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    Note that the "success story" is a direct result of federal intervention in fossil fuel use. That same federal intervention goes on today, only now it's aim is to reduce the burning of coal and petroleum fuels. Another success story. Once you burn that stuff, it's GONE! I predict that within a decade, economical recovery of battery materials will be common. Big time! You cannot recover coal and petroleum after it is gone.
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    The EV market is now exhausted????? not in the UK enjoy the real numbers ...Love it when your BS is proven again to be nothing but BS Cumulative number of plug-in cars registered in the UK (2019 to date) Year BEV PHEV 2021 396,497 348,352 2022 663,700 449,766 2023 978,387 591,077 2024 (YTD) 1,111,449 655,995 1 more row How many EVs are there in the UK - EV market statistics 2024 Zap-Map https://www.zap-map.com › Ev stats What proportion of cars sold each month are electric? In May 2024, 17.6% of all new car registrations were electric cars, with 26,031 new electric cars registered. Note that, in the UK, March and September are new registration plate months, which accounts for the twice-yearly peaks in electric car sales and, historically, a drop in market share in these periods. Number of new battery-electric cars and market share, monthly BEVMonthly BEV Market ShareMay-23June-23July-23Aug-23Sep-23Oct-23Nov-23Dec-23Jan-24Feb-24Mar-24Apr-24May-24010,00020,00030,00040,00050,0000%5%10%15%20%25%% of new car registrations Month BEV Monthly BEV Market Share May-23 24,513 16.90% June-23 31,700 17.90% July-23 23,010 16.00% Aug-23 17,243 20.10% Sep-23 45,323 16.60% Oct-23 23,943 15.60% Nov-23 24,359 15.60% Dec-23 27,841 19.70% Jan-24 20,935 14.70% Feb-24 14,991 17.70% Mar-24 48,388 15.20% Apr-24 22,717 16.90% May-24 26,031 17.60% Source: SMMT, May 2024 How many plug-in cars are there in the UK? As of the end of May 2024, there were around 1,765,000 plug-in cars, with over 1,110,000 battery-electric cars and 656,000 PHEVs registered. In 2023, more than 452,000 plug-in hybrid and battery-electric cars were registered, showing a growth of 41% on 2022. There was also a significant shift away from plug-in hybrids towards battery-electric cars, with plug-in hybrid sales declining year on year, while battery-electric vehicle sales have increased.
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    A 40+% reduction in coal consumption is "otherwise meaningless"? Do you have any idea how many coal fired generating units have been retired (or converted to nat gas, if possible) in the last 5 years? ...and a LOT more retirements coming. Then, Bill Gates has broken ground on the new Natrium Nuclear Plant to be set outside of Kemmerer, WY. Kemmerer has the distinction of being the location of J. C. Penney's first (mother) store. And it is still open today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._C._Penney_Historic_District
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    Thanks for the photo,the Snowy Range is so distinct....what a great place My Grandpas brother, Bat, ran away from home (UP Michigan) in the early 1920s as a teenager and ended up on Elk Mountain.....stayed there for ever.....great guy...so sad he died in his 80's heart attack in a snow storm...froze to death....But he lived life large and was logging, fishing and hunting until the day he died.........always enjoy driving over the backside of the Snowy Range to this day...just great memories of life and family in Wyoming. If I could only convince my better half to stay more than a few days at a time.........She says it is just too cold (even in summer) Bat ...may he rest in peace on Elk Mountain
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    His statement is LITERALLY free-market capitalism genius. A company removing themselves from a corrupt market. The major data centers are placed where the power is CHEAPEST and near hubs for fiber and water, which would be in ~RED/Purple states bud. Top 5, N. Virginia by far the largest 3X that of 2nd place, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta and last down quite a ways is: Chicago. You would think Seattle would have a lot due to Microsoft/Amazon with cheap power, but being the middle of nowhere: Nope. About 1/3 that of Chicago and 10X smaller than N. Virginia.. Silicon Valley while 6th on the list is ~5X smaller than N. Virginia... Hrmm what could be in N. Virginia... Lets see... FBI, CIA, DHD, DoD... our data isn't being mined in violation of the US constitution right? 😭 A political party cutting off access on the other hand is definition of dictatorial control--> This is why we have the 2nd amendment for use on utterly corrupt judges and dictator scum
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    I hope the oil companies add 50% to the wholesale cost of gasoline going to Vermont. That should get the idiots to back off. If it gets tough just shut it all off.
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    Graph is going up up up, even though they are bringing on more modern coal plants(assuming they have any old ones left-->doubtful) yet the douches say it is going down.... 95% use rate, sure... without NG, and their hydro is in SOUTHERN China a tidy 1000 miles away from the wind/solar farms in NORTHERN China where most of their coal is... Pull the other leg Only reason it might go down is because their economy will decrease due to decreasing population and industry moving OUT of China EDIT: REAL reason for GIANT Coal plants siting idle has NOTHING to do with solar/wind installations, but rather their Hydro with its ~400GW of installed capacity will have vast variance y-t-y. Hydro capacity increased ~30%, but power output only increased ~11% in last 5 years or so(maybe just filling reservoirs due to Mekong/Yangtze River flow requirements etc) Also, if electric cars really do become a thing: electrical demand will only keep growing, not decreasing like this moronic graph shows as China's wind capacity factor is a pathetic 25%. By nameplate value China almost has enough wind/solar for their ENTIRE grid... Yet generates only ~1/8th of their power. To make that graph ANYWHERE near reality, China would have to install at minimum~ 20X the nameplate value of wind/solar they have already done so. Assuming they can do their pumped hydro schemes as claimed.
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    None of your links above is relevant to the point (no surprise). EVs are continuing to lose market share to fossil fuel vehicles. "the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed the steep dip in private retail demand, The trade body said it now expected battery electric models' market share to reduce to 21 per cent in 2024, down from a previous 23.3 per cent forecast." EVs are cratering in the second hand market, no one wants those clunkers after the first use. "The value of a used Tesla fell by more than $1,000 on average in the first half of January" EVs are losing market share to fossil fuel cars in Europe and America...the game is up. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13433765/ev-driven-gas-cars-charging-stations.html "Electric vehicles cost 63.6 percent more for every 1,000 miles driven per year compared to gasoline cars." "The average cost of an electric car for every 1,000 miles driven per year is $5,108 - compared to $3,056 for a hybrid car, $3,123 for a gasoline car and $4,351 for a plug in hybrid." Governments which try to force the EV agenda are in political trouble. Times have changed indeed. The governments which have bought the foolish lines about climate change deserve to be turfed out.
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    Have you had a aneurysm? Check into a hospital pronto... Atmosphere is Global bud.🙃
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    Gee! It really hasn't changed much, has it. I guess it just makes sense that CO₂ would just keep building up (and up) in our atmosphere. Then, I believe there are some other "contributors" beyond the USA's borders.
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    I'm guilty! Since I retired from that industry, EVERY SINGLE COAL-FIRED UNIT that I installed and maintained, has been retired (or converted to synchronous condensers). Yet, somehow, the lights seem to stay on...
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    Someone in power to change things actually said: "Just two more weeks for a plan to replace the ACA act" (or something like that). About 4+ years ago... While it is understandable for many to opine "Why should I foot someone else's medical bill if they don't take care of themselves?", it is still The Lord's command to do so, no? Perhaps if it were possible to cut out most of the "middle men" and laborious "paperwork" associated with medical care, the cost just might go down... I think the Health Insurance industry would have a problem with being dissolved. What would Jesus do? The insurance industry is like the Money Changers in the Temple. They just "work" in Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctor's Offices instead. Thank you, John McCain. That's my view.
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    Ron the reason our national health service is in a bad way is lack of funding youre correct. The reason for this is the huge amount of both illegal and legal immigration that has happened for decades. These people would rather risk dying crossing the Channel to get to the UK from France than remain on the continent. Why you ask? Well that would be the free healthcare for all of their family that none of them have paid a penny into. For those people who have paid huge amounts over their working lifetime into the NHS this is pretty galling. The concept is a truly great one but it needs radical overhaul to be sustainable. When the UK was in the EU and I would often travel for business, if you were ill you had to pay for treatment BEFORE anyone would see you, in the UK you are treated first and the majority of the time no payment is ever made by a foreign national.
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    You really don't think we are criticizing you and your backward ideas? Let me be very clear, I criticize your options and the cropped portions of news you find. You rarely post any "studies" and the ones you do are of very low quality.
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    At least we have a FREE health system for one and all. That is something to be very proud of. Farage would be a disaster, no clue economically whatsoever, his party are full of failed politicians who wouldnt know what to do if elected (which they never will be fortunately). You like him purely because he likes Trump, you actually know nothing about him or the party he represents.
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    The Car Industry Misjudges Consumer Demand for Electric Vehicles The Car Industry Misjudges Consumer Demand for Electric Vehicles | OilPrice.com Oh dear Eco looks like the numbers youve been posting arent accurate at all!!!
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    Mining of Uranium. Rare Earths (the real stuff), and of course, Trona, is ongoing and being developed. Uranium is "mined" in-situ, by drilling a hole, injecting some nasty stuff, then pumping out the nasty stuff with the "ore" for processing Wyoming's primary export is... WATER ...which we ain't figured out how to place a severance tax on, yet... The availability of cheap WATER will determine residential development, more than ANYTHING else. There is an "active" movement to install a pipeline from the Green River (a major Colorado River artery) and pump the stuff over the Continental Divide to the city of "Front Range". I believe that folks that obtain water from the Colorado River are gonna complain a wee bit, however. "Money talks and nobody walks" comes to mind.
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    Interesting that some here complain about rare earths in renewable power generation, when: As of today, June 8, 2024, here's an estimate of the market values of the catalyst metals in an average cat converter: Platinum (Pt): 7 grams x $31.08 per gram (price per gram can vary) = approximately $217.56 Palladium (Pd): 7 grams x $29.68 per gram (price per gram can vary) = approximately $207.76 Rhodium (Rh): 2 grams x $145.48 per gram (price per gram can vary) = approximately $290.96 Hmmmm, the REAL Players in common solar panels are: Silicon, indium, gallium, selenium, cadmium, and tellurium. These are sometimes referred to as rare metals, but they're not classified as true rare earth elements.
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    I have, numerous times. Self-reported numbers from the industry. Clear negative health effects. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=PM+2.5 The only thing discredited is you. You can only knowingly deny facts so many times before people will realize you are dishonest. Pipe your car exhaust into your house if you think it is so safe. It has a catalytic converter so must be harmless! You won't do that because you know it is poison.
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    There are a lot more coal-fired generating units retiring (or converting to NG if practical) in the next 10 years. A few examples: Duke Energy Corp.: This major utility plans to completely retire their coal fleet by 2035 (though regulatory approval is needed). American Electric Power Co. Inc.: They are actively retiring coal plants with a schedule to remove over 4.7 GW of capacity by 2028. Colstrip Units 1 & 2 (Montana): These units are slated for retirement in 2025, with Unit 4 potentially following in 2032. Cummins Station (Michigan): This plant is scheduled for a phased retirement with the final unit closing by 2025. ...and a little more "evidence" in this chart about the effects of past retirements. If you need assistance parsing the data, let me know.
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    It's game over.??? for your beloved ICE clunkers Crude Oil Prices Today | OilPrice.com Chinese EV Sales in Europe Jump by 23% 2 days ago Reuters China's Nio expects second-quarter EV sales to more than double 16 hours ago IEA – International Energy Agency The world's electric car fleet continues to grow strongly, with 2024 sales set to reach 17 million - News - IEA Despite near-term challenges in some markets, based on today's policy settings, almost 1 in 3 cars on the roads in China by 2030 is set to.
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    I try not to...........last roll of plastic wrap we bought in our house.......20 years ago.. we do not use plastic wrap unless it is absolutely necessary. Plastic silverware........nope..... We only buy beverages in aluminum or glass ..............We do not buy water in plastic bottles........ I had the displeasure in my early years to be assigned a few projects inspecting sanitary landfills (for possible sources/pathways for leached waters, coming out of the slop, to infiltrate into the ground waters.....) Nothing sanitary about landfills and the work was an eyeopener to not only the waste of metals (which should never make it to a landfill) but just the amount of kitchen trash..............plastics and compostables so we work on not using plastics junk food in crappy plastic......stop eating junk food The amount of trash in our house on a weekly basis ..........ounces at best.. We do not need garbage service but are mandated to have it compostables are composted recyclables are recycled no plastic/synthetic carpetings in our house...wool rugs on cotton backings yes paper towels minimal /cotton cloth cleaning wipes/rages yes Furniture made out of wood and made to last....no plastic crap Down comforters Down Pillows Wool blankets cotton bedding and bath Leather shoes boots jackets 100 Cotton clothing We try to only buy food products that are in recyclable containers... how about you will curious of you try to reduce your impact on the earth waters and sky????? or do you just not care??????
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    Its amazing how quickly EV's have developed. Its only very recently (last year or so) that most governments were handing out incentives to buy an EV and people on here were saying "whoa let market forces prevail, its unfair on the ICE vehicles" and yet now countries are imposing huge levies on EV's that are way cheaper to buy than equivalent ICE vehicles. To those who were moaning about how unfair it was they can't now have it both ways!! I'd like to hear from Ecocharger, Mark Lawson, Eyes wide shut and the other deniers on here what they think to those levies and whether they agree they should be imposed. If they do then they deal in double standards!
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    Ron I agree the Hyrbids and PHEVs are an easy choice ....getting up to twice the MPG is a game changer in the Auto Business......For straight EVs they really need to get a design change on battery packs.. IE Battery packs in more of a modular format..IE 30 separate accessible batteries that you can pull them out and replace the bad batteries or cells in a battery .....not having to replace and entire battery pack for a small problem Rome was not built in a day Right now BYD has the Model T's that Ford once had...............cheap ...reliable .....and long lasting expect the EVs are fasssssssssssttttttttttt.........the sky is the limit for low cost EVs........... going to get real interesting real fast
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    Mark , I will let you sort this one out .........Cheap EVs out of China coming to your local dealer now Crude Oil Prices Today | OilPrice.com Chinese EV Sales in Europe Jump by 23% China saw its electric vehicle sales in Europe jump by 23% over the first four months of the year despite efforts by the EU to protect local... . 17 hours ago
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    After averaging around 1.5 mbpd in market growth since 1950 oil demand has plateaued since 2019. Is oil out of disfavor or was it Covid. Is it the war from Russia or inflation from massive debt from most countries. One thing for sure. The rise of oil is over. The beginning of the end needs shorting.
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    Lithium metal is not mined. The mineral mined is usually spodumene, which contains lithium aluminum silicate, processed to lithium carbonate. By far and away, the dominant method for "extracting lithium compounds" is by DRILLING, for brine (then evaporated). A minority is indeed extracted from "hard rock" and clays. The material your N.J. "MSDS" references is the lithium METAL! That is indeed stuff to be given great respect. Same with metallic mercury. Same with metallic plutonium. Rechargeable batteries use a lithium compound (not lithium metal) at the cathode, such as lithium cobalt oxide or lithium iron phosphate (which I would also give respect to both). Coal? Yup, that's physically mined. Then "cleaned" (rocks, crow bars, railroad spikes and such hopefully removed). Then moved around. Then crushed, pulverized, and then burned.
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    At least we don't burn lithium, or cobalt.
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    Toxic emissions from fossil fuel products have declined by astronomical rates in recent years, that is what matters. This is a problem with a history but not a future. https://www.rff.org/news/press-releases/clean-air-act-successes-and-challenges-1970/#:~:text=[atmospheric concentration of] fine particles,1970%2C” the authors note. “Despite the quadrupling of gross domestic product since 1970, air quality across the United States has improved substantially . . . [atmospheric concentration of] fine particles declined 41 percent since 2000, ozone fell 32 percent since 1980, and lead decreased 99 percent since 1970,” the authors note. As increases in gross domestic product (GDP) are usually associated with increased production and, therefore, emissions, this decrease in pollution is significant. The decline in pollutants and increase in GDP since 1980 are shown in the chart below. Share “The CAA has delivered clear success stories—removing lead from gasoline, phasing out chlorofluorocarbons and other substances that deplete the stratospheric ozone layer, dramatically reducing sulfur emissions from power plants and transportation fuels. Emissions of air toxics have also declined substantially,” the authors highlight in their introduction." True! The CAA has made HUGE in roads, requiring "the best available technology" to reduce emissions from new (and old) sources. The Clean Air Act has a bit of a complex history. There was an initial version passed in 1963, but the one most people refer to today is the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1970. This significantly strengthened the act and is what truly established the Federal government's role in regulating air quality. Since then, the regulations have continued to be amended and updated. The EPA is responsible for overseeing the Clean Air Act, and they can issue new regulations or update existing ones as needed. Federal regulation of airborne emissions worked! Using OLD technologies... If you are "talking coal", I would concentrate on Sulfur (down about 85%, thanks to some extent to scrubbers) and Nitrogen oxides (down about 50%, thanks to SCR's and combustion controls). Not exactly zero pollutants, but certainly better than it was. Then, there was this Ultra-low sulfur diesel with a maximum sulfur content of 15 ppm that became mandatory for highway vehicles starting in 2010. Then, there's this "ash" (real estate that doesn't burn). You are showing a graph of the TOTAL effect of the EPA's actions. The EPA deals with a lot more sources than coal-fired power plants. Does the EPA make mistakes? Sure! Don't get me started on "new source review" when an owner upgrades a turbine's steam path to increase thermal efficiency. Replace parts with like-kind=no new source. Replace parts with upgraded materials and geometry=WATCH OUT! I would like to see a chart with data beyond 2018...
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    I will look if you show me real data. Right now your credibility is zero. If you want people to listen to your forecasts or opinions you need to demonstrate that you can change your views when presented with data. As it is you have locked-in indoctrination and no amount of information will change your views. Reminds me of this dufus who continues to claim the election was stolen.
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    Mercury levels in the ocean have increased significantly since the Industrial Revolution due to human activities. According to a 2014 study in Nature, mercury levels in the upper 100 meters of the ocean have tripled, with the highest levels in the Arctic and North Atlantic. A 2015 study found that the increase may be as much as 5 to 6 times. now where does all the mercury in fish come from???? Ecochump do you know?????? let me give you a clue one of the main sources is.....a black rock like substance mined for the production of electricity notice there is an avoid line........... it is not a good idea to eat too much fish from the ocean ....unless you love mercury in your own bloodstream
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    coal looks clean by comparison????? when is the last time you were visiting or working at a coal mine?????? or for that matter a lithium operation.......... so lets do so numbers amount of lithium produced every year.......180,000 tonnes now compare it to coal............8 billion tonnes of coal produced annually... 50,000 times the amount of lithium and get this the lithium that is produced can be recycled and the spent coal???? well you can not put that nasty polluting Coal Genie back in the bottle can you???? Carbon sequestration ...just a shame ploy a coal miner can say they are working on...... mining /production than coal....coal looks clean by comparison???? ha ha ha ha keep blowing smoke up your own arse.... once again I take it you never have been in a coal mine ...openpit , strip or underground and from your comment it is obvious you have never worked in a mine of any nature and from I can tell never in any refinery .....oil or chemical or you never have worked on a drill rig ever....... real Fact...the mining and use of coal is the dirtiest of all mining /electricity producing methods out there only a Luddite/moron would defend coal mining/use these days when their are cleaner and less expensive ways to produce electricity.
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    You seem to forget that nearly all of coal pollution can be eliminated by the new technology. ????? you obviously have never worked at a coal mine Lets talk about coal mining...OK???? first of all one of the biggest pollution streams is the methane releases during coal mining........... methane capture???? real hard to do when gas is bleeding out of the floors and the seams themselves (floor heave is real common as you are mining the floor heaves and all the underlying strata is ruptured on the release of the overburden pressure.)....So to get rid of the methane....massive fans to reduce methane to under 1 percent (law) and you exhaust the methane to the atmosphere....... second is the waste piles......open pit.....massive ....these piles always have pyrite in them (you do realize many coal seams are wasted and only the economic seams are recovered.... so the dumps have massive amounts of uneconomic coal with yep you got it pyrite/sulfur in them what make a seam of coal uneconomic ?????? well for one High sulfur content now prep plants......they discard low grade coal and you got it pyrite.....these waste products go into unlined repositories....yo have top love the acidic waters that always come out of the piles.....and the groundwater associated with the piles.........hope you have ceramic lined stomach Visit beatiful West Virgina recently.....take a trip to coal country and want to take a sip of that mountain water in the creeks???watch out at the ph may be as low as 2...only 12000 miles of contaminated streams Coal a non polluter...advance tech solving it???????yeah right...go work at a coal mine and open your eyes...not a pretty sight when it comes to pollution In coal country, a new chance to clean up a toxic legacy West Virginia Water Research Institute https://wvwri.wvu.edu › news › 2022/05/23 › in-coal-co... May 23, 2022 — Across the country, waste from abandoned and bankrupt coal and metal mines has contaminated more than 12,000 miles of waterways. This legacy
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    How long will a refinery (or pipeline, for that matter) still operate after an EMP attack? How long will the food in millions of freezers/refrigerators last after an EMP attack? How well will any commercial aircraft "perform" after an EMP attack. How well will a diesel locomotive/railroad management perform after an EMP attack? How well would a BANK operate after an EMP attack?
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    No one you say? Clearly many, many people have bought EV's. Your "no one" argument is pretty silly. Also most of your other downsides are not true. To sell a vehicle in north America it has to meet safety standards. Lot of cars (ICE included) have crumple zones instead of being a tank to meet those standards, but they still have to meet those standards. You also ignore things called warranties and insurance. Feel free to drive heavy, ugly, beater cars - most people do not want to drive those. Modern ICE cars are full of computers, you have to drive something really, really old to protect you from your EMP paranoia. It would only take a few strikes to take out pipelines and refineries. Gas stations will not be open without electricity. ICE are not immune to terror or war. Maybe use a horse luddite.
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    I wasn't defending anyone, and yes coal pollutes!! So does the 6 billion+ souls on this planet when they exhale. How many of them still burn their garbage in a 55gal drum? I tend not to worry myself over "Cimate Change, Global Warming" propaganda. Too many theories, not enough logical proof that "Man" is cause of any weather phenomena. The climate has been changing since the earth was formed. It is in constant change. Is Florida coastal cities swamped from icebergs melting? Wlhen Yellowstone blows again, probably sooner than later, life on this sphere will change yet again, and most likely mankind and 95% of organic life will be destroyed. My suggestion is quit "sweatin' the small shit" and live life to the fullest and enjoy!
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    I think he's trying to find some new memes. Then again he might actually have opened his eyes and realise he has been writing crap about every thread on this site.
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    EVERY coal pile in the USA has a "coal pile runnoff" system. I forget where they put that stuff... I just know it wasn't used as feedwater.
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    What if electric cars had been the norm for a hundred years, and some manufacturer built a gas engine and put it in a car. Would anyone buy it? There would be few gas stations, so you couldn’t go on a trip. It would be slower than the EV. It would pollute whereas the EV wouldn’t. The engine would be complex and would need a transmission, radiator, drive shaft and they would take up space in the car. The car couldn’t be charged at home as the EV could. It would need more maintenance because of the complexity of the engine and driveline. It would need oil changes and oil filters. Who would buy one?
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    You said coal was a non-polluter, I showed you clear evidence of large amounts of pollution released. Now you are saying pollution rates are decreasing. So you knew all along that they were polluters and just straight out lie to promote your pro-fossil propaganda. Furthermore, if the toxic emissions have declined by "astronomical rates" as you say that means the earlier emissions were astronomically huge. FYI that was pollution just from the mine - not the power plant - and those emission numbers are pretty recent (2022). You can also see historical data by clicking "all years" you should notice the pollution emission are not decreasing much if at all. We are discussing coal, you are now trying to use overall fossil fuel pollution data; of course if you include natural gas pollution numbers look better than filthy coal alone.
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    India’s New Coal Power Capacity Is Set to Soar in 2024 By Tsvetana Paraskova - Jun 19, 2024, 5:51 AM CDT India expects to add as much as 15.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity this year, the most in nearly a decade, anonymous sources with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg on Wednesday. India, the world’s second-largest coal consumer, looks to boost baseload capacity amid surging power demand and continues to bet big on coal to provide most of the increased electricity supply. Despite booming renewable capacity additions, India continues to rely on coal to meet most of its power demand as authorities also look to avoid blackouts in cases of severe heat waves. The heat waves and India’s economic growth well above the global average are driving power demand and peak demand higher every year. Amid a heatwave and reduced hydropower generation, India boosted its coal consumption to a record high in the first quarter of this year, which also drove up emissions from the power sector to an all-time high. More coal-fired units were fired up at the start of the year in the country, amid a prolonged heat wave with above-normal temperatures which pushed electricity consumption higher. Utilities in India have also tried to limit the possibility of power outages ahead of the general election which was held between the middle of April and early June. India raised the share of coal in its power generation in April as sharply lower hydropower output has threatened blackouts as summer approaches. Last week, India’s Minister of Coal and Mines, G. Kishan Reddy, said that the country plans to increase its domestic coal production and reduce imports. In the 2023-2024 fiscal year ending March 2024, India’s total coal production rose by 11.65% to 997.25 million tons, according to data from the Ministry of Coal. So far into the 2024/2025 fiscal year, Indian coal production increased by 8.82% in April and May 2024 compared to the same period of 2023/2024, the data showed.
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    Luddite, you get upset very easily when the news of the day does not work to support your BS . so strap on a new diaper and get used to the facts the prices of EVs are dropping fast and your beloved Clunkers?????? EV sales are rising around the world and Clunkers????? well they are losing more and more market share every day Pesky solar panels and EVs CleanTechnica What Falling Sales? Global EV Sales Grow 25% in April! EVs Now 18% of World Auto Sales. Global plugin vehicle registrations were up 25% in April 2024 compared to April 2023. . 5 days ago China, its the worlds largest new car market and EVs now have 50 percent of the market, all due to the low cost of EVs only a matter of time that low cost EVs will take over the US market........ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-06-07/long-range-evs-now-cost-less-than-the-average-us-new-car Long-Range EVs Now Cost Less Than the Average New ... Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com › news › articles › long-ran... Jun 7, 2024 — EVs Pass a Key Measure of Price Parity in US. Several 300-mile range EVs now cost less than the average new car ; EV Lease Deals Are Winning on ... https://www.emergingtechbrew.com/stories/2024/03/19/ev-prices-february-2024-kbb Tech Brew https://www.emergingtechbrew.com › stories › 2024/03/19 Mar 19, 2024 — EV prices dropped 12.8% YoY in February—the latest sign that plug-in cars could soon reach price parity with combustion engine vehicles.
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    Major reductions? Where? Not even in the USA, per YOUR reference. Remember, the stone age came to an end not for a lack of stone, and the oil age will end, but not for a lack of oil.
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    Maybe you do nothing. You can't get a disposable plastic bag or single-use plastic cups, straws, or cutlery where I live - it has been banned. I like how you admit that petrochemical based plastic is toxic and causing cancer. Natural polymers don't do that.
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    Another joke, this is all projection and not reality, the fact remains that China is increasingly reliant on coal. You can try and twist it any way you want with imaginary scenarios, but facts are facts.
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    Here is the self reported pollution releases from a coal mine. The facilities are required to report emissions. https://pollution-waste.canada.ca/national-release-inventory/2022/6669 Scroll down a bit and click on the Releases tab. Literally tonnes of pollution released to air, water, and land (relax CO2 is not even listed). The mines fully acknowledge they are polluters, why can't you? 2,121 tonnes of PM 2.5 (the most toxic air particulate), loads of heavy metals, etc.
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