptismal ones. There was a Slavic language at the time and place, spoken by much of the population and eventually by the rulers, but it was not modern Russian or Russian of any description. Some of the language of politics was from the Khazars. There were Jews in ancient Kyiv who knew Hebrew and Slavic. There were plenty of other languages spoken as well, from several different linguistic families. Were Putin serious that the past determines the present, he should say that the territories of that medieval Viking state, Kyivan Rus – much of Ukraine, all of Belarus, some of northeastern Russia by today’s boundaries – should belong to Sweden, or Denmark, or Norway, or perhaps Finland. The creation of Kyivan Rus was one of several spectacular examples of Viking state-building around the year 1000. This broad history includes Sicily, Normandy (and so indirectly England) as well as the Scandinavian kingdoms. Sometimes Viking ambition includes several of these states at once, as when Harald Hardrada, who had served the army of Kyivan Rus, took up the kingship in Norway and invaded England. Putin speaks of Yaroslav the Wise; in an Icelandic source that fascinating ruler figures as Jarisleif the Lame. He was widely known in the Europe of the day (but not in Moscow, which did not exist). Yaroslav the Wise on a Ukrainian banknote Then the Mongols arrive in Kyiv, in 1240. This is an awkward moment for Putin, since it reveals the problem with his reasoning. If the Mongols destroyed Kyivan Rus in about 1240, why not pick then as the date that is forever valid? Why is that any worse than the earlier and later dates Putin chooses? Why does Mongolia not have a claim on Kyiv, and for that matter on Russia? On Putin’s logic, it must. Putin skips hastily over this awkwardness to the (false) claim that “northern cities preserved some of their sovereignty.” He means that Moscow preserved the sovereignty of Kyivan Rus under Mongol rule. But Moscow did not exist. By the time the Mongols invaded, there was a settlement on the site, but the Mongols burned it down. When Moscow was rebuilt, it was as a site of tribute collection for the Mongol overlords. That is the founding moment of the state centered in Moscow. Why then does today’s Moscow not now belong to Mongolia? In the English transcript of the interview provided by the office of the president of the Russian Federation, which I am using, Putin keeps saying “Russian.” This is not the kind of thing one can expect Carlson to notice, but it is an error every time Putin does it, at least for most of the centuries he is talking about. Kyivan Rus was in no way “Russia.” It was named after Vikings who became rulers. That name “Rus” came to be associated with the land and its people and with Christianity. But “Russia” as Putin is using it, when it refers to anything specific, is an empire founded in St. Petersburg (a city that did not exist at the time of Kyivan Rus) in 1721. That Russian Empire was named “Russian” precisely as a claim to lands and to history. But just because Peter the Great made a clever public relations decision half a millennium after the Mongols took Kyiv does not mean that there was a Russia when the Mongols arrived. There was not. Whereas the Russian Empire… The Russian Empire that arose from Moscow was a very important state. But even the Russian Empire (1721-1917) was not a Russia in the way Putin wants. Most of its territory was in Asia. There was no Russian national consciousness among its peoples on most of its territories for most of its existence. Most of its population did not speak Russian. Its ruling class was largely German, Polish, and Swedish. Catherine the Great, the empress Putin venerates, was a German princess who came to power after the murder of her husband, who was a German prince. (Much the same can be said, incidentally, for the Soviet elite. It is only with Boris Yeltsin and his chosen successor Putin that we have before us unambiguous Russians durably ruling in a country called Russia. It is perhaps this very novelty and uncertainty that stands behind a view of the past that is at once naive and cynical. Russia’s nationhood is postmodern, and it shows.) In moving from the Middle Ages to the present, Putin then commits a huge error of omission. He refers very briefly to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and only to tell Carlson that they oppressed “Russians.” The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were the largest countries in Europe. It was Lithuania that inherited most of the lands of old Rus, at around the time its rulers became kings of Poland. Poland-Lithuania included Kyiv for more than 300 years – longer than Kyiv was part of Kyivan Rus, longer than Kyiv was ever part of the Russian Empire. Much of the impressive political culture of Kyiv shifted to Vilnius. Again, by Putin’s own logic, the lands that are now Ukraine should therefore be claimed by today’s Lithuania or today’s Poland. A great deal happened during those 300 years: the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counter-reformation. All of these marked Ukraine (as it was now called) and made it different from a Muscovite state largely untouched by those trends. Ukrainian Cossacks rebelled against Polish rule, on the basis of an understanding of a legal duty of rulers to subjects that existed in Poland-Lithuania but not in Muscovy. When Ukrainian Cossacks rebelled against Polish rule, they were led by a man educated by Jesuits who knew Ukrainian, Polish, and Latin but did not know Russian, and who used translators to communicate with Muscovites. The Cossacks did cooperate with Moscow after they lost their Crimean Tatar allies, and this did lead to wars that ruined Poland-Lithuania and allowed Muscovy to expand westward. But Putin is wrong that the agreement signed between Cossacks and Muscovy in 1654 was some kind of eternal soul-binding of Ukrainians to Russians. Like many things he thinks, this was Soviet propaganda with a specific purpose. Khrushchev’s regime made this claim to explain why Ukraine, which everyone accepted was a nation, was nevertheless bound forever to Russia inside the USSR. It was based on political need, not historical fact. There is something pathetic about someone as versed in lying as Putin actually believing the lies he was told when he was young. Starved peasants on a street in Kharkiv, 1933. In “Famine in the Soviet Ukraine, 1932–1933: a memorial exhibition,” Harvard University. Language, famine and the Nazis were right Putin makes a mistake about the Ukrainian language, over and over, that is typical of imperial deafness. It is true that Ukrainians today can speak Russian (although many also, for understandable reasons, refuse to do so) as well as Ukrainian. When they encountered Russians, until very recently, Ukrainians would switch to Russian. This courtesy gave Russians the impression that Ukrainian was just a dialect of Russian or that Ukrainian did not exist. The simple truth is that Ukrainians know Russian because they learned it. Russians do not know Ukrainian because they do not learn it. Russian soldiers right now, two years into the war, persist in calling the Ukrainian they hear on radio intercepts “Polish” because they are unable to grasp the obvious: that there is a Ukrainian language, and they do not understand it. Putin’s notion that there is no Ukrainian language is like his idea that there is no Ukrainian country or Ukrainian people: it is genocidal, because only mass killing can make it true. And of course one thing that is clear from this interview is that Putin takes it for granted that killing any number of people is preferable to admitting a mistake. Ideas matter. It is because he is wrong about everything that he must kill. Putin perhaps comes closest to realizing his own problem when he talks about the 20th century and the creation of the Soviet Union (and its Ukrainian republic). Putin is sure that there was no Ukraine in history, and therefore he must present Lenin and Stalin as fools, because they acted as if Ukraine were real. Now, Lenin and Stalin were many things, but they were not fools. Putin says that they acted for “inexplicable” or “unknown” reasons in creating a Ukrainian republic and applying (in the 1920s) policies consistent with the existence of Ukrainian language and culture. Lenin and Stalin did this because they knew, from their own personal experience, that there was a Ukrainian national movement. They did not wish for this to be true; they were simply confronted with it at every step. They knew that there had been a Ukrainian national movement in the Russian Empire. They knew that Ukrainians had tried to found states after the Bolshevik Revolution. They knew that they had defeated these attempts after years of extreme violence, and that something else would have to be done over the long run. Putin calls the Soviet Union “Russia” and tells Carlson that the Soviet Union was just another name for Russia. Here he is simply wrong. Russia was a part of the Soviet Union. About half the population were not Russians. Ukraine and other republics were subject to russification policies, but no Soviet leader claimed (as Putin does) that these republics were an element of Russia. The Soviet Union took the form it did, as a nominal federation of national republics, because Lenin, Stalin, and other Bolsheviks knew, more than 100 years ago, that they had to reckon with Ukraine. They created a Soviet Union with national republics because they knew they had to make some compromise with political reality, above all the reality of Ukraine. When Soviet policy turned against Ukrainians in the early 1930s, this was because Stalin was afraid of losing Ukraine as a result of his own disastrous policies, not because he thought Ukraine did not exist. He was right to believe that Ukrainian peasants would resist his policy of seizing their land; many of them did, so long as they could. He and other members of the politburo engineered a political famine in Ukraine on the logic that Ukrainians in particular should be punished for the failures of Stalin’s own policy. Putin ignores these events completely; but they were a lived and unforgettable reality for the survivors. The generational memory of what Ukrainians call the Holodomor is one way Ukrainians today differ from Russians. Putin talks about the Second World War as if it were a Russian ethnic struggle, but it was a Soviet struggle. And the Soviet peoples who suffered the most, after the Jews, were the Belarusians and the Ukrainians. More Ukrainian civilians were killed under German occupation than Russian civilians. Ukrainian soldiers were overrepresented in the Red Army that defeated the Germans on the eastern front. These are among the important facts of contemporary history that Putin simply passes over. Or he makes things up: like his claim that he lectured the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, about Zelensky’s father, who was in the Red Army. It was Zelensky’s grandfather. His great-grandfather and three great-uncles were murdered in the Holocaust. Putin has lost track of the generations and lost sight of what mattered and to whom. What Putin has to say about the Second World War is that Hitler was right. For a decade now, Putin has been justifying the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the 1939 alliance between Stalin and Hitler than began the Second World War. His argument at the beginning was that the Soviet choice to join Nazi Germany in the invasion of Poland was just the sort of thing everyone was doing. But it is hard to see how Hitler could have started his war had the Soviets simply held to the non-aggression pact they had earlier signed with Poland. Now Putin has taken a further step, saying that Poland had (somehow) both collaborated with Germany too much and simultaneously not collaborated enough and thereby brought the war on itself. Putin wants to say that Poland collaborated with Germany to distract from the basic fact that the Soviet Union entered the Second World War as a German ally. Warsaw refused to fight on Berlin’s side in 1939; Moscow agreed. Putin blames the war on Poland because his own approach to borders and history in 2024 is like Hitler’s in 1939. Putin’s “historical” argument about Ukraine is consistent with Nazi propaganda about Poland, right down to the business about “artificial” states and peoples with no historical right to exist. German ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop (left) and Soviet dictator Stalin laugh as Vyacheslav Molotov signs the German–Soviet Boundary and Friendship Treaty on Sept. 28, 1939. Putin’s claim that the Ukrainians are the actual Nazis isn’t even framed as history. He just says it. This sort of claim is itself fascist: it rests on a domestic politics of us-and-them, where Russians are told that they are always innocent; and an international propaganda campaign meant to confuse by name-calling. Ukraine has much less of a problem with the far right than does Russia, or for that matter than the United States, or pretty much any other European country you care to name. Ukrainians elected a Jewish president by more than 70 percent of the ballot, without his Jewishness being much of an issue. That would be a challenge elsewhere. The Ukrainian minister of defense is a Crimean Tatar (and a Muslim). The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces was born in Soviet Russia to Russian parents. Ukraine manages a degree of diversity, even in wartime, that reflects its fascinating history, a past that cannot really be described in a text like this, one which has to have to narrow purpose of showing how and why Putin is wrong. Putin has been making the argument of his interview since 2010; his myth about the past is a major subject of my book The Road to Unfreedom, which charts its origins and defines its consequences at greater length. Putin’s kind of story leads to war, genocide, and fascism. It also, though this might seem like a much smaller wound, makes history harder to practice. When stories like his are successful, people in other countries think that they too need an account of eternal innocence to justify the awfulness of the everyday. And historians can be pulled into the vortex, spending their times answering lies rather than doing their research. My own positive version of Ukrainian history is available in the public lecture series available here. I close this essay with bibliography to emphasize that history is about researching, considering, and making interesting and defensible arguments. Ukrainian historians keep doing this, even during the war. The last item by Hrytsak, for example, has just been released and deserves a wide readership. Simon Franklin and Jonathan Shepard, Emergence of Rus 750-1200, London: Routledge, 1996. Christian Raffensperger, The Kingdom of Rus, Arc Humanities Press, 2017. Paul Robert Magocsi, A History of Ukraine, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996 Ivan L. Rudnytsky, Essays in Modern Ukrainian History, Edmonton: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 1987. Tatiana Tairova Yakovleva, Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020. Timothy Snyder, The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002. Barbara Skinner, The Western Front of the Eastern Church, Dekalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 2009. Serhiy Bilenky, Laboratory of Modernity: Ukraine Between Empire and Nation, 1772-1914, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2023. Matthew D. Pauly, Breaking the Tongue: Language, Education, and State Power in Soviet Ukraine, 1923-1934, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014 Golfo Alexopoulos, Illness and Inhumanity in the Gulag, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017. Anne Applebaum, Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, New York: Doubleday, 2017. Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, New York: Basic Books, 2010. Mayhill Fowler, Beau Monde on Empire’s Edge: State and Stage in Soviet Ukraine, University of Toronto Press, 2023. Serhy Yekelchyk, Ukraine: The Birth of a Modern Nation, New York: Oxford University Press, 2007. Myroslav Marynovych, The Universe Behind Barbed Wire: Memoirs of a Ukrainian Soviet Dissident, Rochester University Press, 2022. Timothy Snyder, The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, New York: Tim Duggan Books, 2018. Stanislav Aseev, The Torture Camp on Paradise Street, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 2023. Serhii Plokhy, The Gates of Europe, New York: Basic Books, 2017. Yaroslav Hrytsak, Ukraine: The Forging of a Nation, New York: Public Affairs, 2024. Reprinted from the author’s blog: “Thinking about…” See the original here. The views expressed are the author’s and not necessarily of Kyiv Post. To suggest a correction or clarification, write to us here You can also highlight the text and press Ctrl + Enter CONTACT US Timothy Snyder Putin has his low IQ supporters The Guardian Rand Paul filibusters over Senate’s $95bn foreign aid package – live Kentucky senator who opposes the aid package has indicated he will use every tool at his disposal to delay the final vote. . LIVE16 mins ago
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    Ron thinks he knows what women want more than they do... He is clearly suggesting women are weak and enjoy imprisonment (value security over freedom) and are less intelligent (indoctrination is much more effective). What a load of sexist garbage.
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    Still waiting for Obama, Bush, and Biden to be indicted...
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    The Russian oil and natural gas industry will continue but there are many other sources that will be competing for the oil and gas business. Russia may never have as high a percentage of the market or as great a profit. Russia's reputation is destroyed and its internal control will be opposed. Its military arms exports will be worth far less. Before the Ukraine War Russia's economy was about the side of Spain. Now it will be even less.
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    Ukraine will never be NATO member.??? just a few years ago Finland and Sweden were 100 percent......will never be NATO members the Baltic's???? ....no one thought 30 years ago that the Baltic nations would all join NATO grows stronger every day and Russia grows weaker Russia is too strong???? well they sure are not looking very strong these days. poorly trained soldiers ....crappy equipment.......... Ukrinform Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to 394,270 Ukraine's defense forces eliminated about 394270 Russian invaders between February 24, 2022 and February 10, 2024, including 980 in the past... . 1 day ago Enjoy Reality
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    He may well be speaking to European standards, which are vastly different from US standard's. I've assisted a few individuals rebuilding RV engine's/ suspensions in the EU, to say there parts network's machine shop network's are limited would be a understatement. Maintenance is extremely expensive, and VAT taxation is aborent. What the US citizens take for granted European citizens would find unbelievable. This is all due to socialist designed infrastructure...read stunted. Having a conversation about automotive dynamics is impossible, the foundations are strikingly different. One stark contrast...A starter in the US may cost say $125...the EU 500. It's a lovely place to maintain a auto. Then there is the retail market place...again stunted. Highly regulated and controlled, again stunted socialism. If you ever have wondered why offshore mfgs demand to come to U.S. shores...it can be explained in one word..holygrail.
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    Good reminder...if you have not noticed the Dramatic changes occurring in the US landscape for the last yr...well so be it. Progressive/Socialism is dying a slow but devastating death...And now it appears this tide has smitten the White House....Tik Tok Tok...
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    the tax credits are only available to offset taxes owed...you do not get a refund check for excess tax credits on EVs . Nor can you carryover any excess tax credit. No different than a tax cut or a deduction ....No one pays for them just less tax money collected.... No different than Tax Credit Rent Controlled housing built for the elderly/low income except those Tax Credits can be sold to anyone (including corporations) who then can use the tax credits to offset their tax liabilities . The government does not hand over any money for Tax Credit Subsidized housing ......yet the builder gets credits and the elderly get below market rate rents ....... Low Income Units built per year with Tax Credits.... 50,000-60000 nationwide a fair chunk of the market This is how Apartment builders survive.....Tax Credits and the poor are housed..instead of being homeless and you pay nothing out of your pocket in taxes for the subsidies Would you also say.......In other words their money is stolen for the good of others. That is a form of socialism. ????????
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    Havent heard off rust issues Ron but they've only been around in the UK for 10 months, so possibly there is. I guess if its -40 in Siberia there might be issues (as there would be for ICE vehicles) but again not heard that either before but possible I guess. I dont think they'll be available in the USA or if they are they will have import duties applied to them to make USA manufacturers competitive. BYD Atto 3 (2023 - present) | Expert Rating | The Car Expert
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    https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2024/02/06/brussels-blinks-eu-scraps-key-elements-of-green-agenda-in-standoff-with-farmers/ Brussels Blinks First: European Union Scraps Key Elements of Green Agenda Amid Standoff with Farmers 232 Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images KURT ZINDULKA 6 Feb 2024310 3:33 The farmer uprisings across the continent have forced the globalist European Union leadership in Brussels to back down from key elements to its green agenda to achieve “net zero” emissions — for now. Following major wins last year in The Netherlands, tractor protests from farmers secured another significant victory against the globalist agenda on Tuesday, with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen scrapping plans to require the agriculture sector to cut methane and nitrogen emissions by a third by 2040. Brussels is also set to backtrack on plans to cut the use of pesticides in half during the same time frame, which farmers have argued puts them at a disadvantage to foreign agriculture imported into the bloc under free trade deals at cheaper costs due to their countries having less stringent environmental regulations as the EU. Plans to encourage Europeans to eat less meat, a central theme of the Great Reset movement favoured by elites, have also been abandoned. Commenting on the move, EU chief von der Leyen said per The Telegraph: “Our farmers deserve to be listened to.” “I know that they are worried about the future of agriculture and their future as farmers. But they also know that agriculture needs to move to a more sustainable model of production so that their farms remain profitable in the years to come”, she told the European Parliament. However, it is unclear if the concessions made by Brussels on Tuesday will suffice to quell the anger of the farmers, given that they still face over-regulation at both the national and EU levels as well as facing issues from cheap foreign produce, notably from Ukraine, which was granted tariff-free access to the EU market following the Russian invasion. The farmer protests against the EU’s green agenda, which began in earnest four years ago in The Netherlands, have seen major cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Rome blockaded by thousands of tractors over the past month, causing supply chain issues and disruptions to urban life. Yet, the farmers have a broad base of support, with a recent poll finding that nearly 90 per cent of French voters believe that their tractor protests are justified. The support for the farmers has sparked panic among the neo-liberal factions in Brussels for fear of turning the upcoming European Union Parliament elections in June into a referendum on the failures of the green agenda. In addition to hurting farmers, it has also been regarded as having left Europe vulnerable to external events, such as the war in Ukraine, driving up the cost of energy in Europe where domestic fossil fuel production has largely dried up in favour of so-called renewables like wind and solar, which have failed to deliver on promises of energy independence. While the backtrack on Tuesday has been widely regarded as a victory for the farmers, some — perhaps sensing blood in the water — have called to keep the pressure up on the EU leadership. Dutch pro-farmer political activist Eva Vlaardingerboek said: “This is good news because it shows that protesting works and putting pressure on our overlords works. However, just dropping the requirements for 2040 is not enough. The entire agenda has to go. The Green Deal and the NetZero scam has to go. We’ve won a battle, not the war.” Follow Kurt Zindulka on X: or e-mail to: kzindulka@breitbart.com Environment London / Europe Politics EU European Parliament European Parliament elections European Union Eva Vlaardingerbroek Farmers Great Reset green agenda Net Zero tractor Ursula von der Leyen SPONSORED STORIES Thousands Are Checking if They Qualify for This Debt Relief Program Weekly Financial Solutions Goodbye To Free Returns? Amazon Releases New Fees TheWalletGuru Tired of Bladder Leakage? Try This Simple Solution, Say Doctors Health Benefits Michael Douglas’ Expensive Divorce Makes History FamilyThis Do You Have Toenail Fungus? Try This Tonight (It's Genius!) WellnessGuide Why Doctors in the Know No Longer Prescribe Blood Pressure Drugs Primal Health Dana Perino Steps out with Her New Wife and Stun Fans US FOOD SEARCH Latest Gift to Trump Supporters Leaves Liberals Fuming! PatriotsInspired.com COMMENTS Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting. 310 310 SOCIAL SPONSORED STORIES Goodbye To Free Returns? Amazon Releases New Fees TheWalletGuru Residents in Decatur with Credit Card Debt Could Be in for a Big Surprise Weekly Financial Solutions Blood Sugar Above 100? Do This Tonight (It's Genius) Health-Review24 These Things Are Considered 'Normal' In Iceland Today's NYC Do You Have Toenail Fungus? Try This Tonight (It's Genius!) WellnessGuide The First Signs Of Macular Degeneration (Write These Down) Branded Links MOST POPULAR McConnell Turns Against Border Bill9,773 Blinken Arrives in Israel with 'Serious Proposal' for Hostage Deal, Truce87 Trump Campaign Vows to Appeal Immunity Ruling to Supreme Court3,633 Biden Gives Game Plan Away: Senate Bill is Precursor to Amnesty2,626 House Fails to Impeach Mayorkas5,606 Lee Calls for New Senate Leadership, Border Bill 'Disqualifying Betrayal'6,010 WATCH--Tucker Carlson: 'Why I'm Interviewing Vladimir Putin'2,419 Biden Blames Trump and 'MAGA Republicans' for Broken Border System4,510 Schumer Warns US Troops Will Be Fighting Russians if Border Bill Not Passed7,785 Trump Scores Endorsement from International Union of Police Associations85 FROM THE HOMEPAGE House Fails to Impeach Mayorkas5,606 Blinken Arrives in Israel with ‘Serious Proposal’ for Hostage Deal, ‘Expanding’ Truce87 Report: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to Step Down After South Carolina Primary451 Trump Scores Endorsement from International Union of Police Associations85 Trump Campaign Vows to Appeal Immunity Ruling to Supreme Court3,633 WATCH: Biden-Admin Admitted Migrants March Across Bridge over Texas-Seized Border Park68 ESPN, Warner Bros. Discovery, Fox to Launch Mega Sports Streaming Platform45 Centers for Disease Control Warns of Listeria Outbreak in Dairy Products37 IDF Releases Evidence of Payments Directly from Iran to Hamas17 Iran Announces Construction on Another Nuclear Reactor22 Senate Bill Explodes Chain Migration Despite Opposition from 63% Likely Voters63 Jury Finds Jennifer Crumbley, the Michigan School Shooter’s Mother, Guilty of Manslaughter1,088
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    5 Reasons Why Electric Vehicle Sales Have Slowed Undeniably EV sales have slowed, but so have ICE vehicle sales but to a lesser extent due to the initial outlay cost. 5 Reasons Why Electric Vehicle Sales Have Slowed (forbes.com) The higher end EV market is well developed, its the smaller cheaper end that is lacking and that in my opinion is where EV manufacturers have got things wrong (BYD apart). For mass uptake vehicles need to be on at least a level playing field with their equivalent ICE counterpart or they wont be purchased. I still think this is a bump in the road until infrastructure, cost and range improve significantly which they are starting to as the article points out. Ignorance from buyers remains prevalent in some geographical locations and that needs addressing too. Gas (petrol) in the USA is very cheap so the savings arent as great as say the UK where its more like $7.70/gallon compared to half that in America. Savings on fuel are a big selling point in Europe which you arent getting in the States. The economics and practicalities still dont work for Americans to buy an EV as infrastructure isnt there and neither are the fuel cost savings. The same applied to ICE vehicles 100-120 years ago!
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    I wish I could say that this is a surprise, but it was obvious all along that EVs were not the answer to any problem. Only an extremely ill-informed and ill-advised public policy could waste so many billions of taxpayer money subsidizing such a foolish blundering policy. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    Do not mistaken muscularly well built or fat and "strong". Strong men have 1. Strong sense of right and wrong 2. Strong basic ethics that they adhere to 3. Never compromise ethics to gain favour, wealth or anything out of greed. 4. They are men of words who will do what they have promised they would You know you are weak when: 1. You choose to bully only those who can not fight back nor have a voice that can be heard 2. You see injustice, bullying, torturing, inhumanity acts being carried out in front of you or to your knowledge, but you choose to ignore because it is none of your business what others are doing to the powerless and underprivileged. 3. You have everything and every power to do the right things or to make things right, but you did not. 4. You should be angry at how inhumane they torture the innocent who can not fight back and have no voice or chance to be heard, but you laugh out loud instead. When men are muscularly well built, fat etc but found bullying women they know of no match; not only giving no help when needed but with all their might to ruin for their psychosis need of feeling superior or something, they are just weak and sick but proud because they are doing it with agreeing friends ... Being not able to judge and do the right thing, despite small, is the first phase of falling generation. They are the reason their empires are falling even though they seem to prosper with status quo right now.
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    I think Foot in the Mouth has never heard of the term Summer Drive Season.......... https://www.convenience.org/Topics/Fuels/Changing-Seasons-Changing-Gas-Prices#:~:text=February-August%3A Summer Drive Season and Increased Demand&text=Total fuel demand is 10,demand imbalance and affect prices. February-August: Summer Drive Season and Increased DemandTotal fuel demand is 10% to 15% greater in August than in February, and any stress to the system—such as a refinery or pipeline outage—can cause a supply/demand imbalance and affect prices.
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    Editing opening insult: sorry Driving distance does not go down in the winter last I checked.... Last I checked I did the system using a SMALL SINGLE car.... What household do you know of that only has 1 car??? I do not know of a single household that only has one car. NOT ONE unless they are at deaths door or very young and VERY poor(I have been there and done that... not fun). So, add another 500kWh/month required for a SMALL/medium car. Gosh Golly Gee, do you see everyone running around in little sedan TESLAs? NO. SUV's are going to be 0.35kWh/mile or greater, not 0.25--0.3kWh/mile. No, TESLA does not sell an SUV sized car no matter what they claim and besides it is $100,000 so... uh who is going to buy that? Are you too damned LAZY to look up DALLAS stats? You know one of the SUNNIEST places in the USA? Does your system not have to work during the winter? Mine does. AND it MUST work with OLD USED components that do not need to be replaced every 5 years as all of a sudden you do not have enough power. I used Average apartment/house numbers in Dallas Texas and AVERAGES for the year. More sun/more power required in summer(no one cares, solar doubles). Yes, you need heating in Winter in Texas and I am assuming you use your HVAC as heater in winter for those numbers. Last I checked there are things called storms which drop the numbers even further for DAYS. Yes, even in Texas... 🤡 Sure, if you have a small SUPER insulated house(R70 with a perfectly sealed house), you can drop that 1000kWh/month down to 500kWh/month (See Matt Risingers house numbers which has posted on Youtube who does general contractor construction for a living and yes he has kids and not a retired hermit), but your house will cost an extra $100,000 in up front costs. And yes, he has more than one car which means his "super insulated house" will equal my numbers above with only 1, uh hem, 1 SEDAN car!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!
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    Tailings Pond ...I saw this old post from your twin brother, the Big E,...How is he doing these days????? Tell him I said hello
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    I think we totally agree on this subject. We are learning so much about the future of war in Ukraine. They are showing us how are weapons work or don't work well. Our Bradley Fighting Vehicle has proven to be much more useful than our main battle tanks which are far more expensive. The Russians have shown that their tanks are nearly useless against inexpensive drones that are run by talented Ukrainian specialists. The Ukrainians have engineered their own sea drones that have decimated the Russian Navy thus allowing safe shipping of Ukrainian grain. They have machine gun emplacements that can be aimed and fired remotely. Their land drones move landmines around wherever needed or in the way. Our modern weapons have enabled them to fend off the Russian air force to a great degree and to destroy the better part of Russia's tanks, and helicopters, plus many aircraft, and very expensive radar equipment leaving them blind in many areas. Our defense expenditures are wasted if our armed forces are not learning whether or not they work well in battle. As long as Ukraine wants to fight for its country it should be supported by the free world, and deserves to be helped with rebuilding its cities that have been severely damaged by Russian aggression. Russian war doctrine has always targeted civilians as targets to encourage them to work for peace. Russia cannot stand against the Free World, China cannot side with Russia or it's economy will crumble. North Korea and Iran are relatively weak and must be forced to stop supporting Russia. North Korean weapons and ammo have proven to be faulty, inaccurate and show what would happen if they ever attacked South Korea.
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    Perhaps Trump's senility is rubbing off on his supporters?
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    https://www.businessinsider.com/wagner-kremlin-killing-prigozhin-putin-russia-global-crash-death-yevgeny-2023-8?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=referral With Prigozhin dead, Putin has traded low-budget global reach for safety at home A portrait of Yevgeny Prigozhin at a memorial for the dead Wagner Group leader in Moscow. A former senior Kremlin official told Insider that Prigozhin's death was "inevitable" after his June rebellion. Contributor/Getty MS Mattathias Schwartz Aug 26, 2023, 7:50 AM CDT On Friday, the Kremlin's spokesperson said the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the Wednesday plane crash that killed Yevgeny Prigozhin was "a complete lie." But a former senior official who served at the highest levels of the Russian government told Insider a different story. "The rebellion was an anomaly," they wrote. "But the consequences were indeed inevitable." Advertisement In other words: The crash was no accident. It was unavoidable payback for Prigozhin's insubordination, which culminated in a march towards Moscow with a column of his Wagner Group mercenaries. The march was a stunningly open challenge to the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man who had found Prigozhin when he was running a string of Saint Petersburg restaurants and made him into one of Russia's most feared power brokers, trafficking in weaponry, gold, and armed men across three continents. As for Prigozhin himself, the former Kremlin official scoffed at the idea that his death was an untimely surprise. "His death could not have been more timely," they wrote. "His life was that of Chekov's gun. When his blank was fired, there was nothing left to do but be swept behind the curtain and let the play carry on." By invoking Chekhov's gun, the official was suggesting that any private military force that refused to submit to Putin's direct control was destined to be crushed by him. That famous storytelling principle — a gun innocently hanging on the wall in a play's first act will be fired in its third — is one of Russian literature's great contributions to world culture. But the story of Prigozhin's rise and fall can also be told through a trove of internal files that exposed the inner workings of his corporate empire in the months before his death. Those files included dozens of detailed spreadsheets showing how Prigozhin's Wagner Group tracked and spent its money: Wages for a Nigerian gig worker to push Kremlin memes through a troll farm — $276. Fuel to light up a famous hillside sign in the Central African Republic — $791. Worldwide promotion budget for "Tourist," a feature film depicting heroic Russian mercenaries who save an African government from local bandits and European elites, including ads on TikTok, YouTube, and Google — 29 million rubles, or roughly $300,000. Advertisement Those files were obtained from anonymous hackers who had pried them loose from the Wagner Group. They show why Prigozhin was so useful to Russian President Vladimir Putin, not only in the invasion of Ukraine, but in surreptitious campaigns to influence US politics and extend Russia's reach throughout the Middle East and Africa. Even before we reviewed evidence of Wagner troops engaging in rape, beheadings, and other war crimes, Prigozhin was known to be a bloodthirsty warlord, an ex-convict and Saint Petersburg restaurateur who had taken the brutal logic that he'd learned during his years in the Russian prison system to the global stage. But the spreadsheets showed us that Prigozhin was more than that. He was a bloodthirsty warlord who knew how to stretch a buck. The tiny amounts of money that we saw meticulously accounted for in the Wagner Group's monthly budgets and expense reports were a fraction of what American or European would have spent on similar overseas operations. Of course, that money was supplemented by pillage and extortion. The files included a shakedown letter Prigozhin had sent to the Syrian government, demanding oil revenue from a tract of land that his men had taken back from ISIS. Russia uses the Wagner Group to boost its military strength, but it is nothing like a conventional fighting force or diplomatic corps. Though often referred to as a private military company — mercenaries — Wagner's brutal methods, semi-official status, and appetite for resource extraction makes them something closer to 16th-century privateers. For so long as he remained loyal, Prigozhin was a perfect instrument for Putin to build up Russia's superpower status despite having an economy less than a tenth the size of China or the US. During the two months between the time that Prigozhin marched on Moscow and the explosion onboard his private plane, it wasn't impossible to imagine that Prigozhin had made himself so indispensable to Putin that he might be forgiven. Putin had already shown a remarkable tolerance of Prigozhin's grandiosity and his propensity to take to social media and publicly castigate the Kremlin's favorite generals for bad strategy and supply problems in Ukraine. Prigozhin's death suggests that Putin has accepted a setback in Russia's global ambitions in favor of ensuring the stability of his own regime. Of course, he'd prefer to have both. New reporting by the Wall Street Journal shows how vigorously Putin was attempting to supplant Prigozhin's authority during the final weeks of his life, maintaining Wagner's African shadow empire while centralizing control, and how Prigozhin continued to antagonize the Kremlin by refusing to fade into the background. After the mutiny, Russian authorities punched back, raiding Wagner's offices, blocking their social media channels, and releasing photographs of Prigozhin's lavish apartment filled with cash, gold, and guns. What they did not do was file criminal charges against Prigozhin or his Wagner minions, despite the fact that they'd killed some 15 Russian service members during their aborted march to Moscow. This led some to believe that Putin and Prigozhin could come to terms, including Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, who fancied himself a peacemaker between the two men. But in fact, Putin appears to have busied himself with absorbing the Wagner empire into the Russian state while plotting his revenge. Russia's Ministry of Defence reportedly sent emissaries to the foreign governments that Wagner had been propping up, informing them that they should now talk directly to the Kremlin. Other reports suggest that the job replacing Wagner in Africa will fall to the GRU, Russia's military intelligence unit. Regardless of who does it, rebuilding Prigozhin's intricate country-by-country network of bribes, propaganda, and fear will take years. Gen. James Clapper, the former head of the US intelligence community, told Insider that the apparent decision to kill Prigozhin was unsurprising given his priorities. Advertisement "Putin — typically and consistently — has chosen his personal stature, prestige, and power over everything else," Clapper wrote in an email. "I don't think he gave overseas activities a thought." As for Russia's future, "I think we'll just have another strongman as successor to Putin. Just more of the same." Mattathias Schwartz is Insider's chief national security correspondent. He can be reached by email at schwartz79@protonmail.com. 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    The EV revolution has run out of gas (excuse the pun). https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/electric-buses-sitting-unused-cities-across-the-us "Between the federal government, states and municipalities, untold billions in taxpayer dollars have been spent adding electric buses to transit fleets across the U.S. in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. However, cities from coast-to-coast are grappling with broken-down e-buses that cannot be fixed, are too expensive to fix, or they have scrapped their electric fleets altogether. Officials in Asheville, North Carolina, recently expressed frustration that three of the five e-buses the city purchased for millions in 2018 are now sitting idle due to a combination of software issues, mechanical problems and an inability to obtain replacement parts. Earlier this month, The Denver Gazette reported two of the four e-buses Colorado Springs' Mountain Metropolitan Transit acquired in 2021 are not running. They cost $1.2 million a piece, mostly paid for by government grants. Part of the problem is the manufacturer of the buses, Proterra, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August. The company, founded in 2004, rose to become the largest e-bus company in the U.S., representing nearly 40% of the market prior to going belly-up."
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    Unfounded rumors emerged about Chinese President Xi being under house arrest last weekend. If granted a third term, a right that has already been made possible due to a constitutional amendment, Xi would serve as CCP leader for another five years. Any doubt that Xi would be granted a third team as CCP leader seemed to have been put to rest by changes to both the state constitution of the People's Republic of China and the constitution of the Communist Party of China. https://oilprice.com/Geopolitics/Asia/Xi-Is-Set-To-Be-Re-Elected-As-Chinas-Leader.html